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C-- .^■*-. 

In My Life 

Life 4 

Seniors 16 

Sports 56 

Activities 96 

Faculty 148 





Your Community Resource Center 


f*<Cti<Sj*¥*-'- -•-'<.- -J 

1 7 Union Street 
Hingham, Massachusetts 



In My Life 


There are places I'll remember 

All my life though some have changed 

Some forever not for better 

Some have gone and some remain 

All these places have their moments 

With lovers and friends I still can recall 

Some are dead and some are living 

In my life I've loved them all 

But of all these friends and lovers 

There is no one compares with you 

And these memories lose their meaning 

When I think of love as something new 

Though I know I'll never lose affection 

For people and things that went before 

I know I'll often stop and think about them 

In my life I love you more 

Though I know I'll never lose affection 

For people and things that went before 

I know I'll often stop and think about them 

In my life I love you more 

In my life I love you more 

To the Class of 2002, 

For the past four years, our lives have revolved around Hingham High 
School. Our friends, our classes, our teachers and mentors- it's impossible to 
say that school hasn't, at least in some ways, defined who we are. It's hard to 
imagine ourselves anywhere but where we are, right here, right now. 

However, we will soon move on, in different directions, plunging 
headfirst into our respective futures. The ocean is deep and vast, and at some 
time, we will find ourselves unsure of how to swim. Yet, in such moments of 
uncertainty, we will be able to refer back to the lessons we have leamed m 
our lives. Whether you loved high school or were counting the days to 
graduation, it is undeniable that the surrounding ideas, people, and places 
have had some sort of impact on the person you've become. 

As a yearbook staff, we feel that In My Life is an appropriate theme 
to capture the Umes we've spent here at Hingham High School. The memories 
we've shared, the people we've met, and the lessons we've leamed will 
continue to shape our lives and affect us as we venture out into a new ocean, 
an ocean slightly less secure than the shores of Hingham Harbor. We, as the 
class of 2002, are ready for this challenge. We are prepared for what is to 


Good luck, and may you never forget what you have already leamed 

in your life. 


The Yearbook Staff 

<sA X)-^ ^yl^ JVl/l/ XylT< 

6:15 am-The Alarm rings. Dan snoozes. ..looks like a walk 
from far! Alison and Katie arrive to school on time, but only 
after enduring the long trek across the field. 

7:20-10:45 am-It's a bit of a long morning. Jen and Jim try to get some studying done. Sarah grins and bears it in 
portfolio, but the band boys can't keep their eyes open - too bad it's only B-period. Is it time for a locker break yet? 


1 '^il!^'" "^"""V^H 

.Mif: ririi 

^%*f 4^ ■^""^' i.- - 


10:45 am- Lunch! It's 
about time... Ian, 
Christina, Nick, and 
Noelledigin. How's 
that calzone, Mr 

Meanwhile, Justin does 
everyone a favor by 
collecting the trash. 

12:10-1:52 pm The day rolls on. It's a bit hard to concentrate as it gets closer and closer to 1 :52, as everyone anticipates the final 
bell. Class helps the time pass. ..slowely.... until it's finally time to leave. Have a good afternoon everyone! 


I'm too 

...For Jeans 

..For Little League 





^^^^^rlw ^^^^I^H 

H )/ ^B 

^^v ^^^n 

^^B jp^^HH 

^^^^^ ^^gsl^m' 










...For The Ladies 

(Enough Said) 
.For Scrubs 

.For Tri-Colors 

...For Conformity 

.For Reality 

.For Baisden 

.For my Body 

...For American Fashion 

Where's the Harborman? 




Junior prom 2001 was a huge success. One could hardly recognize that we were situated in Plymouth River School's cafetorium due 
to the hard work of Student Council. Everyone turned out in sparkles, tubes, and tuxes to enjoy the night. The theme this year was "Dancing 
into the Night", and that's exactly what the class of 2002 did! Highlights of the evening included the presentation of the Junior Video, 

spending the night chewing on tasty 

ring pops and Swedish fish, and, of 

course, dancing! It was a night that 

would not soon be forgotten, thanks 

to the hard work and effort of many. 

Wow, are you serious? Left, Meaghan 
and Hilary are having a shockingly great 
time at the dance. 





^^^^^^^^^^^Df * ^ fl 





^ryit^y. i 


/i> -V 





\*i jW 

Nice Kicks, 
Bridget! Jeanie 
and Bridget 
pose for the 
camera (right). 

Pam, Julie, 
and Tina are 
having a great 
time, and 
their dates 
seem pretty 
happy, too. 

Are we interrupting a moment? Above, 
Ed and Siobhan cuddle on the dance floor. 





cute! Krista 





and Dan smile 


t /^ v 



for the camera. 







i J 



Above, Sara and Nick dance the night away. And to the right, 
Emily and Liz show us that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! 

] oys and Girls: Above, Jeremy and Jesse try to look tough, while al 
i e girls get dolled up before the big night (right). 



Erin and Charlotte seem surprised at what a good time 
they're having! (below) 

This year's homecoming was, by far, the most successful one in recent history. 
The parade boasted many unique creations, such as the Seniors' "DWDC" 
display, and the drama club's "West Side Story" float. Each and every sports 
team was able to attain victory. Impressively, the football team defeated Cardinal 
Spellman . The Homecoming court consisted of Bridget DriscoU, Caitlin 
Fitzgerald, Jennifer Wasson, Meaghan Wilbur, Matt Murphy, Noah Kutsch, 
Anthony Knasas, and Patrick Lenhart. During halftime, Kate McCluskey and 
Brendan Murphy were crowned King and Queen. After this satisfying day, the 

majority of the Senior 
Class spent the evening 
dancing in style during 
the Homecoming Dance. 
The skirts were sparkly, 
the ties were loose, and 
the music was loud! 
Memories were made as 
everyone participated in 
one of our first truly 
"senior" experiences, 
paving the way for a year 
of unforgettable fun. 

The Royal Couple: Kate 
McCluskey and Brendan 
Murphy upon learning of their 
win (far left), and later. 


^^ y 






Below, Laura, Phil, Scott Owen, Dave, and Nick 

celebrating at the dance 

seem a bit crazed as the dance heats up. 




^^^^^Br ^^TF^ i 



^^^^^^Kr \w 


/■•> W^A 


^^^^^By' ^L rgj 

■r _^^ 1 

r! ^^ 


^^^^^H '.^^^^BPl'^Hr 


■ t^ -. 

^^^Bfp ^^ -^ A 



^^^^^^^Hhk '.^■^^ 3sA 



Caroline and Steve cuddle (above), while Brian sneaks up on 
Elizabeth (below). Meanwhile, Jen perfects her moves on 
the dance floor (right). 


B ^ 


p M 

^|M^ J 





Jennifer Mary Accomando 

Jen, Jenny Acca 
5 Cutter Hill Road 
"When the going starts to get low, and 
you feel like you've had enough, let the 
music take control of your soul."(PYT) 
Yeh Dawg, Simma down, Disney Cruise, 
Survivor, The Rock. Thanks to my 
family and friends for always being 
there. Love you Mom, Dad, Jacky, Nick, 
Nana, and Mickey. Remember, "All you 
need is love. "(Beatles) 

Joseph LAlcarez 
974 Main Street 
Thanks to my family, Mom Dad Jason 
Lauren. Thanks to all my friends JJ TR 
"You haven't lived until you found 
someone worth dying for" - AC 143 143 
Memories: J400-01 poi lemo wrang cobs 
nofs cans Harvard/YaleOO-0 1 Foot Trip 
Derth Bagel Shop Eastham Biggies 3rd 

Hardy Norman Allen 

28 Whiton Avenue 
"There's nothing worse in life than 
wasted talent" "I always say what I want 
and that is a promise, nothing in life is 
above being honest" 2the orig 
SM-gdtimes,lastofSMF LMS-luvyababe 

John Joseph Allen 
John, John-John, Allen 
273 Central Street 
"I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time" 
"Some say I'm lazy,others say that's 
just me,some say I'm crazy,I guess I'll 
always be" GNR. To all my boys, 
Daaave, Woody, Jim, Olson, Mattie, 
Devine, Lenny, Swo, Boles, My Richie, 
Cole, Joey, and all the others. Kaitlyn, 
still a friend. And Jeanette,143. Thanks 
mom and dad. Oh ya, Phil, Gray,and 
Daniel. So many good times. 

Stacey Salvina AUeva 

3 Emerald Street 
"Happiness doesn't depend on how 
much you have to enjoy, but how much 
you enjoy what you have!" -Ziggy 
Mum, Dad, and Jimma-I love you 
guys~thanx4putting up w/ me! AmyK- 
U da bomb-loveya! damnB~Ugotit! 
Bball-thanx for the good times! 
Dorch4eva-RaRa+Suz+AK. Softball- 
you guys will always be my gals! Danny- 
"Our love is perfect even if we are not" 

Craig Henry Andrews 

3 Ocean View Drive 
Senior Quote, whats that 
Thanks everyone, especially Mom & 

Team Larry forever! 
Remember Neal's van, the purple 
Cadillac, golf team, and science labs. 
Forget the hunt for college, SAT's, AP 
test, and WAC's 
That's it. Later! 

Julie Louisa Andrus 

367 Main Street 
"Truly great friends are hard to find, 
difficult to leave, and impossible to 
forget"- I will never forget you guys! 
Always remember-Kullt, making Annie 
squeek, breaking Sarah, ditzes of fruit 
sale. Double Stuff, "I Want It That 
Way", Starbucks, NYC, Neil-need I say 
more, sgood, Ricky!, Mormon-dar, 
me=way too tired, but 1 still have a kid, 
mind connections, "Drops of Jupiter", 
did I ever tell you that I love you, talking 
in the driveway, does this make you 
nervous? I love you all, I could have 
never done it without you! 

Lauren Ashley Bailey 

Liloof, LAB 
4 Tudor Circle 
"In the book of life the answers aren't 
in the back. "-Charlie Brown "We 
cannot all do great things, but we can 
do small things with great love."- 
Mother Teresa Jack-moo! Does this 
make you nervous? Yes. Toe-boy, oz/ 
Animal crackers, Calamari, Superman, 
poking=not nice, sang! I love that! To 
my friends and family, I couldn't have 
done this without you. 

Lauren Elizabeth Bailey 

Lauren, E-Bay, E 
12 Constitution Road 
lese are the good old days you'll 
is in the years ahead"~To all my 
•I nds-JA, KS, KDD, RB, BC, SO'L, 
B, AS, ED&all the rest.Mom&Dad- 
)uldn't have asked for better. NYC, 
, ntreal, VA, Dorch, S&S, DC&NM, 
i' S, Bernie, London, HP, OZ/Animal 
I ckers, JLPMGHRS, M&L-Dreamer. 
[i lessed are we who can laugh at 
' selves for we shall never cease to be 

Ashley Frances Baxter 
Ash, Baxter, Sara 
57 Elm Street 
"You are only young once, but you can 
stay immature indefinitely" Prom Road 
Trips Sr.Trip DMB B182 Dingy movies 
stories walking harbor Simpsons 
partying Friends Revenge of the A's. 
Thanks Mom&Dad, GB, BB, HB for 
everything. ThanxLauralGirlsLax 
StateChamps'01!WhosHouse!Sara U R 
my BF Thanx for all the memories!"It's 
not where you are, it's who you're with" 

Robert Becker Jr. 

Rob, Fewness, Becker 
6 Huckleberry Hill Lane 
"What's going on down there?"-MS 
Survivor Sleepovers Cranbo Mountain 
Dew 3"" Lunch Christmas 2000 Tennis 
Team Jerry Fight F Period Study Slug 
Baby Mario Tennis Greasy May 2001 
Hog U2 Tickets Jana/Vienna Cold 
Shoulder Bam! Simpsons Club The Cape 
House "There never seems to be enough 
time to do the things you want to do 
once you find them"-Jim Croce 

David Richard Berger 

60 Turkey Hill Lane 
"I'll remember the things I did for 
awhile but the people 1 did them with 
forever." To my friends. Thanks for 
the good times, SM, CH, NK, PK, JC, 
JE, BW, and JF(MCDOOGLE) Plus all 
the rest,Ladies. Good Times: Late night 
B-Ball, LBl'Ol, worlds, killington Trip, 
DMB, Island Party, Card Games, Fishing 
Trips, and T.H. Gang Thank You for all 
the support Mom and Dad 

Daniel Mark Bleidom 
DannyB Dan Stretch 
57 Kilby Street 
;hds aren't The ones who Bail you 
.They're in the cell with you 
ing"Damn that was awsome" (J.K) 
i Rather Laugh with the sinners then 
with the saints the sinners have 
ch more fun" WRESTLING: I work 
le off To kick yours. Thanks Family 
t riends, Mom&Dad I am the Last one 
I ! Wohoo Good times at the 
' iitCenter "I'm stretch w/ a Dog 
I ned Fetch. HA 

Nadine Ammcotiwa Boakye 

Nadia Dine Oti 
260 Broad Street 
"No person is ur friend who demands 
your silence or denies your right to 
grow." Shell JF Mil Kar Nichitelli thanx 
4 being real! Ladies, say ohlala-much 
luv Noelle+ Chrissy capts41ife Dug Nick 
Momi +Dadi 4 ur luv HHS- speak loud 
+get heard 

"It takes a revolution to make a 
solution" -Bob Marley 

Michael Parsons Boles 

Bolesy, Mike 
20 Myers Farm Road 
"You ride the waves and you don't ask 
where they go." Thanks to the 
Posse+AW Hockey Sate Champs 01 
Jims House after #24 GR Jeds goal @ 
Nastingham Fleetcenter Bens Sleepover 
Weyma MontrealOO,01 BBQ'S Orr/ 
LennyP Lauderdale w/PD&JH Brewer 
Thanks to the rocks Tiger Mart Brewer 
Big Thanks to my family its been fun. 

Megan Patrice Bom 

262 South Street 
Learn the rules- then break them Did I 
eat the wrapper red cups JS marble pond 
popple huffy 25 AP Girls Bathtub Dance 
Party OP67 DJIK shingles orientation 
P+G Joyce To all my friends- Live your 
life completely, follow your dreams, + 
always remember the good times BFF 
AW RM MP Tribal Council 


Joseph Devine Bottone 
Joe, JoBo 
46 Pioneer Road 
If you find yourself in a situation that 
really makes you happy, through 
something or someone, don't analyze 
it, just enjoy it, or else it will be done 
before you've figured it out... Anyway, 
thanks to my family everyone else who 
has helped me so far. GoodLuck TEAM 
LARRY! (You know who you are) 

Nicholas Arthur Bourbeau 
Nick, Bobo 
145 Otis Street 
To all my buddies, I couldn't have done 
it without you. Friends are what gets 
you through it all, and it's all just 
beginning. "What we need is love, to 
guide and protect us on. "-Bob Marley. 
From basement brawls, to watering down 
McDonalds, it has been a trip. "Stop 
sitting there feeling sorry.. .get up and 
dance and let the music cleanse your 

Rachel Anne Boynton 
Rach, Rere, R Screw 
17 Camelot Drive 
Always remember "A friend is someone 
who knows the song in your heart and 
can sing it back to you when you have 
forgotten the words" Thanks Babs, LA, 
LB, SH, JA, NW, AS, AS, BR, PL, MW, 
RTL, and the drama club for seeing me 
when 1 was invisible. "I can't stand to 
fly I'm not that naive I'm just out to 
find the better part of me" 

Jennifer Marion Briggs 

96 Prospect Street 
"Friendship often ends in love; but love 
in friendship-never" "Learn from 
yesterday, live for today, hope for 
tomorrow" "Love takes off masks that 
we fear we can't live without and know 
we can't live within" Thanx Melaina I 
couldn't have done it w/out you! BM, 
AG, MC, SS, JC- Good times especially 
Jim you're the best. I love you Matt! 
Mom, Dad, Jacquelyn, thanx for 

Gordon Gregory Brown 
Gordo, Guido, or Dr. Love 
6 Weir Street Extension 
Friends are helpful and kind. I wish my 
friends were like that. "Alcohol, the 
cause and solution to all of life's 
problems." -Homer S. "The most 
important thing in life is what you leave 
for others. Remember to inspire or pass 
on your knowledge to better others." 
Thanks dad and mom for all the help 
and guidance. Best of luck to 2002. 

Nicole Buccitelli 

NiNi, Nicoley 
20 Tower Brook Road 
"I arise from dreams of thee in the first 
sweet sleep of night." Anne, Jane, 
Nadine, Rebecca, Kathleen, and all 
others, let us remember. 
Mom, Dad, Bianca, Anthony, you know 
1 love you. 

"Music when soft voices die, vibrates 
in the memory; And so thy thoughts, 
when thou art gone. Love itself shall 
slumber on." 

Rebecca Miriam Buntrock 

1 1 Edgar Walker Court 
"Don't compromise yourself. You're 
all you've got." -JJ Thanks for the 
memories- AmPie Girls, Mariotennis 
team, and everyone else -I get by with a 
little help from my friends- SBS, 
Workcamps, NYCoreos, Dparties, 
meteorshower, MKA, invigorating! F- 
study, baby got track, JSOB, ticket lines, 
U2 Concerts *hog* 9-14 JJMR&co. Did 
I just eat the wrapper? Popple. ..MP, 
MB, JR, CM- best friends. Mom, Dad, 
and Mark I love you, thanks. GL 2002 

Trevor Breed Bumaby 

Tmoney Tbone Tbomb Tdog 

Although it reminded me of prison with 
all the ridiculous rules and regulations it 
was fun breaking them and not getting 
caught it was a good and the best four 
years of my life and 1 will never forget 
it. Peace out and God bless 

Lome Victor Bycoff 


3 Kress Farm Road 

These past four years have been an 

'excellent adventure." In every class, 

vith every teacher, with every classmate, 

have shared so many unforgettable 

ind fun times that will last a lifetime. 

Ay deepest gratitude goes out to all the 

eachers for their knowledge and 

ledication. Thanks to my mom, dad 

ind bros for all their support! 02 reigns 


Daniel Paul Camino 



4 Blue Sky Drive 




































































u got the p 



Stephen W. Campbell 

Campbell Shiftiz 

7 Nutty Hill Road 
"For the love of the game, is why we 
live, many obstacles, but life prevails. 
Mom +Dad you were always there. Love 
always. AJ, Drew, Mike, rat-pack always 
stick together, chillin in the basement 
Dana see you around Loon style. 
Caroline see you in Aspen. We will 
always be best friends-promise. Shout 
outs to- GP-DM-CH-JS-RL-LMAW- 
DJ+all I forgot see ya lata 

Alison Nicole Cardillo 

51 Deal Street 
"Memory is more than a looking back 
to a time that is no longer; it is a looking 
out into another kind of time altogether 
where everything that ever was 
continues not just to be, but to grow 
and change with the life that is in it 
still. "-F.B. "This is for everybody and 
anybody, it's your life."-M I love you 
for your inspiration and strength. 

Josh Marc Carrig 
Frog, Vampirate, Gnominator 
48 Liberty Road 
'br once I wish to see/The entity behind 
he Voice/The face of this seduction/ 
The beauty of my pain... 
'True friendship and 
idventure are what we can't 
ive without, and when 
'ou're a professional 
)irate... That's what the 
ob's about!" 
am Santa Claus. 
ieavy metal or no metal at 
ill! Somebodysetusupthebomb 

Ben Cassiani 

10 Ship Street 

Mami Rebekah Chan 

6 Farm Hills Lane 
"It's life, you just get on the beast and 
ride..." -Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya 
Sisterhood. Charlie's Angels, trouble- 
some trio, 4"' GRD, B-Day letters, 
nugget fest, the cycle, Festy type- 
casting,"this","eat it", the whole gang. 
Camp Born, Gumbleton, 9-14 vigil, 
meteors, b/c we're dancers! Thanks 
Mom and Dad, Miss you Alex, Annie 
Rose, Maddie! 

Be careful w/ me 'cause I'd like to stay 
that way -Jewel 

Patrick English Childs 
104 Wompatuck Road 
BM MP JR "That'sWhatSheSaid" Ssack 
-OJ LR-"WellThrowYouTheObvious, 
Dad,Meghan&Good Luck Caitlin 


Abbe Leahy Ciulla 

304 Tuckers Lane 
"what a long Strang trip its been" Always 
remember: SummerOl -Captains, 
-CG Ramen noodle man! BM The 
REAL rock. MKNA Pimpin the spirit 
theWRANGJriphammer, BigRedRIP, 
EasthamWeekends-JA Brewed420-43 + 
Thanks: JAbmCGsd HMybCHD Thank 
You mum, dad, and Ross ~ "You have 
not lived untill you've found somel 
worth dying for" -143JLA 

Ross Leahy Ciulla 

304 Tuckers Lane 
My teachers and coaches who have 
taught me so much In these last four 
years. But most of my thanks goes to 
my family, if it wasn't for you I would 
not have even made it this far.I love 
you Mom, Dad, and AB. 

Robeit Clapp 

236 Ward Street 
My Heart is happy school is 
more books no more pain now life is 
just a game. I want to thank my mom 
and dad for helping me through the 
rough times that I had. I also want to 
thank Mrs. Rugiero for sticking by me 
all the way. here are some shoutouts 
to:Jesse, Fairhurst,Dee and 2pac 4Life 
Keep it real 

Matthew Nicotra Corson 

17 Isaac Sprague Drive 
"The question isnt how much more can 
you take. But how much more can you 
give" Whatup 2 the Posse! Never forget 
the BBQsDPW, yachty, all the good 
times! BREWER! Jenn 1/5/99 We had 
the best times ever! I had so much ftm 
with you! Thank you so much 
143+GOODLUCK! Thanks Mom+Dad 
for everything! Congrats Ken Good luck 
Josh and Andrew! 

The night is young! 02 

James Anthony Costello 

28 Fresh River Avenue 
In the end, we will remember not the 
words of our ememies, but the silence 
of our friends. -MLK "Hey, have you 
met my friend Cossack?" Bickies - 
Weezer in NY Only in Dreams-Rivers 
Cuomo The TV Show&the movies 
"When you close your eyes, the world 
doesn't just disappear, does it?" Liz, I 
love you. Hey smelly puppy, will you 
marry me? 

Daniel Cox 

Jesse Daniel Craig 
105 Whiting Street 
Never let the sun set on tomorrow 
before the sun rises today. Thank you 
Mom and Dad for all your help. Sum99, 
Mary and her buddies, 0MB, Cards, 
HullKid trio 5.0, H/Y and Pats games, 
T-squad, YC, World's brewer trip 
Cuatro, Stone Shop Late night B-ball/ 
chats Wood wkend concerts. Downer 
Ave, Thanks Shawna! "The more you 
hold us down the more we press on." 

Dan Anthony Criscuolo 

4 Saw Mill Pond Road 
If you're going through hell, keep 
going. - Winston Churchill 

Unity, Resolve, Freedom. These are the 
hallmarks of the American Spirit. 
Freedom and fear are now at war, and 
the strength of a nation relies on the 
resolve and determination of its people. 
- President George W. Bush 

Hannah Crowley 
Han Heard Crow 
206 Leavitt Street 
If you are gonna live than live it up. If 
you are gonna give than give it up. If 
your gonna walk this earth than walk it 
proud. If your gonna speak say it loud. 
Tips Kezar the cape, killington, senior 
trip '02. NKK bepends Rite Aid Gomez's, 
2xam parties SOM. Holla-crew falls. 
Nona's and Pro. DMB '99 - '02 Thank 
you Mom, Dad, Meg, Andy, and Nat. I 
love you. 

Barbara Marie Crowther 

Arabrab, Babs, Barbie, Peter! 
12 Bradley Woods Drive 
I am only one, but still I am one. I can't 
do everything, and because I can't do 
everything, I will not refuse to do 
something. Thanks to Rach, Ty, MW, 
JA. Props to the Drama Geeks, Higgle, 
the SXE kidz, NYC, Olga + Fagoa! A 
part of you has grown unto me. Together 
forever, we never shall part. Maybe in 
distance, but never in heart. 

Michelle Devine 

Mia, Shell, Moo-Shell 
30 Thaxter Pk. Apt. 14-1 
To trust everyone is death by 
vulnerability. To trust no one is death 
by loneliness. Balance keeps my sanity. 
Thanx to everyone for all you negative 
and positive support. I wouldn't be the 
person I am today with out you. 

Patrick Brian Devine 
Devine, D-Lo, Pat 
25 Garrison Road 
FlatCanada, Shi-Thursday Club, Coasters 
MCBDML-lsland, Harbor, Point, 
Brewer,B-Barbeques, DMB, SMB, Fatty 
YES!"A man is not finished when he is 
defeated,but when he quits" 

Kaitlyn Marie Dirksmeier 
KDD, poo 
39 Pioneer Road 
■'Sometimes taking off can really open 
lip your eyes to everything that lies in 
your heart cause that's when you miss 
your home & trees seem a little deader"- 
SavestheDay*there will always be the 
music, LJ, drama, sXe,theWhites 
Dream Team, &the#3cuzIwannaBe 
DifferentJustLikeEveryone Else.*w/o 
u,I=0*el chico lavaplatos! eric, it's only 
the Beginning. SeeYouInCali. 

Caitlin Dixon 

Little One, Pinky 

9 Hawthorne Road 
"And the day came when the risk to 
remain tight in a bud was more painful 
than the risk it took to blossom". The 
Safety Dance, B-A-Bay, Rudolph, Save 
the fishies, Spongebob, Lick 'n Putt, 
BitH, "Naughty Baby",P.T. Cruiser, 
Jorge, E period English! Thanks to 
Mom & Dad, Meg, KW, AD, JN, the 
Drama Club, Higgins. "A person is a 
person no matter how smaH"-Dr. Suess. 

Brian Paul Doherty 

18 Malcolm Street 
I wanted a perfect ending. Now Ive 
learned the hardway Some poems dont 
rhyme,some stories dont end, some stars 
dont shine. Life is about not knowing 
and having to change. Keeping your 
favorite moments forever,never letting 
go. So long Hingham High Thanx for 
all the memories. Thanks2all my 
fri ends, MomDAD, Michelle, Thank 
youBeth 4 being in my life, I love you 

Allison Louise Donovan 

Allie, Al 
306 North Street 
Far better is it to dare mighty things to 
win glorious triumphs, even though 
checkered by failure, then to mark in 
those poor spirits who neither enjoy 
much nor suffer much, be they live a 
gray twilight that knows not victory 
nor defeat. Mom,Dad,Nana I love you. 
JD,MM,JN,NM,NK,ST,JM, I luv y'all! 
Coaches thanx. Track B XC keep 


J'aime Kennedy Donovan 
Jay-Do Dono 
65 Turkey Hill Lane 
"There is only one success:to be able to 
spend your life your own way" Thanks 
for all the memories, DB's'99 
Europe'99, Turkey Hill Gang, Bridge 
Fun, Killington'OO. HC Exam Parties, 
RIP NKK, DMB, Island'Ol, JJ Good 
times, JR.PMS(Fiesta)Russ too little, 
Dapends, Lil Squirta, Tortola'02 Sr. 
Trip'02-Amazing memories to come, 
mom&dad thanks for everything, BS/ 
TD 4ever 

Sarah Mae Donovan 

1 1 Michael Road 
"Experience is not what happens to 
you, it's what you do with what happens 
to you." Fortified oak flakes, summer 
'01: getting so lost, brittface 7/01, 
Stean&the Tracker, Rollin on 15". 
Mo, 71 12,Dunkins,8123, 
JH9114,Hil"What do you think they 
are, apples?", Abbe-GTown-Wilma!, 
143 CG,BM. Thanks for everything 
Mom and Chuck. MBLTSMRGNE! 

Julie Michelle Dresser 

24 French Street 
"Sing with me sing for the years sing 
for the laughter and sing for the tears"- 
Aerosmith Thanks to: MM, AD, NK, 
JH, ST, LM, AH, BH, JN, LL, KW. 
"SoundsDelicious" Eur'99CC Amy's 
HouseBlueHills"WhoDoesThat?" "Hey 
Ladies! "Strattycheese!EyL40/ 
5 0DBZmontrealNY"Tpispty"P- 

Joshua Francis Dreyfus 
Queen Dweb, Dreyfoo 
53 Gushing Street 
HEX the dawn, stand against the sound 
of fleeting light, cry only injustice for 
the brethren lost in the war against the 
future, speak truth for it guides angels 
of mercy to once beating hearts, total 
annihilation through total creation, 
ironic mortals bombard a fictional 
empire in the sky, oh how pure all our 
daughters are, how brave all our sons. 

Bridget Caitlin Driscoll 

Bridge Bridgy Drisc 
8 Liberty Road 
"No one would have ever crossed the 
ocean if he could have gotten off the 
ship in a storm." Soccer B-ball LAX 
STATE GHAMPS'01C02?) Som Nix 
Hil Han Berger's 99 old school NKK 
Simpson's club Kezar's-cape Regina 
Dorkorum Island Party Thanx to all 
my friends Ryan-you will always be in 
my heart-Mom Dad Pat Mike Grammie 
thanks for all the support WE MADE 

Justin Raymond Eaton 
19 Ocean View Drive 

Genevieve Ann Edens 

Gena "Vieve" 
225 Hersey Street 
Be cheerful while you are alive, eat lots 
of cookies Pocoapoco — hazlopocoa 
poco don't be neurotic/like the small 
chameleon — Integrity! 1 loved those 
marche crepes loved letters from my 
slacker friends, RENT, Bostix 
Wondring around Boston Wandring 
around Bilbo, SLM, MKZ, d-d-d-darcy, 
LAZ, JCH (Agur!) dorchs&dramageeks 
Gracias-mom and jocie-wocie 

Jeanne Elizabeth Eisenhaure 

5 Codman Road 
"When I think back on all the crap I 
learned in high school it's a wonder I 
can think at all"- Paul Simon 
Remember the laughs, -AmPie Girls- 
Gumbleton -BigP- Orientation -NYC- 
WT'00'01 ~RSOB~ 9-14-JJMR & co. 
Invigorating !~DParty-MB-Bathtub~ 
Thanks Pete-MrHHS, -U2-*H0G* For 
all the good times thanks to my friends 
& family "Things are changing but I'm 
not afraid"-Common Rider 

Ian Emmott 

Ryan Matthew Etzel 
Krmrman Scott Owen 
10 Stonegate Lane 
"I get a soul that cannot sleep at night 
when womething just aint right"RHCP. 
I'd like to thank all my friends and 
family. Coldshoulderbam! Band trips, 
skits, aquatic bear, Dolemite, viddywell, 
bathroom parties, Uhbass, dishofsalt, 
mittens, Pulpfiction, LIAR, 
Warped t our, R anc id,ch in ac oast, 
hepolite, soyouliketoknock? "When 
the musics over, turn out the light." 

Kathryn Marie Fallon 
12 Mark Lane 
"When life hands you lemons don't 
make lemonade-throw them at someone 
who pisses you off Dave Party99-1" 
day rest of life OLD SCHOOL NKK- 
RIP Thanks for memoriesgirls +JM 
+ SM-online, cars(PRS) HVID, Cape, 
Cruiseoz, Simpsons Club, Fhockey, 
Souties, DMB "Don't follow the crowd 
they could be going to the dentist" 
Thanks for all your support Mom, Dad, 

Adam Remick Farley 
1 Village Lane 

Just sit back and watch 
give a hand if you can 

.lo\ingly and 

Matthew Watt Farley 

1 Village Lane 
^Vhat I learned in High School consisted 
lot only of the Periodic table and 
Shakespeare but of how to(or not to) 
ive. Failing a quiz or getting an A is 
neaningless in the end. Class rank is 
ust a number. Life is more than school. 
Vlaybe in College I'll actually listen to 
5uch advice. We have but one life to 
ive.Carpe Diem! 

Kimberly Marie Feldman 

158 Downer Avenue 
~"If you can't dazzle them w/ brilliance 
then baffle them w/ bs"~So many good 
times-Summer 01 421 Op67 80 Sumo 
Sweatpea-Boston (Tboy) Top Gun I got 
pros durango DJ blue jello/friskies 2A 
cosmo & fosting LL outfits-Cluck 
MCQ-Lolo Homeland-MP Chips & 
hotties-AW make it Ghetto-JR 
MCPat-Captiva UTI CA bonds 
1800KULP Camp Born Cowboy~U 
guys R the bestXOX 

Jonathan H. Fine 

5 Blackhorse Lane 
"Every man dies, but not every man 
truly lives." 

Thanks to Mom Dad and Nanci. I would 
not be able to do this if it was not for 
you. There are lots I will remember: 
LBI DMB dances fishing trips late night 
basketball and $.50 hot dogs that we 
never ate. 

Thank you to everyone that helped me 
along the way 

Jennifer Anne Fiske 

1 1 Sentinel Road 
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live 
as if you'll die today." To all my 
friends. never forget the good times 
we've had: Quebec, Europe, JP fun nite! 
Cape, DMD'Ol Thanks for everything 
Mom + Dad Good luck Ste\e, 
Michie+Brian. I love you all "If you 
cry because the sun has set in your life, 
your tears will prevent you from seeing 
the stars," 

Caitlin Fitzgerald 

Fitz, Cooks 
14 Del Prete Drive 
"One way to get the most out of life is 
to look upon it as an adventure" thnx 
girls (ET, EM, BG, LS, LM, KS, KL, 
JK) 4allofthem-Spain, prom, island, 
lax'fh, Newport, Bost, topthat, 
pickemup, FOOD, HYC-boatit, Vclub, 
mate. Max, concerts, danceparties- 
bcifyouhaventdancedat least 
youaremyhomeandbest friends! 
Iloveallofyou! BOL2002 

Channa Fitzgerald 

338 High Street 
"Stand up for what you believe in, even 
if you're standing alone." Thanks to 
everyone who gave me memories to 
hold on to as the years go on: 
JJ,JN,AD,KW,RM,MH&JD. Thank you 
m&d for your support & you luv "This 
is a life like no other, this is the great 
adventure." The journey continues... 

Connor Fitzgerald 

Nonians, Condogga 

17 Del Prete Drive 
"Life consists not in holding good cards 
but in playing those you hold well"- 
Josh Billings. "Friends are treasures" 
Turtles for life-MV, Round 18 at point, 
knuckles nonians, LAX STATE 
CHAMPS 2001. HHS soccer, island 01', 
Habby's frosh year, "does scan mean 
fast in latin"-geno. You're the best 
person I know. Thanx to the posse 
Thanks mom dad Caitlin+John 

Ryan Fleming 

100 Nokomis Road 
"It's like a reoccuring dream, I'm left 
here to sit and stare." Itsbeen41ongyears 
couldt have done it without the crew 
Dumps41ife, exhar Piropos Whatever 
B4J SBnuggets 4x4fugmasBD Bridget I 
couldnt've asked for anything more. 
Mom dad chris ash iloveu Those who 
are in a better place; watch over me 

Jane Ellen Follasbee 

121 East Street 
"What you feel is what you are, and 
what you are is beautiful." Ski team, 
soccer, ACK+VT, DMB, bang a Larry, 
Camp Jane, Xav-BC, 4, Smoochy, 
Hayward, Henry 8, Selma/Babs, TRP 
EGL. Nini, Jandrea, Anna-Banna, 
Ajahanna, Nadine, Lau, Reb, LAB, 
Nora. I couldn't have asked for better 
parents-Love u both + Molly! Friends 
and family. As Johnny says: Ya done. 

Elizabeth Anne Friend 

704 Main Street 
"The best way to predict the future is 
to invent it" To all my friends- Thanks 
for all the laughs and never forget the 
good times: NKK,DB's party that 
started it all, Killington, dance 
parties, World's, DMB, Nantucket, 
Gomey's, machine 4eva, S.T.'02, 
operation H,Cape, "fight club", ya GS! 
We b livin' it up. Love ya Mom + Dad- 
thanx for helping me follow my dreams 

Surekha Gajria 

84 Gushing Street 
All difficult things have their origin in 
that which is easy, and great things in 
that which is small - Lao-T2U. Chinese 
Relativity Axiom: No matter how great 
your triumphs or tragic your defeats, 
approximately 1 billion Chinese 
couldn't care less. May the forces of 
evil become confused in the way to your 
house-George Carlin 

Bridget Ann Garrity 

6 Talbot Road 
"What you carry in your heart is yours 
to keep forever" Thanks to my gals + 
guys esp VCLUB! KP-we did it! CS- 
thanks-my Bear-copfl! WOOFWE, 
topthat, ghet, dance parties6Tal, FH, 
Bball, hockgames2319, Nanas, island- 
not have done it w/out u-keep laughing- 
ILY-02' nuff said- Good Luck 2 all- 
Welp CYA later! 

Charles Andrew Genovese 

GENO, Andres 
22 Gushing Avenue 
The only memories you have are the 
hings you have accomplished, not the 
egrets you wish you had done." Don't 
brget "the road to nastingham", state 
;hamps 01, the Point, the island, ski 
rip/Habeeb's basement, the harbor, the 
id fishing trips, scan's cape house, and 
emember the possy 

Sarah Mae Giardina 

9 Elaine Road 
"True friendship multiplies the good in 
life and divides the evils. Strive to have 
friends, for life without friends is like 
life on a dessert island... to find one real 
friend in a lifetime is good fortune, to 
keep him a blessing"~LR~SK~GG 
~GUZ~BD~whites dream team-ski 
team-all my friends-love yougl thanks 
mom, dad and Amy 

Hilary Anne Gibson 

42 Burr Road 
Meaghan Amy Mags Liz Oriana Meg, I 
Love you. 

newyearsevejuicin,cud + danyys, 
mm,S0M-thnx4beingthere,dri versed, 
kezar-BDNSHG,BK + PH,007nites 
matches, roxysavingtheworlddollars! 

Michael Ryan Gill 
34 Colonial Road 
"Either let me fly or give me 
death"Thanx 2 my parents I love you 
both ma thanx 4 being there 4 me no 
matter what. Thanx 2 Dr.? Brad and 
Heff 4 being there 2 all my boys MF JP 
SS JH TB SM Mand every 1 else keep it 
real 2 all my girls 1 love RIP OG Love 
ya dad "Baby cuz Im a thug" "Young 
playa" "risk3:36" R.C.R.RT.D.D.U.R 
wear Thuggtyle WU TANG 4E 

Alexander Edwin Gillis 

Allie Gillis AHP 

7 Merrill Street 
'You're gonna go far, fly high, youre 
lever gonna die, you're going to make 
t if you try; they're gonna love you"- 
'ink Floyd- Thanks Mom, Dad, Ben, 
sarah Love you- Thanks for all the fun 
everyone else-Uh bass-Get out of my 
louse-Don't forget Bumpyl-movies 
ind music-St Patties Day-Dump-4th of 
luly-We want fractals-See ya later 

Laura Ashley Gomez 

21 1 Gushing Street 
"Beginnings are usually scary; endings 
are usually sad, but its whats in the middle 
that counts." SR MS AB Thanks for 
the memories! Florida,00/DMB/Sr.Trip/ 
Harvard Sq./My house /JP-awk/DB99- 
the infamous beginning/cape/island/ 
nanas crew/FH-GO HARD OR GO 
HOME!/Mom, Dad, Audra, Ronnie, 
Jenna, Thanks for everything I love 
you guys! -Good luck 02 See you in 5 

Christine Elaine Gordon 

8 Ringbolt Farm Road 
Yesterday is already a dream + tomorrow 
is only a vision but today we live 
making every yesterday a dream of 
happiness + every tomorrow a vision 
of hope. Lynn, Bitty, Sarah, Ab, Hill 43! 
Mo I hate Po's Driving. Getting pulled 
ovr p-ing squeeze FEDTLT WRDS 
rotart 3x 7-12 Jacksons99-14tracker 
gogurt summerOlSAAB I love you Mom 
Dad + Sarah 

Oriana Claire Graizzaro 

222 South Street 
"Life is not having & getting but being 
& becoming" My BOO would — you 
up if I asked her to LMMMM 

Kristina Grant 

1 6 Golf View Drive 
"I took the road less traveled by and 
that has made all the difference." Pre- 
natal buddy, Zucker, Does this make 
you nervous? Making Annie squeak, 
Kullt, Starbucks, Sgood, Playground, 
Turn left! Night Ricky! HP, Double 
stuff. Boys singing. Kids Cab, Civic, 
Backstage Crew! NYC, Tina=Camera 
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't 
stop and look around once in a while, 
you could miss it." 

Colin Green 

David Habeeb 

Habs, Beebins, Habby, Beeb 
4 Sarah Way 
Take some chances and chase your 
dreams, so one day you can look back 
and say, "Damn that was fun" with no 
regrets. HanscanBeebinsnorrJaBwkoM 

Grant Thomas Haggerty 

Huey Lewis 
31 North Street 
I never quit, I just stopped showing up. 
And then one day you find ten years 
have got behind you no one told you 
when to run, you missed the starting 
gun. ECHAR PIROPOS, sitta down. I 
want the lunch, but I don't want the 
line. Bathroom parties, the rest is just 
details. Thanks Mom, Dad, Katie and 
Chris. Thanks to all my friends. 

Christopher Wayne Ham 

20 Kents Lane 
"Once your bom you start dying so you 
might as well have fun while you still 
can". Thanks Mom, Dad, Nick, and Tay 
couldn't have done it without you. 
Thanks R.C, We've all had good times. 
Worlds Trio Cuatro The Stone LBI Pats 
Games late nightb-ball DMB CARDS 
fishing fatty Mcfat fat random 
hights,chillen with my boys and girls, "It 
was real".. 

Charles A. Hancock 

15 Amber Road 
Thanks mom, dad. Will friends MN, 
DJ, KB, AJ, SC, DM, C+J.For all the 
trips we went on-trail blazers. What a 
long strange trip its been-GD. Waking 
up at stokesy's, basement times, Quincy 
what? Paradise afternoons W/ WOMP. 
Thanks to all the buds, "we are the 
music makers and we are the dreamers 
of the dreams"- W.W. good times. It 
Ain't easy bein green,but it sure is fun 

James Edward Hanlon 

41 Bel Air Drive 
statechampsOl, Hans, Scans, Beebensand 
Oar, Lennys and Oars bar baques, 
Canada99'0I Thanks to the Posse, 
DMB99, carBeaw99, rocks98,and the 
night is young. Brewer last day of 
school, scans cape house, dump hill, 
grandmothers parties, chilli peppers99. 
Road trip to Maine, thanks Dee, 
Thanks, mom, DAD, Jen, Joane, Jake. 

Alexander John Hardej Jr. 

Hollywood Adj. Hauhi A.J. 
2 Bishops Lane 
If U're readin this school is out hope 
everyone is going where they want to 
JS CP &t MW PC without U guys I 
won't of made it 2 the toughest Girl I 
know don't try so hard & thanx I love 
stokesy mornings tekk-ch wars hackin 
+ serious sessions wrestle hardcore or 
go home DB Im gonna miss this place 

Susannah Warren Harvey 

Susie, Sue 
210 Charles Street 
JYC,N ANTK,Kezar,Cruise02,FC0 1 ,HUID, 
:16, Conserv/woods DB Party=l" day 
f rest of lives. RlPNKK-"ln a minute 
11 be free&we'li be splashing in the 
ea,I feel no curiosity,l see the path 
head of me"PHlSH-CAPE-To all my 
•iends:you made High School what is 
/as,thanks for all the laughs, 1 love you 
uyslThanks to mom, dad &E limy best 
riend always-lmovt 

Lawrence Arthur Herman 


1 1 Thazter Street 

"Imagine is more important than 
knowledge" - Albert Einstein 
Well we finally got here '02 Thanks 
Mom, Dad, V.V., and Al. Hey Craig, 
Neal, Joe, Dan, Mills and FarleyX2. 
Neal's eye in 3A I got Craig in trouble 
in Math V drove Joe across town tire- 
man's yurt. Caravans rule. Hey everyone 
1 forgot see you later 

Christina Leigh Hermanson 


Bradford John Hines 
World's End 
Racing is life, Anything before or after 
is Just waiting. GB NB NP RE RF MM 
AG NK SO DO, u guys are great. I'll 
never forget Bourbeau Club, St. Paty's 
Day, workin' on The blue Fiveo, 
Jammin, snowboarding, Wompy. fast 
cars, and 4 years of prison. Good luck 
to Stack. Mom, Dad, Mike, thanx for 
everything. Class of 02: Dream as if 
you'll forever. Live as if you'll die today 

Coleman Felton Homer 

Colie, Duckman, Redman, Warp 
69 Fearing Road 
ise up fallen fighters Rise and take 
our stance again. 'Cause he who fight 
nd run away live to fight another day. 
ligh school was a great time. It went 
y so fast. 1 want to thank my parents 
or helping me with everything. I want 
3 thank my friends for always having 
un. Props to WSP, WE, the Blazer, 
he Wrangler, all the whips. 

Jennifer Hurley 

12 Planters Lane 
"It is better to have loved and lost than to 
never of loved at all." Mark my thoughts 
and love are with you always RIP Patrick 1 
love you with all my heart where would 1 be 
without you Thank you Mom for 
everything 1 love you NanapapaJohnDank 
lisa + BrendanThanksforbeinggreat 

John Hurley 

Rachel Marie Ives 
178 South Street 
"When one door closes I hope another 
one more opens, and if you get the 
choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you 
dance" To my friends and fam thanks 
for everything, 1 love you all, CR JA 
EL LV SK KW KK DJ & GM, I'll never 
forget you guys! -memories- survivor 
ONC Texas DC02 summerjam 
kangaroos "ugly" veggies in the street. 
Pitts -To the class of 02- Good Luck! 

Andrew William Max Jacobs 

1 Fort Hill Street 
"With the common love of music think 
of this as the sun and the mind as a 
tool" Special thanks to my boys Steve, 
A. J., and Mike-much love and respect- 
vineyard basement ratpack deftones 3 1 1 

Additional praise to my mother for 
putting up with me. 


Margaret Ellen Jennings 

Maggie, Mags 
5 Crooked Meadow Lane 
"So toss away stuff you don't need in 
the end, but keep whats important & 
know who's your friend" PHISH. Danks 
2 my crazy buds: KBMCMMAMLM 
HGMCOG. Props 2 Wompy 4 the 
higher education. Dispatch31 l&DMB 
Bowlin, RIPscatty, SOBE, Treefort, 
Farmhouse ur gveenin, BeiRut champs, 
NEVER DFTC, Thanx M+D, I made 
it! Goodluck 02. ILOVE 

Jeremy Benjamin Johnson 

Son Big Johnson Night Mngr.43 

Fearing Road 
Like they say God works in a mysterious 

way, so I pray remembering the days of 

my youth, as I prepare to meet my 

moment of truth-Guru. Thanks to Mom 

and Dad for letting me come home I 

love you and you Hau.What up to my 

boys JM TR BC JA SK CM MM Cobras 

son! + AJ MM RW BW GB Pun Al and 

all the ladies J4 mad nofskies Lemo NJ 

Dumpie Oasties Peace Son JJ 

Daniel Charles Jones 
Dan, DJ 
48 Wompatuck Road 
"A friend is someone who believes in 
you when you have ceased to believe in 
yourself." Thanks to all of my friends 
for believing in me through it all. Mom 
and Dad I couldn't have done it without 
your support. Kerri and Tim thanks for 
all you've done. Kangaroos and canoes. 
Cape '02, survivor pool, LT, Sumer Jam, 
Captain kiss@$$, NYC, KK-ETM! 
Good luck '02 

Nicholas Justin Kapetanakis 

161 Wompatuck Road 
"I am invincible as long as I am alive"- 
John Mayer Wouldn't have made it W/ 
Forget:" Beached Whale"U2,The 
GAME, The list, SADD, Providence, 
Ocean Kai,50/40,SSC,Alambama99 and 
all the other awesome times. Mom 
Thank you-you did it. So I guess this is 
it, its been one hell of a ride. Good luck 
everyone. Until next time... 

Kathleen Barbara Keif 

39 Foley Beach Road 
"The Way I see it, it doesn't much 
matter what you believe just so your 
sincere"- Linus Van Pelt. Ego Mihi Mei 
Me Me...IACIO! Sullivan Square, Push 
Stars, Simpson's Club, Twins...? U2 
Night, F Study, Library outings, Crew, 
Molly-McFly,Maker of Puppets. ..Erin- 
As cunning as a cunning fox...! So I'll 
see you! 

Shannon Eileen Kelley 

25 Harvest Lane 
A true friend is one who knows all about 
you and likes you anyway-Thanks to 
all my friends, esp. Sarah, Dan, and 
Krista-SG-I love you like a sister- 
DJ+KK-We've been through a lot 
together-never forget those nights- 
kangas-steef-canoe-Mike-mint- 1 4/DB- 
Good Luck 2002! 

Darcy Maeve-Anne Kimball 

darby shaw 
24 West Street 
"Forget regret, or life is yours to miss. 
No other road, no other way, no day 
but today"-RENT -scrapbook, the 
Hulk, cookies, DORCH, jigging, come 
snowday monday, polka, baby got track, 
xc~ Thank you Mom, Dad, Bucko, 
FDL, friends, GMS-We'll always have 
MARCHE! "These are the days to 
remember, for they will not last 

Nathaniel Harrison Kingdon 

Nat;Bumpo, Wilkinson 
2 Andrews Isle 
read the news today oh boy; fake 
astic earth, I am a rock, I am an 
land, the ruins. Pig Faced baby, Hog, 
;ad Alive, Squirt gun, "D"*What are 
)U*Here comes the sun. Welcoming 
mmittie. From each according to his 
'ilities to each according to his needs, 
•itannia. Bouncy Balls, Pool, Movies, 
ocrastinate.-.and then phh! he was 

Eugenie Crocker Kirk 

Jeanie, Huge 
24 Longmeadow Road 
Forget regret or life is yours to 
miss...\XC Ready 2 Run/Lax 
Champs\Europe x2/ Navy gorls, jeanie 
dances, abbrus + DMB K-"I am not 
afraid of tomorrow for I have seen 
yesterday and I love today." Thanx to 
my friends<I love you Mom and Dad, 
Good Luck Ian. Got alond w/out you 
before I met you can't get along w/out 
you now.*Bonnie Chance -02*No Day 
But Today 

Anthony GX Knasas 

$$$$$$$$Marty McFly$$$$S$$$ 
138 Bridge Street 
Johnnys Johnny Sober*BMDW4E 
jimmy =King of Comeback *NECK 
01*9/29/95*HOG*EPIC*** LaFla 
*Frogger* Bule HAHAHA*! still Love 
Kim Gallagher Thanx Dolph , Journey, 
Blink-182, GNFNR* OBE=GUH! 
-Damon*Scituate Adventures*Call Me 
in Ten Years, I'll See You in Hollywood. 
Thanx ALL-AK* 

Krista Anna Kubulins 

4 Ridge Hill Road 
"We each take different paths in life, 
but no matter where v\e go, we take a 
little of each other everywhere" Thanks 
to all my friends! "We've shared many 
smiles and many tears, but nothing beats 
the laughter"-Kangaroos & Canoes, 
Survivor, Summer Jam 01, NYC, Sftbl, 
Ski Team, Cape Cod, '02!! DJ-ETM! 
Paldies maniem vecakiem. Andra-Good 

Noah Bemhard Kutsch 

21 Martins Lane 
What lies behind us and what lies 
fore us are tiny matters compared to 
hat lies within us" LR-thanks for 
ways being there for me. to all my 
iends-worlds,the stone, late nite 
3aIl,DMB,DB Party,Cruz,ski trips,the 
land, the quatro, crazy kid from 
e, fishing, Poker,4"' of July,chinese 
iherman. Thanks to the rents for being 
pain. Its been real. 

Lauren Rachel Eleanor Labitue 

41 Fendale Avenue 
Its time 4 a new dance now time 2 
learn a new rhythm time 2 learn new 
steps. I wanna thank -my HGs 
LLMWSWAJ 4 putting up w/my goofy 
Bhind LOL I love Yall 4real 2 My HHS 
friends thanxs 4 keeping me laughing!! 
Hilary thanxs 4 being there 4 
me¥TG&LL member Btag&SBOl LOL 
ocaomditlOr was off the hook no 
shadies LMAO Mommy, Daddy, 
lan&Leah I Luv YallyGDLK Clof02!! 

Mark Lamm 

Dear Mom, I know it was hard to look 
in these eyes, not knowing whether I 
was telling the truth, or telling you lies. 
Well that's said and done and over now, 
so please Mom, take a bow. I hope you 
know I'll always try to do what's right, 
even if the answer is far in sight. So just 
relax now Mom, the hard part is over 
now, please, you deserve it, take a bow. 
Peace Love Unity Respect to all the 
kids and the teachers who helped me 
along the way 

Matthew Lavoie 

Jigga, Izzo, Smokeshow Master 

So much to say. First off I will never 
forget my girl Chastity. We had most 
of our good times in J.H. But, I'm sure 
we will have more. Secondly, my boys 
Gordon, Brad the trio of destruction. 
Then LT, Dc, and all my other boys. 
And Hines don't forget the nasty 
smokeshows in the stang or drivin cars 
that weren't ours. 


Katherine Margaret LeClair 

"In this great future you can't forget 
your past". Thanks to all my friends 
for all the great times. NY'98, nachos, 
FH Go Hard or Go Home, Exit 28 
attractions, DMB, hypothetical 
conversations, France, Suriname. 
"Friends are nothing till they smile 
together till they laugh all day and cry 
the night away". Thanks for all your 
help Mom, Dad, Laura, and Eric. 

Erin Marie Leahy 

19 Partridge Drive 
"We all take a different paths in life, 
but no matter where we go, we take a 
little of each other everywhere" Shake 
it out You take that right LVOO nasty 
DC Single ready to mingle Bounce it 
"Family a group experience of love and 
support" Thanks Mom, Dad, Kelli: 
Chris Kelli- bestfriends Chris- good Luck 
Thanx to my friends I love you guys 
Follow your Dreams 

Daniel Joseph Lee 
Dan, Danny, Boxx, Lee 
4 Birch Circle 
"Nobody cares if you can't dance well, 
just get up and dance." DB SM CH JC 
BG LG It's been real, thanx for a great 
time. Thanx NK. Remember Pats, 
FLA, Partys, Russ C, 6flags, boat, bball, 
N64, Poker. CG EQ. 

Stacey, remember AR, NH, Top Hug, 
DMB, lyear, RFCafe "Quos amor verus 
tenuit, tenebit." OJ 

Patrick Charles Lenhart 
Lenny P 
15 Del Prete Drive 
"The biggest regrets in life are the risks 
we don't take"- To my boys, the Posse- 
always down, dmbsmbrhip, Point, 
Rocks, IslandFest'OO, 01, MV-da 4 
turtles, LaxChamps-19, HYG, DWE, 
BBQ's, Canada, TB^ - I'm sure orr, 
Nantasket-12s,TFA-Thursday Club. 
SilverBulletRides, To my Fam-couldn't 
have done it w/out you. KYBBY- 
"You're the best I ever had" 

Pamela Lynn Leonard 

Pam, Pamita, Pammy 
14 Brewster Road 
"Happiness is not something you 
experience, it is something you 
remember" KuUt, drama. Kids Cab, 
Tony's Toy War, Pithball, the ditzes of 
fruit sale, Are muffins supposed to be 
pointy? Sgood, make Annie squeak 
contests, Ricky!, Thespian Night '01, 
Double stuff, Balam-Acab, Thanks 
Daddy-0!, Rubber Duckies, Singing at 
Starbucks, What's a crepe? Does this 
make you nervous? Zucker! To my 
family and friends, I couldn't have done 
it without you. 

Rachael Wheelock Teal Lewis 

23 Foley Beach Road 
Live like you'll die tomorrow dream 
like you'll never die. 

Thank you to all my friends OP67~ 
80~Sumo~4:2 1-1 2:46-2 A~Mona!~ 
420MCHYC~Dirty Blond-barrel- 
Tribal Council- BOD- DJIK-beach- 
-Cosmo + Frosting-PushStars- 
Everything-IgotPros-Good Luck Tyler 
I loveU M+D* 

Jennifer Anne Lincoln 

Jen, Jennylink 
54 Burditt Avenue 
No day but today. Remember Drama, 
bonding, festival, BBDY, NYC, Track, 
WHHS, Harborlight, Brian Fagoa. 
Remember September 11, 2001. Good 
Luck to you all. When life gives you 

Katharine Alice Lind 

54 Lincoln Street 
"Laughter is not at all a bad beginning 
for a friendship and it is the far best 
ending" Adventure Team, Cosmo n' 
Frosting, Dance w/ Jenny + Sara, Drama 
Others, Drew -i- DVDs, JJ's, Shopping 
w/ Kim, Camp Born + Rach's Retreat, 
Prom Bowl, the tree. Randomness. Mom 
and Dad, thank you for always 
supporting me. Sam and Jess, our bonds 
are unbreakable. Zimaa 

Chasity Lynn Longsworth 
16 Hobart 
It's all Good" Thank you, to my 
amily and teachers. You supported me 
irough the good times and the bad 
mes without all of your help 1 would 
ever have made it. A special thank 
ou to NK, CR, MB, MP you made 
chool worth getting up for. To MH 
nd MC you taught me what life was all 
bout. I know it wasn't easy. I know the 
ears ahead will be "All Good!!" 

Heather Morse Low 
Feather, Leather Ho 
Fulling Mill Lane, Hockley Drive You 
will never be the same person twice. 
Things change and that's the way it 
should be. 

John Simmons Lynch 

6 Hoover Road 
"You've got to be careful if you don't 
know where you're going, because you 
might not get there". -Yogi Berra-good 
luck seniors 2002-Thanks Mom,Dad Kelly 
ur the best- HinghamHockey 2001 State 
Champs,Nastingham, Alf-Coaster For Life. 
Wiffleball with DC&AG. Raft with 
DC,KO,MB. BigP with Ricky T. Lata 

Michael Patrick MacMullen 
193 Hersey Street 
Thanks to my buds 
Its been a good time Thanks Mom 
Dad Chris Calder, Hackin the sac was 
fun MontrealOr 31 199'00" 
Blaxin trio. First 3 years of hats. 
When I was thirsty Mt Dew was there 
for me. 

Freestyle Rapping Chillin with Wuori 

"Think Positive and love your life"- 

Sara Lind Marcks 

1 1 Garrison Road 
There's only now There's only here 
ive in to love or live in fear no other 
ath no other way no day but today"- 
L Never forget the good timesBostix, 
dventures w/Darcy, "outings", 
UenightT, hurdle family, wackie/ 
lackies, fun in Dorchestra, Chamber, 
DOEG Thanks to Ge, DK, MZ, LV, 
:M, LA todos at LSC-You're all the 
est! IloveYou M&D,Wes&Eliz 

Meaghan Marshall 

17 Kress Farm Road 
GMJMCMCRegulators SummerOl AlKy 
IBFFSpringFlingWow mumLm Danks 
ToMyBuddies02 Boys PiSomedaysES- 
ThanksForTheGood TimesMom+Dad 

Maria Mavromatis 

"The greatest achievement was at first 
and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps 
in the acorn. The bird waits in the 
egg. And [so] dreams are the seedlings 
of [our] realities." SSS M+Biue CC Amys 
stratty heyladies SADD DAT FBI 
SD 1 change my mind Ellas statues 
cheese meat-i-buns What's cookin'? 

John W. McCarthy IV 

Johnny Mac 
12 Whitcomb Avenue 
"Temptation resisted is a true test of 
character" We might not have been the 
best students here but we had the most 
fun Swinskys Thelsland fishing 
WorldsEnd 3 1 1 ShoutsToAll MyBoys 
andEveryoneElseYou Know WhoYou 
Are MayTheWind BeAlways AtYou 
rBack AndTheSunAtYourFace See You 
AllOnTheOtherSidc. Peace 


Lauryn Elizabeth McCarthy 

Louie Lmac Ren 

1 1 Liberty Road 
We were reckless silly arrogant & 
headstrong BUT WE WERE RIGHT - 
Abby Hoffman My feet feel like dancing 
North Faith? Vienershietzel-chorus 
Starbucks chats-KS If You're confused 
listen to the music play-Almn Bro/ 
Summit/string cheese/An!/Phish Island 
01 I've been spinning round the wheel 
of life-sci BBYD Won't you help me 
sing this song of freedom-B.M -Peace- 

Brittany Elizabeth McCleskey 

2205 Hockley Drive 
"I may not have gone where I intended 
to go, but I think I am where I am 
supposed to be". Erin&Greg-I've missed 
you Mom-You're my best friend 
CG&SD-IloveYou I can't believe how 
this turned out I hope it never ends JS- 
9&10 IloveU CP-the walk+sbing AC- 
RamenNM&Attic Basement N. Saab 
IWJI SummerOI Cao&CK MontrealOl 
7-28-01 AllTheTimesI'llNeverForget 

Kathryn Mary McCluskey 
92 Downer Avenue 
Mona, LL, Barrel, Turn-and-Run club, 
"Baby Got Track" Aerosmith, 19 
Blowout sale, SRI 06, The Rock Show, 
Pearl Jam 8/30/00, Ego mihi mei me 
mc.Iacio! Weezer, U2night, The 
"Squares". Thanks to everyone for a 
memorable four years. Best of Luck 
'02. No regrets. We made it, and that's 

Scott Michael McGinn 
Magoo, Skeet, Shamen 
25 Broad Cove Road 
"Let your memories live for ever, and 
let your stories be told." Oh there were 
funny times LBI Cards Griffey Div 1 
Hockey Champs DMB's Frosh wrestling 
at Noah's Late Nite b-ball/chats Fatty 
McDoogle Random movies Fish hooks 
"You all tripped over the wire. .."Jacuzzi 
Fun/Greece Trip Noogles "Never again" 
I luv coke. ..Thanks 4 the help 
Mom, Dad, and Fam! 02 

Brandie Nicole Mclntyre 

16 Rhodes Circle 
"Let your haters be your inspirators 
and your failures be your motivators" 
Mom, Dad, Bri, Luce, Kay&Nana for all 
ur supportl43 Adam-I'll always 
remember the moments we shared- 
Always in my heart. ..Thanks K.O.T.S 


5 Robin Lane 
"You got to trust your Instincts and let 
go of regrets you've got to bet on 
yourself cause that's your best bet"-311 
31198-02 Riden Thrashin in NZ LOVE 
Boys keep it real BCJMChRoNiCM 
Surfin Hackin Hitten Slopes Good Luck 
& Thanx to Brian & Todd 

Sean Alan Melanson 

Douglas Knight 
167 Old Derby Street 
"Be true to yourself and you will never 
fall" B-Boys Boys its over, the fun can 
begin. WompyRocks ,MontreolOI B- 
Boys98, Trailblazers Trev's house late 
night tiger walks Hardy you are so cute, 
TRMMRtemJmHASSTMeoits its been 
fun MMOGCMHGMJ DoIStillMake 
YouSick "3M+A3" GR your worth it 
Thanks Mom&Dad Bros4ever "nothing 
gold can stay" Good Luck "D" Peace 
I'm Out 

Amy Lynn Melia 

8 Myers Farm Road 
"Toss away stuff you don't need in the 
end, but keep what's important and know 
whose your friend"-Phish 
Rollin SF,HKYGM1203+KMS=Worth j, 
U Not Only 4 What I Am When I'm 
With You,143MOMDAD+FAM ; 

Hilary Thelma Mendes 
57 Ward Street 
To be a star,you must shine your own 
ight, follow your own path, and don't 
/orry about the darkness for that is 
/hen stars shine Brightest! Thanks to 
^y Mom and my family for all the 
trength and guidence, Hap I missU 
i.delle:Our talks, Carolone playin' B- 
iall, Jorge, CPCGJSSDBM Yea Lauren 
4ore good times ahead! 143 Good Luck 
'lass 02 Be Good 

Rachael Jean Mezzetti 
Mezzetts, Rara 
15 Thaxter Street 
Never be bullied into silence. Never 
allow yourself to be made a victim. 
Accept no one's definition of your life; 
define yourself We bounce, get ur freak 
on Texas Pitts Rupert dorch diabolo 
bemie band trip track is life ugh sniper 
grr evil patience is a virtue DC the 
Marshmallow Man true story Thanks 
to my family and my friends 

Daniel Robert Miller 

Dan;Danny;and Miller Chet? 
5 Tupelo Drive 
To my Mom and Dad w/o you 1 
wouldn't be where I am today. To my 
friends, we had a lot of good times. The 
time went by so fast, but there are so 
many years to go, to enjoy and to live 
to the fullest. Like a Rhinestone 
cowboy. Do everything the best you 
can and always do it 1 10%. But always 
have fun whatever you do. We made 

Stephen James Mills 
Millza Millsic 
32 Hemlock Road 
A wise man told me that the key to a 
good life was as easy as just four little 
words do what is right he v\ould say and 
I will never forget Thank you Papa for 
the key to my life and for making my 
life easier! Thank you to my family 
and friends. Thank you Mom+Dad for 
also being a beacon of help for me. 
Thank you Nanny for always being 

Laura Margaret Morgan 

ome things, when together, are more 
omplete than when standing alone 
.MM-You know Ulove me-MAB-Yes 
if course Ido-Hey Lucy,rm Home! I 
v'anna know-MAB-Toride on a horse is 
fly without wings A friend is one 
vho knowsall your faults and loves U 
sut the same-KEO-BFFLYLAS- 
4issPreppy+thejock-Mark S lloveYou- 
'hanks to my friends teacher+family- 
ihe who dies with the most shoes wins! 

Andrea Rhodes Morris 
204 Otis Street 
Remember being small playing under 
the table + dreaming. should never 
let the sunset on tomorrow before the 
sun rises today.. .For though I cannot 
fly I'm not content to crawl. ..420 
movie club, DMB, BC XAV, new yr's 
01, bang a Larry, wicked random, 
serendipity, LFO, ack, ski team, earlix 
+ spanky, Jomama, Jandrea, Luv U Mom 

Gregory James Muldoon 
Bubba Doon Doona Greg 
50 Parkview Drive 
If life ever get u down just keep reaching 
for the stars and see how many you can 
grab. I want to thank JC PC Rl LR DM 
DB CT CN MN and Mrh for all the fun 
help and memories along the way. A 
big thanks to Mom Dad Mike Paul and 
the one freak left holding down the fort 
I love you guys. Last but not least a 
shout to the Budmud crew. 

Ian Keith Mulligan 
10 Captain Thomson Lane 
Blarg! 1 am dead! Dude! That's 
incredible! ...he's dead! Todd is a 1337 
h4x0r. You don't want the horse? Im 
gonna get a soda, any one want one? 
WAAAAAAAGH! Josh, Krog. Todd. 
Sarah, Mr. D, Neal. Jimmy. Zoogie: 
Thanks for all the good times. Mr. D. 
good luck finding a new army of nerds. 
Jimmy, one last thing. A HUGE SPIDER 


Brendan John Murphy 

The Welcoming Committee 
30 Independence Lane 
On February 23 2001 1 had a huge party 
at my house. "Life goes by pretty fast, 
if you don't stop and take a look around 
once in a while, you might miss it"- 
Ferris.. .sorry Hurley!Anyway-king of 
the hill,on-stage,AFY,fast times w/ 
Henry David,7:34PM,Pearl Jam 8/30/ 
00,Blowoutsale, 106, Rock show, 
crashing my Jeep, Blink 5/5/01,1 will 
never forget the trip to NYC 

Elizabeth Ann Murphy 


6 US Bates Road 

"The greatest glory in living, lies not 

in never falling, but in rising every time 

we fair'.-NM 

Bullets Party! Good LuckMBGTJT- 
Family-How could I've done this w/o 
you? Thanks 4 everything.! love you 

Emily Jane Murphy 

97 Manatee Road 

"My glory was 1 had such friends" TY 
To all who made these years so special 
esp V-Club 3mats all the babies! 
Dave'98-?? danceparties Garrity's Top 
That Romy D&D SMF's Atlantis MV 
New Years Vienna&Praha Y&J YahtClub 
Island NJ Shr closetbrewsoops Viv hands 
& wides Snakes LMKindredSpirits 

-Turns out not where but who you're 
with that really matters- Dave 

Matthew Bennett Murphy 

Matt, Murph 

47 Elm Street 
The architecture of our future is not 
only unfinished; the scaffolding has 
hardly gone up. -George Lamming 

1 have never let schooling interfere 
with my education. -Mark Twain 

Be true to your work, your word, and 
your friend. -Henry David Thoreau 

Noelle Mane Murray 

24 Nutty Hill Road 
"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as 
if you'll die today,"-J.Dean Thanks 2 
my family 4 everything. STNKAD- 
luvuguyz Fl/rdtrips, bstnboyz, 
cheerleading-luvuguyz2 D'A Never 
"50/40",smr01,"Abus!", PrGp "itza 
respectthing",OceanKai Sweetl6 
parties, SSC. Summers went too fast, it 
was all a blast, 2 bad it can't last 

Shawna Marie Murray 

103 Downer Avenue 
"Do not go where the path may lead,go 
instead where there is no path and leave 
a trail". FlaOl EuropeOl Bahamas02 
DMB,Nites in Bos. Conserv. woods, 
never forget JP,Brownies,Abbrvs., 
NAVY girls, candlesticj, FH~THX to 
my friends,family for your support,+JC 
for making me smile~We did it 02! 
"Learn from yesterday; live for today, 
hope for tomorrow". 

Daniel Gregory Nastou 

7 Bremer Circle 
I want to thank my family for being so 
supportive of everything that 1 do. 1 
really appreciate all that you have done 
for me. Thank you. 

Julia Catherine Nolan 

Julie, Jules 

6 Quincy Avenue 

"There's a star on the far horizen, 

rising bright in an azure sky, for the 

rest of the time that you're given why 

walk when you can fly 

KW CD CF yeah Chorus! Statues, 
pickle, Amy's house, campfires, hot and 
spicy! BitH 

Michael W. Noonan 

Noonan Noa 
337 Rockland Steet 
These are the best years to remember 
vith our friends, not a crowd, I'm glad 1 
iidn't sit by and watch them go. Thanks 
viom Dad(seeUinCali)DannyJen Akira 
J crazy Cat Wopy420Mems,All you 
railblazers,basementMems TheRun, 
^uincyCraziness, thelatrobetriptobuds 

Kimberly Ann Nyce 

225 Whiting Street 
"If you want it you got it- you just got 
to believe Believe in yourself 'cause it's 
all just a game we just want to be loved" 
-Lenny Kravitz I may not have ended 
up where I thought I would, but I like 
where I'm going- Thank You- Mom 
Dad Jess, Greg, SL, AS, Wolly#l 
ToublesomeTrio "this", Isaiah 40, the 
whole gang, the cycle, nugget fest, BDay 
cards, two seats over, 4th grade 

David Gerard O'Brien Jr. 

Obie, O.B., O'Brien, Wonum 
4 Pine Grove Road 
To all my friends (You know who you 
are) Its been a fun time. Movies, 
Chilis, Skits, Jammin in Brad's garage. 
Band trips, the beach, driving around, 
Snowboarding,surf ninjas, oncerts. 
Bathroom parties,4th of July parties,Uh 
bass, Johnny Depp, Voyage, liar,lunch, 
right here. Mom ,Dad, Eric I love 
u.Punk Rock big swim, boat shoes but 
no boat. Dmb sux LONG LIVE STACK 

Eamonn Sean O' Donnelly 

196 Lincoln Street 
After four years of high school 1 finally 
learned that school is somewhat 
important even though 1 would of 
rather have been doing other things to 
havea good time. 1 still know school is 
not just aboutlearining its all about 
having a good time with your boys and 
having fun because before you know it 
your out of school BB IE BB 

Sarah Kristine O'Leary 

20 Farm Hills Lane 
' I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain 
:ells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient 
in living." - Dr. Seuss. Kullt, Pre-Natal 
buddy, being broken, cookie, chapstick, 
perchance could I have a satchel for 
my cloak? Does this make you nervous? 
Dorch, most of the smart ones get away, 
and if I don't see you good afternoon, 
good evening, and goodnight 

Kevin Douglas Olson 

Olsonic Guy on the couch 
217 Main Street 
" Nothing is at last sacred but the 
integrity of you own mind. Absolve to 
yourself, and you will have the suffrage 
of the world" 2000-2001 Dl STATE 
CHAMPSFleetCenter Nastingham- 
GenoToMyFriends: BolesHabeeb 
CJBHLUNH pointDMB harborlsland 
Cops Naked Run at JhgrandmaAnd The 
Night is Young 
Carpe Diem be lifes 2 short 

Christopher Richard Orr 

5 Beacham Place 
Martha's Vineyard - DMB, SMB, RHCP, 
PHISH - Barbaques - Fatty Patty's - 
CED Thursday Club - DS Florida - Donna 
- Companions CL, RR, BL , Ronny - 
My name is Stu Brown - The Crack 
Point, Harbor, Island - Just Kidding 
Lenhart - TB- -"If youare not living on 
the edge, you are taking up too much 
room." - "Whatever you do, take care 
of your shoes." (Phish) 

Janelle Lee Parfumorse 

Jenni, Midget, Shorty, RED 
28 Carleton Neverever Land 
Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The 
Thing 1 Cannot Change, The Courage 
To Change The Things 1 Can And The 
Wisdom To Know The Difference. 
SK8. HVR WLY Friends*Forever! 


Grant Wetzel Pattison 
Pattidony, Patty Cakes 
155 High Street 
"To summit the world's highest peai<:, 
is to venture through the valley of the 
gods; Where man is merely an explorer 
of his own obsession. Never stop 
summiting." Thanks to my friends, 
myTeams, my family, and Coach Ryan, 
who have all helped To guide me 
through stage l.Tri-Season Runners 
ROCK! Go Steve, Ben, Adam, Colin! 

Edward Arthur Peterson 
Ed Edwardo Kelly 
4 Stanford Drive 
Another turning point a fork stuck in 
the road time grabs you by the wrist 
directs you where to go so make it the 
best of this test and don't ask why it's 
not a question but a lesson learned in 
time. It's something unpredictable but 
in the end its right I hope you had the 
time of your life. I love all of you 
friends family whatever 

Margreta LeComte Peterson 

92 Scotland Street 
"You've got to trust your instinct and 
let go of regret" -311 Thank you 
Rebecca Jenny & Megan - We've had 
the best times JJMR 9/14/01 U2 our 
band SBS 10/31/01 Beach RB,JE 
Alabama-JR MB-PB Cape Rach's house 
JP-AK Spectrum Girls I'll miss you 
Thank you Mom, my best friend! Gus 
& the boys, I love you guys "It's a 
beautiful day Don't let it get away" U2 

Joseph Poirier 


lA Liberty Road 


You know how we do. 

63 Town fair Tire 

I know it's been 

rough thanks dukes. 

Nicholas Abbott Post 

Nick, Loungeman 
38 Jarvis Avenue 
"When I got the music I got a place to 
go"Tim Armstrong Thanx to my 
family and my friends: NB RE DO RF 
you Sara. Bouncy-ball machine, China 
Coast," shout "converseWarped 
Tour,Band Trips[dish of salt],Aiegh!, 
Sugar Eatin Bathroom parties r life the 
rest is just details. Jam at Brads, 
76Cady,Skits,DMB Sux,Liar Long live 


Caroline Rose Pugliesi 

39 Free Street 
Good friends are hard to find difficult 
to leave and impossible to forget. Good 
It wouldnt have been the same w/o you 
guys. Mom Dad Jess & Amy I Love 
you. To all the memorys of the 
Basement squad, Camping, The run 
summer'Ol. Julia-friends forever Steve- 
your everything a friend could ask for,see 
you in Colorado. AW its been real 

Abigeal Mary Quinn 
19 Stagecoach Road 
"The journey in between what you once 
were and who you are now becoming is 
where the dance of life really takes 
place" To my friends thanks 4 the 
memories: Cape Eur Batamas 216 DMB 
Nant taxi Crew Meags,don't forget the 
J+B brownies JP walks NY thanks 
Mom&Dad Good Luck Mike&Jake 
LOVEUALL "The worst is having to 
let go of something u want 2 have 

Charlotte Sawyer Railton 
31 Independence Lane 
To be your own star you must shine 
your own light, follow your own path 
and don't worry about the darkness 
because in the darkness a star shines 
brighter. LV JA RI EL KW SG BM SK 
KK DB RB DJ the six oncrew DC02 
Buzz JM AC peergroup survivor 
friends4Iife Thanks Mom, Dad & Ryan 
Goodluck! I love you guys! 

Christina Marie Rando 


"Moving on is simple, its what you leave 
behind thats hard" Thank you Mom 
and Dad for everything-Mom thank 
you for always being there. To my best 
friends CL,KM, CG, JY, BM,JR,NM, 
NB,JS,JG,KO,JLL never forget the 
memories! Cheerleaders, Thank you for 
making my Senior Year Unforgetable. 
MB-"A11 I've ever wanted in this world 
I found in you"YEAH SENIORS!! 

Thomas Conrad Reilly 

149 Gushing Street 
We spent a little time on the mountains 
we spent a little time in the hills as 
things came down we dont understand 
but 1 think in time we will In the BM/ 
BLAZER with my trailblazers JM JJ GM 
JA GH BG MM HA SM SK thanks for 
the memories J401 beatnuts ALL my 
girls esp GMM 143 thanks Mom and 
Dad for everything 143 GGR and SJR 
GAR I miss you Good Luck boys 

Michael John Richmond 

Mad Dog 
20 Malcolm Street 
Always remember Mad Dog! 1 hated 
having lunch in the gym. Ski team was 
great. Football was fun and hard. The 
four years went by very fast. Thanks 
Mom and Dad and all people who helped 
me through high school. 

Bronwyn Annie Riggs 

1600Central St E Bridgewater 
"Sometimes we sail with the \\ind. 
Sometimes we sail against the wind, 
Yet, Sail we must. 
We cannot ride at anchor. 
We can never drift." 
-Oliver Wendell Holmes 
1 love you Mom Dad Gillian 
"The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their dreams." 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Sara Greenglass Ritchie 

120 Hersey Street 
"In this great future you can't forget 
your past" prom,sr. trip, Europe, road 
trips, DMB,B182,BG/Xav dances, 
dingy, walking, partying. Friends, 
Simpsons, "beat the system" Thanx 
Mom,Dad,Eliz-ILU!Thanx Laura! 
Nick-1 couldn't have done it w/out 
you!Ash-BFF-I don't think we could've 
had more fun! "It's not where you 
are,it's who you're with" We Did It '02! 

Jenny Lyn Rowley 

6 Myers Farm Road 
"Live as though Heaven is on earth" 

Gumbleton J-RO Gamp-Born 2A 80 
Durango NYG-Oreo WDYJBMG14HS 
Tribal-Gouncil 'I ate the wrapper" AP- 
GIRLS "I got Pros" BLONDE 9/ 
14VIGIL Alabama-MP Stiflers MOM 
TO the girls-Thanks 4 the memories! I 
love you Dad, Judy & Jill "All the bad 
times you're going through, just dance" 

Rebecca Jennie Ruben 

Becca AKA Boobens 
4 Gushing Street 
There are two ways of spreading the 
light,you can be the candle or the mirror 
that reflects the light-Xaverian& 
BG,Fieldsy,Wicked Random, AOL, 
DMB, State Ghamps lax,LFO,Gols, 
Glimates,my FH girls, Ed, Stuco/ 
SEMASG,LA,Stanford, Israel.New Years 
'01, MV, Gap, Shasty, Shainwalds, 
Preschool, Spaz attacks. Buff chix 
calzones,far lot, car ace, southies!Love 
You Guys 12002 

Jesse Theodore Rudavsky 

The WhiteGorollaHasGome& Gone 
339 High Street 
Well everyone, it has been good to know 
ya. Thanks tomy friends Vilaney. 
McGiver, Ghasity, Bobby 
& Thaxter for helping makeWHHS TV 
weather a success .Other than that end 
capital punishment& practice what you 
preach. Good Luck , Bon Ghance, etc. 
Thanks for playing, let's meet our next 
team. And remeber, like Anne Robinson 
says, you are the weakest link...G'Bye! 


Brianne Kate Ryan 

26 Stanford Drive 
"Learn from yesterday, live for today, 
hope for tomorrow" Tinanks to all my 
friends for the memories, old school 
NKK, JCC, trips w/ JD(Europe-Carib) 
cape w/ my gals, HC exam parties, 
Florida 'OKRB, Jr.P~MS{Fiesta-JD), 
"Good Morning"-HC,DMB, Russ too 
little, S.T.'-Gonna be the times of our 
lives Thanks Mom Dad Court Pat Jeff 
and BJ/TD Forever! 

Lauren Christine Ryan 

27 Longmeadow Road 
"If you can imagine it, you can achieve 
it. If you can dream it, you can become 
it." Thanks to all my friends for the 
great memories and good luck to you 
all! BFFSG, DJIK the boys-OJ,JP-AWK! 
OP67, BOD, soccer. Thanks Mom & 
Dad & J for all your love& support 
"Enjoy yourself. These are the good 
old days you're going to miss in the 
years ahead." WE FINALLY MADE 

David Stephen Saggese 
Saggs, Dave, Sesse 
5 Blue Sky Drive 
Be True To Yourself and you will never 
fall-BB,My Friends-The Posse, Point, 
Brewer,Dumphill, Harbor, BBQs, Barn, 
KoatKO,5 Oyd.L, Canada,Florida,UNH, 
PSU,NH,D1 Hockey State Champs 01, 
CrowP ,Rotary,6P Playhouse, Chevyz 
71, JH Grand, Cape, island, BZRT,The 
Hat, Puck-HHSvsDHS,Thanx MDS, 
LaLa-cc,letter,B Video ,NoSchool, 
4Seasons, Mothers day, 1" Glacier, 
Lauren- Al way s&Forever 

Margaret Elaine Scampoli 

Meg Meggy Grumps 
6 Bayberry Road 
"Life is more fun when you surround 
yourself with interesting people." 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Mr. H., CD, 
KW, JN. Drama Trip, Rudolph, Could 
have been a puck, LSC, Sailing Team, 
Cheerleading.Duck tape-it's like the 
force in Star Wars-dark side-light side 
and holds the universe together. Go 
Home Freshmen 

Good Luck '02 

Chris Scanlon 

626 Main Street 
"There are those who make things 
happen and there are those who wonder 
what happened" The posse made things 
happen: Brewer Point Harborlslands 
OrrsDumphill Olsons CanadaDMB 
MVJH Grandmas Cape House Rocks 
BBQ Steve Miller CrashBZ'sneakout 
Thanks for all the great times Bridget, 
Mike Carlin TB" Stu. Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Pete 

Anne Katherine Schlesinger 

74 Tower Road 
I stand in the heavens and on earth, I 
feel the breeze...I sense the call of 
creation, I feel it swelling in my hands." 
Thanks to all my junior buds. My senior 
girls. Mom, Dad, Pete. Kullt Movie 
nights. Squeaking, Drama, Music. It 
smells likc.Noooo, Stooop! Talking 
backwards, Disney movies. There were 
chickens! Billygoatin'around. The 
smart ones get away! Thanks for the 

Scott Edward Sewall 

20 Rhodes Circle 
Thanx to Mom, Dad and Fami Luv You 
Thanz To My Real Boys JP,MGMF,JH 
RH,MM. Good Luck LW and Everyone 
Else At School. Without Friends, Fami 
And Danx I Wouldn't Be Here. "Life is 
To Important To Take It Seriously." 
Danx To All My Good Friends 1 didn't 
Mention I Wouldn't Forget You. "Swett 
Me Tomorrow." 

Neal DipikShah 
3 CJC Highway 
founder of the postulate theorem 
War dosen't decide who is right, just 
who is left. 
Remember the towers 
There is no spoon 
Now, tomorow, forever! 

Nicole Catherine Shostak 

8 Emerald Street 
The journey between what you once 
'ere & who you are becoming is where 
le dance of life really takes place" 
ape,JCC/XC-We're a rare breed/ 
ona's-my 2"** home/NKK(the former)/ 
B's 99-the infamous beginning/ 
)r the memories/Mom Dad Ben-Thanx 
)r everything, love you! Good Luck 
lass of '02! 

Julia Ann Singleton 

289 Rockland Street 
Time will tell who has fell and who's 
been left behind when you go your way 
and I go mine-Dylan CP-What would I 
have done w/o U? BM-Love you 
always,MN,DJ,AJ,SC,DJ,CH, DM,MB- 
Thanks for all the great times! Mom 
Dad Mark Erin-I love you all so much. 
Erin-I love you all so much. Erin- 
Thanks for being there everytime. 
Basement memories, Summer'OO, 
MONTEOL,Camping,The Run, 
Motel 8 

Meaghan Ann Slater 

1 1 Plymouth River Road 
"People don't really care how much 
you know until they know how much 
you care." Ya Soccer Grls/tennis 
Bahamas02~YNIA~abs,don't forget the 
JandB- Best Night Ever obr Jp~Thanks 
for the memories! -the brownies- 
DDS!Pissy!M+D+Girls -IluvU-Thanx 
for always being there-They said I'll 
bet they'll never make it but just look 
at us shinning now- We made it 02! 

Darrell W Smith 

10 Free Street 
"A cheese burger is a cheeseburger" 

Highly potent "D" 

"1 have to work on my speed" 

My deepest thanks to al 
and special sauce! 

Long live the TAZ! 

the cabbage 

Katherine Theresa Smith 
Katie, Kate 
5 Abington Street 
othing in all the world is more 
mgerous than sincere ignorance and 
mscientious stupidity- MLK. 
wouldn't exactly say that it has been 
The Time of my life" but I survived 
tianks to those who have supported 
e and put up with me, I am eternally 
ateful. The future belongs to those 
ho believe in the beauty of their 

Laura Gardner Smith 

58 Fearing Road 
"Tell me what is it you plan to do with 
your one wild and precious life" Thanks 
for all the fun times girls: Dance Parties, 
Top That, SPAIN, HYC-boatin, Island- 
gash, DMBDING-DONG, snake, Czech 
Wien-OI, LAX-state champs, FH, 
FOOD, BUMPIN. France-00: Ne vous 
presses pas.attendez un peu,juste sous 
I'etoile-pp Thanks so much M-(-D 
GOOD Luck Hil + Mads - LoveVa! Its 
been real 

Gregory James Sowyrda 
15 Pine Grove Road 
"The world's a better place because of 
those who refuse to believe they cannot 
fly" Habs basement '99. Zahners house 
'01 thanx Habs. Lax '01 State Champs. 
Fr Lax. "Everyone gets knocked down, 
its weather or not you get up" Never 
forget weekend of May 25 '01. To the 
entire Posse, friends always. 

Julie Spannagel 

31 Abington Street 
"Each of us are angels with only one 
wing, and only by embracing one 
another can we truly fly." Thanks for 
the memories HHS 2002. I want to 
thank my Mom, Dad, CW, MS, WS, 
HS. I love you Grandma, Granpas. 
Friiends Forever: AL, GM, CG, AD, AH, 
SD, AC, CW, JS. Live for Today, Dream 
of Tomorrow Learn from Yesterday! 


Kaitlin Dveira Stengel 

3402 Tuckers Lane 
This is a song about my dreams: "So 
often times it happens that we live our 
life in chains, and we never even know 
we have the key:J-I am not afraid of 
tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and 
I love today: Mario Tennis, Fram, 
gash, island, fast friends(my love to 
all)and food, FH-Hardcore, Starbucks 
RV-LMac- IVlom,dad,Al,mylove, you 
mean more to me than you know 

Philippe Heron Studley 
STUDS, Phil, Wigman, Carol 
22 Summit Drive 
'"Half of everything is luck. And the 
other half? Fate." Table for 4? DMB 
sux. Bathroom party! Uh, Bass. China 
Coast + the bouncy ball machine. 
McDonald's loves to see us 
smile. ..Elementary? Bluahhh! I think 
its ice cream time, Noogiee! Suspender 
Symphony + Stack. Officer He Polite. 
Family:Luv U always. "Every man dies, 
not every man really lives" Peace 

Stefanie M Tatalias 

248 Cusning Street 
"In Life sing as if No one is Listening 
Dance as if No one is watching and Love 
as if you Have Never Been Hurt Before" 
Thanks you Mom and Dad 1 Love you 
so much I could Not Have Done It 
without your Love and Support. Also 
Thanks To NM SL NK AD JD and EB 
It's Been fun. The List FCI NS and FL 
Trips Thanks Guys Love you. OH - 
Well L.B. 

Christopher James Taylor 

7 Paolo Road 
CIANFMC THE Pitts Trip Woodshop 
Budmudcrew HHS TRACK TheURBAN 
Legend! Don't Worry About it! WE 
GotAmbushed!Driving For Hours 
looking For one House Fun Times At 
Hingham High! TEAM Budmud WILL 
NEVER DIE You've Got A Brain in 
Your HEAD and feet in your shoes you 
can steer Yourself in any direction you 

Lance Taylor 

"LT" or Layze 
109 Beaver Street 
Don't think of this as the end, but the 
beginning of a better ending. It was a 
hard and long journey, but we made it! 1 
thank my fam for all the laughs and the 
support. Love Ya'll. Special shoutouts 
to my people who help me get through 
the hard times. Thanks for the 
memories you all will be missed. HHS 

Apinya Thomcarpamich 

191220 Bankok Thailand 
I'm a exchange student. I love here but 
it's hard for me to study the language 
that is not my language. My favorite 
things are Alternative songs, M1:I songs, 
Britney Spears, Tom Cruise, sports car, 
foods, shopping. 1 don't like any 
animals. I don't know why. I think you 
should try Thai food. It's good. When I 
go back to Thailand 1 won't forget here. 

Todd Thorvaldsen 

Elizabeth Dinneen Toomey 

1139 Main Street 
"Friends become our chosen families" 
Thanks 2 all my friends I love U all! To 
memories: TopThat DC/NM my can 
"GM everyone GM cheff Eur4E Vclub 
snake YHTBT Psimon U2 Kstand HYC 
Dparties Southie D+D SMF's E"!! 
DMB98on Petite BabJB Psal RedSox 
Focker Jprom bdays wides gash... 
Mom~my BF+Daddy Thanks 4 
everything 143 EM CF BG LS-Couldn't 
have done it WO U 

Daniel Ibrooke Tower 

Main Street 
Those who live in stone houses should 
5 throw glass" Austin O'Malley 

Andrew Joseph Vilaine 

Skandy Muffin Man Commie 
24 Hazelwood Drive 
Let us now institute a diminutive 
compilation of unsystematic verbal 
ranting-AU change starts with grasping 
the responsibility to undertake it. Our 
true liberation depends on us grasping 
this benevolent responsibility-me 
Someday all ships may take harbor upon 
the shores of humyn love-Katie (my 
love forever!) *magically delicious* 

Laura Anne Vincent 
La, LaLa 
1 1 Partridge Drive 
"Some people come into our lives and 
quickly go. Some stay for a while and 
leave footprints in our hearts and we 
are never ever the same" EFX, DC 
Survivor, Shake it out, we Bounce, 
Spoons, Getur freak on, Texas, Pitts, 
PYL, Track is life!,marshmallowman. 
Band is coolio. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Robert and friends, You guys are the 
Best! 1 love you all and Good Luck! 

Kristen Wan berg 

Wambie Girl, Duckie, Kris 
2 Chestnut Place 
"Wisdom begins in wonder" -Socrates 
"Save the fishies" "It could have been 
a puck" Rudolph 
CS,JN,MB,CL,JH,KJ,GM Mom and Dad, 
Nana. Papa, Patty, Jamie. David-Thank 
you all for the support! Mrs D and Judy- 
I love you both!Godfey, my heart, lo\e 
you always! Meg you are the best! First 
Lunch! GoodLuck"02 

Jennifer Lowell Wasson 


44 Fearing Road 

climbed out of these safe limbs, 

h ;ntured away, walking tall. head up and 

r nging"DMB Yeah girls soccer! 

|. nnis, night in Boston, NAVY Girls 

JKK,Chocvanstraw,rH just close my 

/es for one minute. ..Atlantis, 

antucket. Thanks for everything, 

itlturkey club,,LaBuche. Thank you so 

uch Mom,Dad,Countney & Charlie- 

d be nothing without your, love you!! 

Kimberly Marie Waugh 
Kim, Kimmy 
1 6 Fresh River Avenue 
Just don't give up trying to do what you 
really want to do, where there's love 
and inspiration, I don't think you can 
go wrong. -EF 

I'm feelin' it, Who's your daddy,Let's 
mingle, It's been real,Sleepovers,7- 
1 l,JoeyMc(MyBF).Boo yeah, Shake it 
out. Everyone! If we survived high 
school, we can survive anything! 

Christine Werder 

Chrigiwer @ 
Smiling is infectious you catch it like 
the flu. When someone smiled @ me 
today I started smiling 2. I passed around 
the corner & someone saw my grin, 
when he smiled I realized I'd passed it 
on to him. I thought about that smile 
then I realzed it's worth, A single smile 
just like mine could travel around the 
earth. .<3 2 Brian, Debbie, Jeanie & Ian 

Anne Lydia Wetzel 

239 High Street 
"Believe in yourself because if you don't 
no one else will" Thanks MB NB CP DJ 
CAMPS, Hayward,Hogan,TX,ME, 
MV,Tig-your are my light-ILU Bounce- 
In all my heart I couldn't know a better 
friend than you. Thank you Mom. Dad, 
Rebecca, Craig- You are my strength. 



Meaghan Elyse Wilbur 

Geggy, Buttah 
14 Liberty Road 
They could call me crazy if I fail, all 
the chance that I need is one in a million 
they'd call me brilliant if I succeed- 
AniD. Never would have made it w/out 
CDC ,NYC, KidsCab, Higgs,KITH, 
7s,WHHS,Thaxter, Loring, ZMK, 
La,wow!,Nyroadtrip, 0-Dog, RiotGrrrl, 
TheCircus, esp. Dave, Dirt,Ty. What 
am I doing w/ my life?"Don't think 2 
steps ahead- life isn't chess!" - DMH 

Richard Michael Wilson 

190B South Street 
"Do not follow where the path may 
lead. Go instead where there is no path 
and leave a trail" -Emerson wiff at 
Habeeb's and scan's B2G Tuchas 
Thursday club "Lenhart you think you 
are so yacked"-Cheech DW "I'm sure" 
Shockers The Point -Thanks to all 
my boys for the good times and to my 
parents for all their support 

Dana Forman Wohl 
Shay, Ruben 
3 Wanders Drive 
"Go Confidently In The Direction Of 
Your Dreams-Live The Life You've 
Imagined" To My Friends: AK SC BM 
PC JC GM DJ AH MN DM-Thanks For 
Bein' There "Bicky's" "Yeah U Know 
It So Don't Deny It!" "Comercia, 
Shiftiz, Peapod, PetticoatDeluxe, 
Boboca, The List Goes On" To My 
Parents: Thanks For Your Support 
Through TheseUneasy Years "Jeter's 
Better" NYY:22BOS:I 

Haley Wojtasinski 

16 Daley Road 
"I always knew I'd look back on the 
times I cried + laugh; but I never knew 
I'd look back on the times I laughed + 
cry" Thanx to all of my friends we had 
some of the best times of our lives 
together I love you! Flaol Bahamas02 
DMB 2:16 sexy 6 consev. Woods SB 
gals good luck I'll miss ya Thanx Mom 
Dad Amy Drew for everything I love 
you guys. 

Brian Wood 

13 Pine Grove Drive 
It's not the winning and losing that 
matters, it's the fact that if you fall you 
get back up. Bball at Kutchys, wiffle at 
Habeebs. Matty I'll pick you up 
tomorrow. C-ya at the point, harbor, 
rocks olsons, Jimmys grammas, dmb, 
brewerfield, worlds end, scans Cape 
house. Harvard game. Thanks everyone 
I'll miss ya.John cut your hair.Thanks 
Mom and Dad 

James Charles Yourell 

87 Ward Street 
Thank You Mom &Dad ForAll Your 
Help & Support Also Thank You To 
Uncles, GrandmothersForBeingThere 
Sj andToThe HostBuckyMyDad. Hey 
KillaBIWould'nt ForgetU. MuchLove 

Jacquelyn Yousseff 

48 Ward Street 
"To gain that which is worth having, 
it may be necessary to lose everything 
else." Thanks to my family Dad Yvette 
Audrey Anne Greg Peter and Lizzy— 
I love you guys. Thanks to my friends 
for all the memories MT U2 Concerts 
7/1 6/6 10/31 Ticket Lines w/HOG F 
study Clearly Vigil Well I'll see U 
Repeat. "What you don't have you 
don't need it now, you don't need it 

Maria Katherine Zade 

33 Talbot Street 
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a 
hoper, a prayer, a magic bean buyer. If 
you're a pretender,come sit by the fire. 
For we have some Flay-golden tales to 
spin. Come in! Come in! Love & 
Thanks to Sara, Gena, Darcy, & Andrea. 
Derby CITs Marche come snowday 
Monday! Mom & Dad How do you leave 
the past behind when it keeps finding 
ways to get to your heart 

Matthew Lee 

208 Prospect Street 
believe everything you do bad comes 
etc to you, so everything I do that's 
d rii have to suffer for it, but in my 
nd I believe that what I'm doing is 
jht, so I feel like I'm going to 
aven." Baby Blue. Tupac. 13. RIP 
aura. Much love to the crew Good 
ck. Olson's crib, Grama Curtis, Point, 
ewer, 2 much 2 say Thanx 4 
jrything I love U Mom, UNC, Mike, 

James Zugar 


5 Eastgate Ln. 

"Once more unto the breach dear 

friends, or seal the wall up with our 

English dead!" -Shakspeare, Henry V 

"All is for the best in this best of all 
possible worlds." Voltaire 

"Catch you on the flip side.' 
Funny Man, Boondock Saints 



In my life, I've loved them all... 

You can 

drive VM car 

Triple Eagle? Jane, this is Hingham High, not BC! 

Greg and Dan relax before starting the long walk from far. 

Chastity's all set and ready to drive home 

Sarah and Gena- School's out- enjoy the afternoon! 

1 . i -yr ■.^•mSB^Bmm^mm 





f. 1 






^^^^ ^ 

The Ladies of 
Liberty (Right) 
took home first 
prize for their 
original costumes. 

School lunch: It will terminate you! 

Dm, could you please point me in the 
direction of the little girl's room? 





Powder Puff 

his year, Powderpuff, the annual football game between the junior and senior girls, was a great success. In accordance to tradition, the seniors girls emerged 

victorious. Highlights of the game include the spectacular playing of Bridget Driscoll, 
Nicole Shostak, Haley Wojtasinski, Ashley Baxter, and Maggie Jennings, among others. 

i "^^m W% >*El . .r° T^iP7^f^ ■-' ■''""•I^^^^^B Running with the ball, scoring a touchdown, or simply taking down the juniors is what 

lyjdjl^^t /• % M. ^£S3p^^ '«^iiHHiH| made this win possible. The undefeated streak of each successive senior class was 

continued with style and ability this year. The girls of 2002 are a force to be reckoned 


Above, Bridget barrels down the tleld. 

Another one biles the dust... 

Above, and to the right, Ashley and Hannah 
show us how to get down. 

.and, another one dies... 

.another one dies. 

.another one 
bites the dust.. 




IF -«&>. 


'— ~ 




k ^ 


W^^' ^'' "^ 

Ik ^ 





■ ^r ~ 

'^A -.m 





Girls' Cross Country 

The Girls' Cross Country team had a great year. They missed their all-star runner, Tri-Captain 
Allison Donovan, who unfortunately was on the injured list. However, they still managed a second 
place finish in the league. Nicole Shostak and Kim Dunlap were honored as All-Stars and the entire 
team, including other seniors Jeanie Kirk and Darcy Kimball, improved and pushed themselves this 
year. The team spent afternoons practicing the sack dance and running - all too frequently to 
Springs. Mr. Ryan and Buzz were always there to clock the track workouts. Just remember, girls: 
CROSS COUTRY, there is no "N" in sight. Captains Jeanie and Nicole want to tell their girls that they 
had a great four years and that they will miss everyone next year. 

Once again, 
Allison leads, 
with no one 
else in sight 

Nicole looks formidable on her way through 
World's End. 

enjoys a 
World's End 
... yeah right! 

Allison Donovan (Captain) 

Darcy Kimball 

Jeanie Kirk (Captain) Nicole Shostak (Captain) 

Look! Hingham is beating Scituate- the Sailors aren't all they cracked up to be. 

Kim lakes off for the finish! 

Coach Buzz and 
Mr. Gauthier 
observe the race. 

I Above, Jeanie tackles the difficult course, 

! somehow making it look easy! To the right, 

j she has no problem posing for the camera 

1 with her co-captain Nicole. 

Boys' Cross Country 


This year the 
captain Grant 

Boys' Cross Country team battled back from 0-2 start to finish the season at 500 with a 3-3 record. The team was lead by senior 
Pattison and the juniors Steve Fiascone and Ben Cox. Filling out the rest of the scoring positions were juniors Sean Hagen, Adam 

Read-Brown, Colin Ryan, and sophomore Dan Allen. Whether running in the sun, 
fog, rain, wind, or mud, on the road, the track, or even trails through the woods, the 

team never stopped 
working. The 
team's hard work 
really paid off on 
Hingham's home 
course at World's 
End, which is 
known throughout 
the league for its 
infamous fishing 
hill. Not only 
winning two out of 
three home meets, 
nearly all the 
members of the 
boys' team greatly 
improved personal 
times from the 
previous years. 
There is no "N" in 
sight: Cross Coutry 

Run Grant, run! (left) 

Double Stuff! 

Below, Dan Allen and Colin Ryan round 
the corner. 





' ^ 

Grant Pattison (Captain) 

Who knew the three Stooges ran track? 

Nick Collins: the lone runner. 

Sean Hagen: leader of the pack. 

Adam Traina keeps a steady pace throughout the race. 
Shaun Feely, the intrepid. 

Girls' Soccer 

Red Hot 

The girls soccer team had a record season this year. The senior members Jane Follansbee, Lauren Ryan, Meaghan Slater, and Haley Wojtasinski 
were led by captains Bridget DriscoU, Elizabeth Friend, Hilary Gibson, and Jennifer Wasson, and coach Guy Enoch. They tied the Division I state 

finalist and the Division II state 
champions. The team made the 
South Section Quarter Finals and 
four players - Hilary Lynch, Becca 
Marshall, Haley Prendergast, and 
Meaghan Slater - were named 
League All Stars. The Soccer Team 
will always remember such things 
as Slater's cough, Becca and 
Hayley's confusion, Hilary's urban 
flavor, Shaniqua and Tiff, the fact 
that girls are better than boys (men 
are like tiles) and of course being 
"just one of the girls." 

And the chase is on. 

Captains Jen, Liz, Bridget, and Hilary cheer on their team as they are announced on Homecoming. 

Bridget DriscoU (Captain) 

Jane Follansbee 

Liz Friend (Captain 

Hilary Gibson (Capiain) 

Lauren Ryan 

Meaghan dri\ cs the ball dow n the field during the East Bridgew ater game. 

Captains Jen, Liz, and Hilary show us who's number one! 
Jen controls the ball during the Homecoming game. 

Meaghan Slater 

Jen Wasson (Captain) 

Haley Wojtasinski 

Right, Liz takes 
command of the 

Boys' Soccer 

The Hingham Harbormen Boys Soccer team had a great 2001 season, led by tri-captains Connor Fitzgerald, Dave Habeeb, and Darrell Smith. Th 
team finished up strong with an appearance in the South Sectional semi-finals, before losing to rival Duxbury. In the pre-season, the defeat c 
perennial power Marshfield showed the capabilities of the team. The start of the season was marked by a six game winning streak, including ke 
victories over Norton and Newton South. After some mid-season disappointments, the Harbormen bounced back with a huge 3-0 defeat c 
Norton. Norton was a strong play-off bound team, who suffered its only two losses all year to the Harbormen. In post season, the Harborme 

defeated Scituate in penalty kicks. In the next game, Hingham faced numbt 
one seeded Dighton-Rehoboth. After losing to this team last year, th 
team was hungry for an upset, which was soon achieved. In the Sout 
Sectional semi-finals, Hingham faced long-time rival Duxbur} 
Unfortunately, the Harbormen lost 3-0. As much as it hurt to lose, Hinghar 
was by no means disappointed with their stellar season, and they look t 
improve upon this season's end next year. 

Pat takes a shot on 
goal, bringing the 
team one step 
closer to victory 

The team slaps 
one another five 
before the big 
game (right). 


The boys sit down during the halftime of the 
Homecoming game. 

Stretching activities, anyone? (above) 

Above, everyone anticipates where the ball will land. 



—-' ^^m^m 

Nicholas Bourbeau 

Patrick Childs 

Connor Fitzgerald (Captain) Dave Habeeb (captain) 

Gregory Muldoon 

Darrell Smith (captain) 

Phillipe Studley 

Greg charges down the fiekl u ilh ihc ball. 

r ie id ri O Ckey go Hard or go Home 

The Field Hockey Team had an awesome season, led by coach Mrs. Gordon and captains Katie Fallon, Bridget Garrity, and Kaitlin Stengel. They 
were tied for second in the league with Hanover. According to league standings, the team was ranked seventh in the division. Katie Fallon, Laura 

Gomez, Rachael Mezzetti, and their phenomenal goalie 

and MVP, Abbe Ciulla stood out this year as 
exceptional players. The team will always remember 
Laura Gomez and her "tumbling," Rebecca Ruben, 
who will forever be "Boobens," Shauna Murray and 
her bird issues, and Lauryn McCarthy's dred locks. 
Remember: "Go Hard or Go Home" and "Hardcore" 

Ready Set Go! The girls are ready to attack (below). No one's going to get past Katie (above)! 

Above, Kaitlin wins control of the ball. Below, 
Bridget outmaneuvers the opponent. 








I . 


Abbe Ciulla 

Katie Fallon (Captain) 

Jen Fiske 

Caitlin Fitzgerald 

Bridget Garrity (Captain) 

mover, watch out., here comes Jen! 

Lauryn swipes the ball from the 
opposing team (Right). 



manages j^ 
to play 
and look 

Caitlin takes on two pkiyers single handedly. 


Grrrr...When Rachael attacks. 

Laura Gomez 

Kate LeClair 

Lauryn McCarthy 

Rachael Mezzetti 

Shawna Murray 

Rebecca Ruben 

Laura Smith 

Kaitlin Stengel (Captain) 


Above, Brian takes control as he begins 
to break away. To the right, Noah 
consults the coach about the ongoing 


"^' "^^^^^^1 


ji^ , j^^^^H 

^ 1 





B ^- ^^^1 


m ^ t\ 



■ ^"^M 


* .-*^u" 





This year the football team was led by captains 
Hardy Allen, Jesse Craig, Noah Kutsch, Matt 
Murphy, and Coach Killenger. Matt, Noah, Hardy, 
and Brian Wood each won All League awards. 
Throughout the season, all members of the team 
showed tremendous ability and improvement. The 
strong leadership of the boys as well as the 
dedication of the rest of the team has helped build 
up the strength of the team. It is obvious that the 
team is gaining a great amount of depth. Many 
significant events occured in the course of the 
season. Most memorably, the team won the 
Homecoming Game. In the emotional competition 
against Cardinal Spellman, the team pulled ahead at 
the last minute to win the game with most of 
Hingham watching. It was an exciting moment that 
the players and the fans will never forget. 

Below, Hardy sets the ball sailing. 


Joey Alcarez 

Hardy Allen (Captain) 

John Allen 

Jesse Craig (Captain) 

Brian Doherty 

love, Chris shows the opposing team who's 


Joey dodges 
the defense, 
and heads up 
the field 

Jesse gives the 
opposing team 
some "love" 

Matt takes on 
the pack, 
while Brian 
leaps to 
make the 
catch ( below 










^^ ' ^ 


-' '■.<(S^. ^B'»^^''.< 

Justin Eaton 

Noah Kutsch (Captain) 

The 2001 Hingham High School football team. 

Matt Murphy (Captain) Eamonn O'Donnelly 

Michael Richmond 

Chris Taylor 

Brian Wood 

Football Cheerleading 

The Football Cheerleading season was a memorable fall for the senior girls. A new coach, new faces, and new uniforms helped to develop a more 
competitive squad. Homecoming and Thanksgiving pep rallies were huge successes, with unbelievable dances, cheers, and stunts to keep the 

student body on their feet. Led by the three captains, Noelle Murray 
Chrissy Rando, and Nadine Boakye, the sidelines and halftimes ai 
the football games always kept the crowd cheering. The cheerleaders 
will never forget the fun times: bus rides, dirmers, tailgate parties 
Many thanks to Ms. Moore, the Gridiron Club, football players, as 
well as the fifteen dynamic girls, particularly seniors Nadine, Noelle. 
Anne, and Chrissy for making this season so FABULOUS. "Ya'lll 
can't deny it!" ' 

High above, the 
cheerleaders stir 
up the crowd. 

Nadine leads the 
rest of the team, 
as they emerge 
during the 
pep rally (left). 

Nadine Boakye (Captain) Noelle Murray (Captain) Chrissy Rando (Captain) 

Anne Wetzel 

The 2001 Football Cheerleaders 



The Golf team had another good season as they made the state tournament for the 4th year in a row. Led by captains Dan Lee and Steve Mills, 
the golf team finished with a record of 1 1 -3, second only to their arch rival Duxbury. Seniors Jen Accomando, Stacey AUeva, Lome Bycoff, Matt 

Farley, Adam Farley, Larry Herman, and Craig Andrews all made major 
contributions throughout to the season. With their help, the seniors' final 
year as members of the golf team was one to remember. 

Jenn escapes the sandtrap. 

Craig chips the ball onto the green (above). 

Jennifer Accomando 

Stacey AUeva 

Craig Andrews 

Lome Bycoff 

Adam Farley 

Matthew Farley 

Girls' Basketball 

Girls' basketball, whew. . .what a year! Led by captain Bridget DriscoU, seniors Stacey Alleva, Bridget Garrity, and Hilary Gibson, and Coach Dave 
Hickey, the team made it to the second round of the tournament. In fact, the girls were the only team in the Patriot League to beat Duxbury. Still, 
even after deep conversations with coach Hickey, the girls worried about their basketball getting stolen by the beast. Well, at least Bridget G. sets 

good picks and there will be no more senior stations! Woo Hoc! 

Anyway, the girls say "Hi Steve!" and advise that you "Take charge 

and get a pizza!". 

Above, Bridget needs 100% concentration if she wants to make this foul shot. 
Right, despite the hard work of the other team. Hilary evades the guards. 

J & 

^ H 



^m M,^ i 1 

Stacey Alleva 

Bridget DriscoU (Captain) 

Bridgit Garrity 


Boys' Basketball 

The Hingham Boys' Basketball team had a challenging season that ended with a record of eight wins and twelve losses. The boys played 
hard and greatly improved during the season. Although this outcome was not exactly what the boys were hoping for, strong games against 
powerhouses Duxbury, Rockland and Scituate ended in this outcome. However, the four seniors were the best Coach Dan Clune has seen in 

all his six years of coaching - point guard Chris Hamm, captains Greg 
*^ ^^^^^HIKI ^ Hdtmikm "^MMHMHi W^^KM Sowrdya and Dave Habeeb, and defense Ryan Flemming. The team 

leaves a strong underclassmen contingent that will improve and 

Ryan Fleming 

Dave Habeeb (Captain) 

Dave does a good job of keeping the ball away 
from the Norwell player. 

Greg watches in anticipation to see if the ball will 
go in during the Duxbury game. 

Ryan takes a penalty shot. 

Greg and Ryan get ready to stop Scituate from scoring. 


Above, Dan's a brute . After all, that's what wrestling is all about 

Under the leadership of 
Coach Paul Caniff , as well 
as Captains Dan Bleidom, 
A.J. Hardej, and Dan 
Nastou, the wrestling 
team had an extremely 
successful season this 
year. Unfortunately, Dan 
broke his leg again and 
missed the season. Still, 
the team persevered and 
did well in all of their 
tournaments. Greg Kahn 
and Dan Bleidorn did 
particularly well. Greg 
Kahn broke the record for 
the number of pins in one 
season, an impressive 
achievement. The team i 
hopes to continue doing 
well next year, and due to i 
the skill exhibited by 
under-classmen as well as 
the growing talent of the 
team, this prediction 
looks promising. 

Above, AJ brings his opponent down. 

A.J. Hardej (Captain) 

Above, Dan's not sure what to expect from this 

Above, Aww....cute! A group hug before the big match? The team gets together to plan some 
stratedgy and psyche themselves up. 

Ready, Set, Go! Junior John Ferrante prepares himself 
for a bout with destiny.. ..or some kid from Randolph. 

Junior Greg Kahn smiles as he pins >et another opponent. pa\ ing the way for his record-breaker. 

Right, Dan works on pinning his 
opponent. Above, he finally 
succeeds in getting his opponent 

Dan Nastou (Captain) 

AJ goes for the underhanded super-reversal. Seems to be 


The gymnastics teams suffered through some ups and downs this season. They suffered the injury of team captain Meg Peterson, an all-stai 
performer. Meg hurt her ankle early in the season and was forced to have surgery. However, still encouraged by both Meg and Captain Bronwyn 

Riggs, the team managed to persevere. Bronwyn led the team in competitions 
against Hanover, Carver, Cohasset, Norwell and Randolph. The team would 
like to remember all the good times they've had, including pasta dinners, the 
banquet at Jayne's beach house, and crunches! The team would also like to 
thank Patty Anderson and Jayne Schlieff for all their help and dedication. 

Bronwyn plunges into her routine on the uneven bars with no fear. 

Meg Peterson (Captain) Bronwyn Riggs (Captain) 

Above, the 2002 HHS Gymnastics Team smiles for the camera after a successful 
meet. Below, Bronwyn adds some flair to the end of her floor routine. 



Led by Captains Kevin Olson, Andrew Genovese, and Mike Boles, and Coach Garret Reagan, the boys' hockey team had yet another great seasoi 

They made history by being the first ever public school team to compete in the Super Eight Tournament. They made it to the semi-finals where the 

played an exciting game against CM. Players, such as goalie John Lynch, were recognized by the Boston Globe as being fantastic. This opinion wi 

certainly shared by the many fans. The boys will always remember playing at Nastingham Palace, and personal jokes such as the man in the boa 

, Overlee loves Cheerio 

"Which flag?". War patl 

"AWW, I can feel it right here 

"Dude, he kicked him, and th 

crazy wild animal water buffab 

It was really fun having such 

great team to root for. Way 1 

go Geno, Merboles, Rick; 

Sesse Molitor, Little Gen( 

Coolins, Bulldog, Serge 

Wayne, Big B, Tone Lot 

Peanut, Panther, and Twags! 
Above, Kevin faces-off. Below, Andrew gets ready to play some hockey. 

^PtJjm^HPiB pJi^^tH^B 


Above, Goalie John gets ready to perform yet another awesome save. 












, ';• ' 


Mike Boles (Captain) 

Pat Devine 

Andrew Genovese (Captain) 

James Hanlon 

John Lynch 

Scott scores! (above) Below, Mike gets ready to resume playing. 

\^ - f( 





Kevin Olson (Captain) Scott McGinn 

Hockey Cheerleading 

The hockey cheerleaders have had quite a time the last 
few years. They have always been there to support the 
hockey team through thick and thin, and last year it really 
paid off. The girls were able to perform at the Fleet Center 
in front of thousands of screaming fans. This year they 
continued to psyche up the crowd (maybe a little too 
well) and cheer the hockey team into another great season. 
Coach Karen DelGallo, and seniors Meg Scampoli and 
Julie Spannagel led the team. It's been a grea year for the 
girls, and they will all greatly miss this fun past-time next 
year. Thanks for all the hard work- viewers and hockey 
fans alike certainly appreciate it! 


TSF -#" 1 

The team starts their cheers early on in the game, taking their usual spot in the bleachers 
(above). Their coaches (below) have been a vital part of the girls' experience. 

Meg throws her hands up in despair- oh no! The other team 
just scored. What ever can she do? 

Meg Scampoli 

Julie Spannagel 

Go Hockey! Score!The girls practice the moves they will soon showcase (below). 

Alexis Linquisl 
seems to know 
what to do 

The team gets 
into their cheer 
riling up the 
crowd before 
the big game 

Meg seems to 
find the dance 
amusing, not to 
mention very 

Ski Team 

Led by captains Jane Follansbee and Mike "Mad Dog" Richmond, the ski team has had an incredible year. The girls boasted a first place 
finish in the league. For the first year ever, members of the boys and girls team participated in the State Championship. The team practiced 
twice a week at the wonderful conditions at Blue Hills, and raced at Ragged Mountain on the weekends. Coach Ken Corbett as well as 
"motivation" Conrad have added to the team's momentum. Some memories include stolen signs, snowball fights, singing, helmets. Bay State 

games, amazing falls, snowday! Captain's practice, 
having to pee before the race and seeing the parking lot 
lights turn on at the high school at six a.m. while waiting 
for the ski bus! It's been a great year. 

Above, Steve tears it up on the course at Blue Hills. Below, 
the boys varsity GS team poses for the camera. 

Steve Campbell Jane Follansbee (Captain) Sarah Giardina 

Krista Kubulins 

Rachel Lewis 

At Ragged Mtn, the victorious varisty girls pose with their trophy. 

Above: Feelin the burn. Below: The Ladies Man. coach Ken Corbett, poses with the 
girls varisty GS Seniors. 

Andrea Morris Mike Richmond (Captain) 

Girls' Winter Track 

The girls' track team had a great season. At first, the girls were unsure how to proceed without their former coach, Mr. Manganello, but new coach 
Ms. Kates filled his shoes quite nicely. Captains Hilary Mendez, Nicole Shostak, and Sarah Marcks, as well as seniors Darcy Kimball, Laura 
Vincent and Katie Fallon provided inspiration and support to the team. Injuries kept seniors Alison Donovan and Kate McCluskey off their feet 

for most of the season, but they still stuck 
around for support and score keeping. All 
in all, the girls had a season to remember. 
Furthermore, the talent of underclassmen 
ensures the growing success of the team. 
The Senior girls say good-bye and good- 

Alison Donovan 

Katie Fallon 

Darcy Kimball 

Jen Lincoln 

Sarah Marcks (Captain) 

Kate McCluskey Hilary Mendez (Captain) Nicole Shostalc (Captain) Laura Vincent Kale confers with Mrs. Kates. 


Boys' Winter Track 

The boys' track team had a great season. New coach Fred Jewett had much to teach 
the team. Captains Dan Jones, Chris Orr, and Grant Pattison were great leaders to 
the crew. Chris, as well as Steve Mills and junior Josh Diorio, performed so well in 
the regular season that they were sent to compete in the all-state class C meet. 
Other seniors that added to the team's momentum include throwers Steve Mills, 
Chris Taylor, and Dan Nastau, whom the team was lucky to gain after his wrestling 
injury. All in all, the boys had a lot of fun, and wish all the up-and-coming track 
teams the best of luck! 

Captain Grant runs the two mile, trying the remember that "Pain is temporary, Pride is 
forever" (left). Chris sails over the high jump bar while making some interesting shadow 
puppets (above). 

Dan Jones (Captain) 

Chris Orr (Captain) 

Steve Mills 

Dan Nastou 

Grant Pattison (Captain) 

Chris Taylor 

Basketball Cheerleading[ 

The hard work of the 
basketball cheerleaders was 
really appreciated by the 
basketball team and 
basketball fans alike. Under 
the leadership of captain 
Katie O'Keefe as well as 
coach Deanne Moore the 
team worked hard practicing 
and did a great job 
performing at half time. The 
girls also participated in the 
South Shore Competition 
this winter. Hingham High 
always greatly benefits from 
their spirited performances 
at the pep rallies. The 
success of both the boys 
and girls teams this year can 
possibly be attributed to 
these girls. Nice work! 

Katie O'Keefe (Captain) 

Katie smiles with Junior Kaitlin 
after a great performance. 

The 2002 Basketball Cheerleaders pose with their coach, Deanne Moore. 

The girls get everyone's spirits up during the an intense boys' basketball game. 


B ii '^ ^ n a 

?T'A' ^ 

f> ^C\^^'*t«V^^o.>yS.Stf^,^ 

^ afl^*- HARMqmT-W\^, 


Hingham High School's band provides students with the opportunity to play 
and appreciate music in a non-competitive, friendly atmosphere. The band 
program includes concert band, jazz band, and Mozart ensemble, all led by our 
favorite conductor, Mr. A Douglas Wauchope. Seniors have enjoyed having Mr. 
Wauchope as a mentor as they grew from playing "Incantation and Dance" their 
new favorite, "Gladiator." Each year, the band travels to a different location with 
the orchestra, and often participates in competitions. This year's seniors have 
enjoyed trips to Montreal, New York City, Williamsburg, and this year, Philadelphia 
and Baltimore. The antics of band class and the trips have provided the students 
with many memories that will not soon be forgotten such as: Is that a banana in 
your pocket or are you just happy to see me?. That's uncredible!. It all goes back 
to the band trip, Stamp!, Chestnut, Superman, Sexy and Stupid, Balam-Acab, You 
forgot to pay your pizza money. Sang!, Dorch, soul patch, and of course, the 
Green Knight. Band has been an amazing experience for all who participated. 
And remember, music stimulates the same part of the brain as... 

Ryan looks pretty intense as he 
blows on his trumpet. 

Above, Two O'Leary's don't make a Nyce! Below, the three 
first clarinets, Pam, Maureen, and Lauren, master the score. 



-V ^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^Bf^^^^^^^l[^| 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f \ 


Ik / M 

The talents 


m^ f^^i_ 

//^ n 

of Andrea 




and Greg add 





greatly to the 




quality of the 


>| Tw^JI 

r 1 




^fs^ 1 





vbove, Maria's flute playing is delightful during the winter 
oncert. Below, Annie sure plays a mean baritone. 

Q: What do you call guys who hang around with the band? 
A: Drummers (above) 



Orchestra has been a fun and pleasant expirience for all of the^ 
seniors involved. Oftentimes referred to as "Dorch," this talentedl 
group has many exciting events throughout the year, including 
several concerts, and the annual trip taken each year along with the 
band, and this year, the chorus. The full Orchestra consists of the 
regular Orchestra combined with various members of the band. 
Furthermore, the Chamber Orchestra is a select group of talented 
string players. The leadership of conductor Phedra Sassano as 
well as President Sarah Marcks, Vice President Rachael Mezetti, 
Secretary Lauren Bailey, and Treasurer Kaitlin Stengel has helped 
this versatile group shine. 

Rachael is one of the many extremely talented members of the 
Orchestra. Below, Lauren and Surekha engage in a melody. 

Above, Gena serenades the crowd during the winter concert. Below, Sarah 
concentrates during a particularly difficult section of the piece. 


Dn a music trip to New York City, Gena, Sarah, Andrea, Lauren, and 
Catie enjoy dinner at SPQR. 

Jenn Harris: now that's 



^ft:^ ^^^^^^^^^^^1 


^^ ^y^^^^^^^^^^^^l 

^ M 










^^B^l '^^1 









Drew and Dan make beautiful music. 

Drew plays the cello wilh sl\lc. 



The Hingham High School Mixed Chorus, directed by Dr. Paul Cappers, has had a hectic year. They performed in many concerts, including a 
winter and spring concerts as well as the Major Works and Choral Spectrum Concerts. The students also particpated in the annual fruit sale to 
raise money for the trip. This years trip was a combined trip with the Band and Orchestra to Philadelphia and Baltimore. Last year they went to 

r^^^^^^lHj^miHII^^^^HHHH^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I Vienna Prague the year befor they 
W [ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M ^gj^l^ ^Q Montreal and Quebec. The trips are 

f I \ \ ^^1 always a blast and are the highlight of every 

year. The Chorus would like to thank their 
accompianists Vivienne Trebino and Janet 
Cappers as well as officers Julie Andrus, 
President; Maria Mavormatis, Vice President; 
Julia Nolan, Treasure; Jeanie Kirk, Secretary; 
and Emily Murphy, Public Relations 

Left, the Hingham High Chorus practices for 
the 2001 Winter Concert 

^\ ^ -il 

— - .Si. .X „i^- '% 

Above, Emily, Barbara and Bridget harmonize while 
below, Christine and Lauryn sing loud and clear. 

Above, the choral specturm sings in Vienna. Below, Maria, Julia, and Julie entertain the crowd. 

1^ g 


Wm^ ^^3^1^ 

f*' **J 

I % 


^^Hflp^' ^1 




5),.^T r^j 







^^-_^.,. ^^n 





^w fl 





Above, the girls are happy to be in Europe during the 2001 
Chorus trip. 

To the right, 
Annie and 
their duet. 

Josh adds some bass to the production. 

Matt and Maureen sing during the assembly. 

Rachael and Julie wait for their cue during the 2001 Winter Concert. 


--m 03, 


American Field Service 

The main purpose of the Hingham High School AFS Club has always been to get to know different cultures and groups of people, both 

international and domestic. Every year the club partakes in a short exchange to another part of the U.S. Over the past few years the club has 

traveled to North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio, and this year to Mahopac, 

New York. Foreign exchange students are also a big part of the club, 

with past students from Thailand, Brazil, and Switzerland. Long time 

members and current seniors include Lauren E. Bailey, Dan Jones, 

Tom Reilly, Sarah O'Leary, Katie Dirksmeier, and Krista Kubulins. Led 

by president Lauren E. Bailey, vice-president Kendra Ludwig, and 

officers Sophie Luke-Hall, Douggie Randall, Greg Settino, and Riane 

Herlihy, the AFS club has enjoyed a fun-filled year. 





1 Wtii^ ''^ ] 

•' 1 



1 ^^\ 

r i.^ 


iL '^ 





At a twelve hour, all-night dance-athon, you can really get to know each other, right 
Dan? (left). Above, the entire 2001 AFS club poses for a group shot. 

'ij Andy 

crushes cans 
against his 
head to stay 
awake during 
the long 

uren gets some liquid refreshments to sustain her for the all-nighter 
)ove). Thanks to AFS, Dan has made many new friends (below). 


/il^LJ^L* Anti-Defamation League 

The Anti-Defamation League was formed in 1999 by Mr. Jewett, with the aid of co-advisor Ms. Krall. Since then, the group has gained much 
momentum in raising awareness, discussing issues, and improving the school climate. Most commonly, the group leads four-day workshops in 

English classes. ADL also participates in Team Harmony, Youth Congress, 
and has also facilitated in the Middle School and other High Schools on the 
South Shore. Hingham's ADL has received the Founder's Award from Team 
Harmony, as well as recognition from the Massachusetts House of 
Representatives. ADL has made great strides in improving the climate. 

Above, facilitator Kaitlin Stengel speaks to the school on the subject of 
Hingham's school climate. Left, a group of ADL peer faciliators pose with 
Mr Jewett after a day in Boston. 

Below, Mr Jewett is the founding father and 
inspiration behind the HHS chapter of ADL. 

Above, Laura looks over the ADL manuel for 
Peer Trainers. Right, what would the Anti- 
Defamation League do without ROPES? 

Above, Nadine and Lauryn discuss plans for the 
jpcoming school assembly featuring ADL. 

Jeanie and Liz take a break from poster making at the ADL fall conference in Boston. 

Pipe cleaners- the solution to all of life's 
problems (above). Left, the group leaves 
the Plaza Hotel after a day of harmony. 

Caitlin offers advisor Mrs. Krai! some pipe cleaners. 

Below, the group of peer facilitators takes a break from making HHS a better place to smile for the camera. 

West Side Story 

"West Side Story," performed by the Drama Club, was a great success! With Mr. Higgins as director, this famous show about racial hatred 
between two opposing gangs (the Sharks and the Jets) and the forbidden love of Tony (Adam Read-Brown) and Maria (Maureen Gassert) struck 
home with serious issues and incredible acting. Other leads included seniors Julie Andrus, Barbara Crowther, Nat Kingdon, Anthony Knasas, 
Pam Leonard, Jen Lincoln, Heather Low, Scott McGinn, Brendan Murphy, Anne Schlesinger, and Meaghan Wilbur as well as juniors Tony 

Morash, Ian Stoker-Long and Justin Nestor. The show could not have 
gone as well with out the various backstage crews led by Dan Camino, 
Larry Herman, Charlie Hancock, Tina Grant, Tyler Blair, Julie Andrus, 
Barbara Crowther and set designs by Sara O'Leary, Caitlin Dixon, and 
Claire Karroff. "West Side Story" sold out all three nights, a first for any 
Hingham High School show, and many have said it was the best show 
HHS has ever done. Bravo, Drama Club! 

"Te adoro Anton." 

"O.K., wise apples. Down to the station house!" Brendan orders 
Anthony. (Above) I'm flying! Josh Diorio lifts Mami (Below) 

Keep smiling Scott.'s a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it! 

"Maria's dead." Julie breaks the 
news to Adam Read-Brown 




• jg^j/ / 

M ; P 



"^w ^^ ■■'"" 

^H ^Eu > r 

B^^M^ m 

< B'^lfiH ^K\ 



^fiir- ■ 

-, m I 



"Mambo!" Katy flies through the air. (Left) Vogue! Blair 
Creech, Barbara, Maureen Gassert, and Annie strike a 
pose. (Above) "O.K. by me in America!" declares 
Meaghan. (Right) 

"Cool little man..." Pam scowls at Justin Nestor. 

Ricky Hawkins diagnoses hoodlums to Nat. 
"They're psycologickly disturbed!" (Below) 

it... Oh 


bring it. 
and Ian 
face off. 

Drama Club 

Thanks to the abundant donations from the Fagoa family, the Drama Club had its most wealthy year ever! This year was the richest in heart, not 
cash! The club didn't stop believin'. Never once! With November's Amazing Spectacle, West Side Story, people got to see more than your 
average gang fight! An expert Translator deciphered every line in Taming of the Shrew! Cool! There are strong rumors that Warner Bros. Pictures 
wants to make a theatrical version of the spring play Our Town, with our cast. January's Lock-in was a mad house of music, movies, chaos, and 
fun! The Drama Club took on N.Y. C. again with another magical mystery tour. Cool! Oh, do you smell smoke? 'Cause Senior One Acts burned 
up the house! Hot! The Drama Club has left this year with a sense of magic, splendor, and a phrase constantly stuck in their heads: "IT'S BEEN 


Above, the senior girls dance at the lock-in. Right, Sarah paints the flats for West Side Story. 

Left, Lauryn meditates before the show. Below, as 


Gay-Straight Alliance 

Above, Heather proudly shows off the GSA's shirt. Below, 
Michelle sets up the display case. 

The Gay Straight Alliance, known as the GS A, was formed in order to provide a 
place for students to not only talk about issues, but also a place where anyone 
can feel comfortable with who they are. Senior members include Michelle Devine, 
Allison Cardillo, Jen Lincoln, Dan Camino, Tina Grant, Sarah O'Leary, Katie 
Dirksmeier, Jeanne Eisenhaure, Meaghan Wilbur, and Ed Peterson. Throughout 
the year, the GSA participates in various activities, such as guest speakers who 
share personal experiences, movie nights, and the annual Gay/Straight Youth 
Pride March in Boston. The purpose of the parade is to increase tolerance, and 
spread this message to others. The Gay Straight Alliance has helped the school 
to embrace the differences between the members of its student body. 

Heather advocates civil unions 

Meaghan waves at the camera during the parade. 








f liSiiSirLZ' "^""^ 

■l\W \^ 

1- t 

■ f^^^^s^m^mk 

r ^^^^5^4 

^^^^^^0i4HM4^^^^ ""^ VJ^I^B 

Vh ^^ 

_^r' •'^1 

^w^ m 


^^p^^^g^^/j^^^g^ ^ 

Sara, Tina and Jeanne speak about various problems in today's soeiety. 






^^^ /r^^jj^t^ 





Sr^Bi^r JiX'i^Sri 






fer \ ^^' * 


■ Utiiw 

Dan Camino, as well as the 
rest of the GSA, take part in 
the Gay- Strait Youth Pride 

[ichelle explains somthing to the group, while below, Ed and 
■n listen intently. 

Advisor Mr. Nevader talks over food about 
future GSA plans. 

Members of the GSA pose at the pride march in Boston 


Despite being confined to just one show a week, WHHS-TV is still going strong. Aside from weekly announcements, which feature various 

journalistic endeavors, the members hope to have a film festival in the 
spring to showcase their creative works. The directors of the Friday 
Show are Andy Vilane (aka SkAndy) and Meaghan Wilbur (aka Buttah). 
Other senior members include Patrick Lenhart, John Lynch, and Lauryn 
McCarthy. The Friday show is something that the entire student body 
looks forward to watching each week, a pleasant start to the long 
school day. Members can always been found after school taping the 
shows in the Library Media Center. WHHS TV also features weather 
announcements by Jesse Rudovsky, keeping the students informed 
about tornados and hurricanes. 

Left, Meaghan expains the scedule for this week's show. Above, 
Josh takes a break from working hard at the computer to smile for 
the camera. 


Camera one, Fade in. Camera Two, Fade Out. Underclassmen contribute greatly to the success of WHHS-TV. 
Right, Emma Lydon does the announcements for the Friday show. 

usie films the football game from high above. Right, 
atrick takes a moment before resuming taping. 


Model U.N. 

The Model UN gives students the chance to role play the parts of various delegates 
from the United Nations. Students debate, discuss, and create resolutions dealing 
with current global issues. This year's club attended the Harvard Model UN Club in 
December and had a great time. The club is led by advisor Mr. Kirkaldy, president 
Hannah Crowley, and senior members Elizabeth Friend, Katherine LeClair, Rebecca 
Ruben, Nicole Shostak, Laura Smith, Kaitlin Stengel, and Jermifer Wasson. 

Snack time, after a day of debating at Harvard (above). Below, the girls enjoy 
chillin' in the Park Plaza lobby with Kirk-our fearless leader. 

Above, Nicole and Laura are sporting the varisty letter! Below, 
Rebecca is a proud delagate of the disarmament committee. 

Laura is highly intrigued by 
the day's events. 

The girls salute their MUN sign after an 

awesome weekend. Kate and Jen settle in after a crazy night. 

SA Y\ T^ Students Against 
♦-^^♦-^♦-^^ Destructive Decisions 

SADD, fully known as Students Against Destructive Decisions, an organization that promotes safety and consciousness, is led by co-presidents 

Kim Feldman and Nick Kapetanakis, vice-president Julie Dresser, 
secretary Katie Fallon, and treasurer Maria Mavromatis. Last spring, 
SADD presented a particularly moving program about drunk driving, in 
which various students acted the roles of drunk-driving car crash victims. 
The result was effective, for it left students with the chilling reminder 
that millions do die each year from drunk driving. Aside from this, SADD 
has also attempted to collect old school supplies for underprivileged 
children. The group has been instrumental in promoting an atmosphere 
where students are aware of choices and consequences. 

Ha ha Nick, you're so witty! The group seems 
entralled with everything he has to say (above). Co- 
President Kim focuses on drawing something that will 
get the message across (right). 

Julie works on some posters before Homecoming. 

Maria draws some people (who will not 
drink and drive!) 

Right, Katie and Julie discuss plans for 
Grim Reaper Day. 


Latin Club 

The Latin Club members meet at least once : 
a season to celebrate some Roman festivity. 
This includes anything from watching 
classical- themed movies to staging a Roman i 
Saturnalia, complete with gift giving. The 
club is led by advisor Ms. Chodis, co- 
consuls (remember this is Latin Club) 
Surerkha Gajria and Nicole Shostak, 
secretary Lindsey Meek, historian Adam 
Farley, and treasurer Kathleen Keif. In the 
future the Latin club hopes to make a T- 
shirt and to participate in the 
Massachusetts Classical League Field Day. 

Surekha, Kathleen and Nicole point out the purpose of the club. 

Above, Mr. Ryan has been pretty dam lucky. 
He has escaped an erupting volcano several 
times. Below, Ms. Chodes and Nicole plan a 
design for the Latin Club T-shirt. 

Left, Chris explains the uses of this Roman 
Ciadget to John. Above, Alex is all decked out! 

Improv Troupe 

This year the Improv Troupe has continued to provide a creative outlet for thespians throughout the year. The club meets every Wednesday 
night and is run by junior Justin Nestor. The members of the club participate in Improv games such as "party quirks," "script," and "Late for 
Work." The senior members of the club are Barbara Crowthers, Tina Grant, Pamela Leonard, and Sarah O'Leary. Although Improv troupe 

definitely helps its members prepare for other on-stage 
endeavors, the main reason it is so popular is because it 
is so much fun. 

Above, Tina chats with Adam Read-Brown over the 
floating white dot they see before them. 

Your guess is as good as 
mine :) 

Justin Nestor pays his respects to fine carpeting. 




troupe to 





"Will you 

Biology Club 

The Biology Club is one of the most active clubs in the school. Mrs. Duffy's room, "The Jungle", is home to all sorts of creatures that need to 
be cared for every day. The club has hatched hundreds offish, raised hermit crabs, cared for a turtle named Howard (who bites) for over two years, 

and saved a frog with an exposed spinal cord from 
certain death by hand feeding him. Right now they are 
trying to breed Zebra Finches. Besides caring for 
animals the Biology Club also grows large numbers of 
plants. Although this year they don't have a 
greenhouse, the members have built a plant arch and 
the plants are doing quite well in the classroom. The 
club has also taken pictures of nature trails for teachers 
to see as a reference and the members are also learning 
to take time lapse photography. The senior members of 
the club include Jen Briggs and Maria Mavromatis. 

Above, Sean Hagan fills up some water 
bottles. Below, It's a dirty job, but Paul 
Bottone's up to it! 

Julia gets the soil ready for planting 

1 jH 

p IHH^H 



^^^ \ JHH^^I 









Oceanography Club 

Tritan adjusts his piece, above. 

Below, "Look mom! Oceanography is fun!" 

The Oceanography Club, with its new advisor, Mr. Gauthier and officers Jon Fine and 
Emma Ross splashed into a world of flin this year in Hingham. This club is responsible for 
maintenance of all the district's aquariums, including those of the Middle and Elementary 
Schools. Through visits, club members have helped encourage enthusiasm in the students 
of the Elementary and Middle schools. Through their efforts they secure the future of the 
club in years to come. 

The oceanography line-up. Who's guilty? 
Notice how the missing members have 
conviniently been drawn on the black-board. 

Mr. Gauthier 's the "TOP JAW" of oceanography. 

Emma inspects the tank. 

Dave looks absorbed in his studies. 

Math Team 

Ah, the joys of Math Team! Not only do you get to sing songs and eat Twix, but you also get to do math! The team, led by president Dan Nastou 
and advisor Mr. Baisden, has fared well against harsh competetion from other schools. Both the JV and Varsity Math Teams compete in timed 

math exercises, which test not only skills, but also the ability to work well under pressure. 

Anyway, as they say, "Do you like to eat food? Do you like sitting around? Do you like math? 

Well hey, two out of three ain't bad!" 

Above, Nat tries to intimidate the other team. Keep trying 

Below, Katie and Maria smile for the camera 
while Jackie dreams of calculus. 

The team's underclassmen ensure future success of the team. 

Rebecca explains a problem to the crew. 

Mr. Baisden: what would the Math Team do without 

Amnesty International 

This year Sheryl Flynn and Stacey Epstein founded a new chapter of Amnesty International with advisor Mrs. Roth here at the High School. The 

senior members are Nathaniel Kingdon, Joe Bottone. 

and Lauryn McCarthy. Their current project is a 
etter writing campaign to Kuwait and Indonesia. 
The members are asking the governments of these 
countries to document their actions because many 
people believe that they are detaining and torturing 
people. The members have also participated in a 
write-a-thon in which they wrote letters to countries 
that they believed were violating human rights. 
Throughout the year the club will continue to raise 
money for postage and envelopes. 

Left, the group confers at a meeting. 

Literary Magazine 

The "Outer Limits," run by editor-in-chief Nicole Buccitelli, is Hingham High School's five-year-old literary magazine. It is intended to allow 
students and faculty to express themselves through their writing and artwork. Contributions range from essays and commentaries, to poems and 

short stories, to ink and charcoal drawings. Other seniors that have participated in 
the magazine include Rebecca Buntrock, Anne Wetzel, Nadine Boakye, Jane 
Follansbee, and Andrea Morris. The "Outer Limits" and the Harborlight newspaper 
compliment each other well, functioning as outlets for creativity and knowledge, 


Nadine types a recently submitted poem while Nicole 
looks on. 

Jane and Mya look over some submissions. 






^_^H-! 'T 


i. 5-^ 













Rebecca, Nadine, Nicole and Mya observe an illustration. 

Editor-in-Chief Nicole 

Do I detect somewhat of a rivalry? 
The staff poses after a day's work (below). 


The Harborlight is the school newspaper. Led by editors Jennifer Lincoln and Ethan 
Stone, and by advisor Mrs. Feiinelly, the Harborlight tries to cover all school events. 

It also includes creative pieces, 
commentaries, as well as movie and 
restaurant reviews. The senior 
members include Jen and Heather 
Low. The Harborlight will always 
remember Brian Fagoa as an 
honorary editor and the writer of 
"Ask Fagoa" and The Bangkok 
Tokyo Bar and Grille. 

The two editors work together, attempting to 
meet an impending deadline. 

Maureen and Emily drum up some funds 
for the Harborlight Newspaper. 

Co-editor Ethan Stone begins to 
type some articles. 

Mrs. Luce is delighted to recieve a copy of this month's issue. 


Students for Enviromental Action 

"We're just tryin' to keep the world green." 
You might have seen several students wandering the halls with trashcans and cardboard boxes looking for cans and asking for old paper. You 
should not be afraid of them. They are just members of SEA, Students for Environmental Action. SEA, led by Charlie Hancock, has brought 

recycling to Hingham High School through its bottle 

and can receptacles in the cafeteria and its recycling 
of paper in the classrooms. Advisor Mr. Garland 
keeps the group in line as they work hard to make 
the world a cleaner place. What would we do without 

Bourbeau, cheer up! We care about recyclin 

Drew, it's just trash! 

Science and Technology Club 

The members of this relativley new club construct technological devices and 
tools in order to further their understanding of the world of science. They have in 
the past, under the guidence of advisor Dr. Morin and President Maria 
Mavromatis, constructed such things as doorbells, electric pulleys, water timing 
devices, remote controls, and chicken incubators for the biology club. They hope 
in the future to build a telescope and an AM/FM radio. The members have such 
fond memories such as " Neal!" and "Neal's Van!" and "talk, talk, talk, argue, 
argue, argue, talk talk talk." 

It's electric! 

What Neal, Timmy's in the Well? (Above) 
Maria and Larry work hard for the money. 

Having fun yet Surekha? (Above) 

irry attepts to nuetralize the atoms in this 
ittery by carefully.. .Oh who are we kidding? 
2'sjust licking it. 

Technology is Fun (left)! 

Peer Group 

Last year this group of twenty-nine juniors taught the fifth and eighth grades about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. During the fir; 

month of school they went to Espousal for an overnight to get to know each other as well as train to teach the classes later in the year. Teachin 

these classes, while at times frustrating, was a rewardin 
experience for all involved. They ended the year wit 
memories of speakers and fun times with advisors M 
Navader and Mrs. Gufstafson. Even though this was th 
last year of peer group, people will always remember th 
way they tried to help others. It will live on in memory fc 
years to come. 

The many 
faces of Peer 


this is so 


Noelle, Ed, and Dan try to look tough in their blindfolds. 

Laura trys to figure out what 
month she was bom in as the 
others converse. (Above) 

And Scott 
still hasn't 
found his 

Uh two fingers equals 
March... no wait- February! 

Intergenerational Club 

rhe Intergenerational Club, led by advisor Mr. Schreider, participates in many different events 
hroughout the year. Besides many senior citizen luncheons and visits to nursing homes, the club 
ilso runs an annual winter coat drive as well as a reading program in the elementary schools. The 
mrpose of the club is to encourage interaction between generations. It is a way for students to meet 
•Ider citizens of Hingham, and do good deeds for those who need helping. Some senior members of 
tie club include Jennifer Wasson, Jen Fiske, Elizabeth Friend, Abigail Quinn, Elizabeth Toomey and 
Ihawna Murray. 

Jen, Liz, and Abi seem to enjoy collecting the coats (Above). Mr. Schreider, the leader of 
Intergenerational Club, converses with an elderly citizen. 

The underclassmen involved in Intergenerational club 
prove it's potential for longevity at HHS. 

National Honor Society 

Since their induction this past spring, the members of the National Honor Society, led by President Lome Bycoff, Vice President Kathleen Keif, 

Treasurer Rob Becker, secretary Bridget 

Driscoll, and advisor Ms. Perelman, have 
accomplished a great deal. The candle- 
light induction was enhanced by an 
inspiring speech from Mrs. Silva. Since 
then, the members have succesfully 
taken part in several service projects 
such as the dry goods drive (Dry goods! 
Not canned goods! Dry goods!), Pajama 
storytime at the Hingham Public Library 
and a luncheon with the libary staff. The 
NHS also donated several hundred 
dollars to DOVE, a women's shelter. 
Future projects include a bottle and can 
drive, as well as other fun projects. 

2002 National Honor 

Society Members 

Craig Andrew^s 

Eugenie Kirk 

Lauren A. Bailey 

Patrick Lenhart 

Robert Becker 

Pamela Leonard 

Joseph Bottone 

Katherine Lind 

Nicole BucciteUi 

Sara Marcks 

Rebecca Buntrock 

Maria Mavromatis 

Lome Bycoff 

Rachael Mezzetti 

Mami Chan 

Emily Murphy 

Kaitlyn Dirksmeier 

Daniel Nastou 

Bridget Driscoll 

Sarah O'Leary 

Gena Edens 

Bronwyn Riggs 

Kathryn Fallon 

Rebecca Ruben 

Adam Farley 

Anne Schlesinger 

Matthew Farley 

Nicole Shostak 

Connor Fitzgergald 

Kaitlin Stengel 

Elizabeth Friend 

Jennifer Wasson 

Surekeha Gajria 

Richard Wilson 

Lawrence Herman 

Jacquelyn Youssef 

Kathleen Keif 

Maria Zade 

Above, members of NHS serve lunch at the library. 

Way to go, 
Adam! (Left) 

To the right, 
Rebecca, Liz, 
Bridget, and 
Katie enjoy the 
(aka Sheet 

'he four officers of the National Honor Society: Rob, Kathleen, 
iridget, and Lome. 

Above, Advisor Ms. Perelman congratulates Mrs. Silva 
on her wonderful speech. In the speech, Mrs. Silva 
recited and analyized a poem for the students. 

Dr. Lincoln congratulates Jackie on becoming a member of the National 
Honor Society. 

Rachel does double time playing the violin and getting inducted into 
the NHS. 

Newly appointed officers Rob, Bridget, and Lome celebrate after the 


Several seniors discovered the joys of being on the Hull Lifesaving Museum 
crew team. Although there are only a few High School students who make the 
trips to Hull Gut every week in order to row in six person wooden gigs, they are 
a dedicated bunch. The Rowers include seniors Hannah Crowley, J'aime 
Donovan, Susie Harvey, Charlie Hancock, Kathleen Keif, Heather Low, and Abi 
Quinn. The rowers row all year long under the guidance of Lory, Ed, Corinne, 
Matt, Rueben and Jon. The rowers also get to meet kids from other towns like 
Hull, Scituate and Cohasset. The crew will always remember Icebreaker, Vaseline, 
Spaghetti dinners, Catching Crabs, Peddock, PJ's House and the Navy Yard. 

Charlie is 
either really 
about the 
race, or just 
in a lot of 
pain (Left). 

The crews try to get their land legs back after the race. 

Hannah Crowley 

J'aime Donovan 













Charlie Hancock 

Susie Harvey 

Kathleen Keif 

Heather Low 

Abi Quinn 






ITt>ir>N'T HAPP5N 





Senior Class 

This has been a fantastic four years for the class of 2002. The members of the student council have had a great time working together on various 
activities: building floats, decorating "The Wall," washing cars, and organizing dances, to name a few. The unity of the class has made the 

success of all of their projects 

possible. The officers of the 
senior class of 2002 are Jennifer 
Wasson, President; Elizabeth 
Friend, Vice President; Jennifer 
Fiske, Secretary; and Emily 
Murphy, Treasurer. With the help 
of the class advisors, Mrs. 
Marvel and Mrs. Chariff, the class 
was able to sponsor activities to 
fundraise our unforgettable 
senior prom at the Fairmont 
Copley Plaza. The student 
council would like to thank the 
class of 2002 for all of their help 
and support in making their four 
years at Hingham High School a 
great experience. 

Left, the four officers of the 
Senior Class: Jenn, Emily, Liz and 

To the left. Carles looks thankful for the Homecoming festivities as he dances with 

Jenny.. .Above, ahhhh... .Bridget and Lauren and ever so much more red and white crepe paper. 

Above, Bridget gives Emily a break from working on the float. 

How could we have lost?!? Below, Emily and Jen display our senior class wall 

Who wants a spot in close? 

Student Council 

This year, President Lauryn McCarthy, 
Vice President Kaitlin Stengel, 
Secretary Bridget Garrity, and 
Treasurer Jenny Rowley have had 
much responsibility in the smooth 
running of Student Council. Along 
with advisor Mrs. Andrews, they aid 
the members of Student Council in 
planning such events as monthly 
assemblies, service projects, including 
Christmas in the City, and of course, 
the dances. Every year, they 
participate in several SEAMASC 
conferences, the South East 
Massachusetts Association of 
Student Council, in which they take 
part in seminars with other 
Massachusetts Student Councils, and 
hear keynote speakers such as the 
Jordan Furniture guys. 
Student Council Officers Bridget Garrity, 
Lauryn McCarthy, Kaitlin Stengel, and 
Jenny Rowley 

Below, Lauryn and Meaghan enjoy the 1987 
SEAMASC conference. 

Below, the 
football players 
learn some new 
moves at the 
pep rally. 

Lauryn psyches up the crowd during the pep rally 

Above, Caitlin takes a break to break into laughter. 

Above, Nicole sure looks grateful 
for the student-council baked pies 

Above, members of Student Council 
successfully complete yet another float. 

Below, Stacey, Dan, and Steve are three 
of the hardest working members of 
Student Council. 

Below, Rachael and Katy lure customers to the snack bar. 

Dance Team 

The recently formed Hingham High School Dance Team has shown great momentum in its few years of existence. Senior members, headed by 
captain Liz Murphy, include Mami Chan, Rachel Ives, Maggie Jennings, Amy Melia, Jenny Rowley, and Sara Ritchie. These current seniors were 

also members of the original team, founded in year 2000 by 
three sophomores: Liz Murphy, Ashley Schomer, and Jen 
Harris. Since then, the Dance Team has evolved greatly, 
providing an outlet for the showcasing of talent and ability. 
The funky, original student choreography performed at the 
monthly school assemblies and the traditional seniors' last 
day have made the young team an institution at HHS. As its 
founders graduate this year, they fondly look to the next 
wave of talented students to keep on dancing. 

Above, Rachel and Jenny strike a pose. Left, the Senior 
members of the 2002 Dance Team smile for the camera. 

Mami Chan 

Rachel Ives 

Jen Harris 

Maggie Jennings 

Amy Melia 




^^^'^ •»- -•.-- ' 


bove, the dance team smiles for the crowd at an assembly, 
ight, Jen dances to the beat during last March's performance. 

Amy, Liz, and Maggie add some attitude to their dance routine. 

Az Murphy (Captain) 

Jenny Rowley 

Sara Ritchie 

1892-The Year of Hip-Hop. 

^^Bflif r'QI II- 

The dance team: "rm a Sla\c 4 L; 

Right, Sara busts a 
move. Below, Amy 
ponders the next 


Traces is a school program through which students have the opportunity to learn skills that they might otherwise not learn in a typical 
classroom. The program allows students to go to the Traces building and learn woodworking and metalworking, among other things. This year 
seniors Mark Lamm, Sean Melanson, and foreman Mike Gill participated in the program. Recent projects have included constructing tables, 

bookcases, and multimedia stations. Also, the group learned 

to weld metal and restored wooden benches for charity. Traces 

>^c^^i^i~c^fe^te ^^H ^^ ^ vocational training program available to all HHS students. 

^^ ^^^'^^Pili. ^^1 The student participants spend the morning in school, and 

leave after lunch to go on-location. The success of the 
program is due in part to the fine leadership of instructors Dr. 
t"^ j/'^^^^B ^^H Palowski and Brad Cooley. 

Above, Sean and Mike pose like the tough men that they are. 
Below, Traces Advisor Dr. Palowski directs a student. 

Above, foreman Mike gets the 
job done as he hammers away. 

Left, careful! Don't cut off your arm! Above, there is 
always a large selection of nails to choose from. 

The 2()()2 Traces Crew smiles for 
the camera after a day's work. 

That's a heavy block you're holding! 
Below, Sean takes a moment from 
working to smile for the camera. 

Senior Video 

Smile for the camera! Meaghan explains to her staffers some ideas for this years senior video. 

The senior video serves the same purposi 
as the yearbook; it is simply presentee 
through a different medium. Through ; 
video presentation, it provides the senior: 
with a look back on all their years o 
school. The hard-working members of th( 
senior video produce an hour-long video 
which includes not only every club an( 
every sport, but also every single persoi 
in the grade. It also features interview: 
with staff and other students. The senio 
video is presented on Senior Night to marl 
the culmination of graduation and othe 
senior activities. Thanks to this hard 
working staff, high school will never truh 
be forgotten! Some personal jokes includi 
Thaxter saying, "We need a meeting" am, 
Meaghan saying, "OK" *Don't Stop 
Believing * 

Susie takes a break from her own camera 
work to smile. 

Jeanne examines the weather map as she brain storms for 
interesting ideas to use in the 2002 Senior Video. 

Don't be afraid 
Lauryn! It's just 
Senior Video. 

Right, Patrick 
packs up a 
camera to work 
on getting some 
senior footage. 



Yearbook. What else are we gonna do? Producing this book took a lot of time and effort, but all in all, it was definitely a very worthy experience. 

Jumping off an eleven-foot pier at Georges Island brought the staff together for what would be a year of hard work. . . and more hard work. 

Yearbook "perks", good music and some really cool janitors got us through all the scandals, computer crashes and late nights. Co-Editors-in- 

Chief Rebecca Buntrock and Tina Grant sacrificed immense amount of 
time and energy to produce the book, but it wouldn't have been possible 
without any of the other editors - Kathleen, Rob, Emily, Julie, Pam and 
Lauren - as well as the rest of the contributing staff. Thanks to our many 
friends at HHS, especially the computer "nerds" (just kidding, we love 
you guys) for saving us on multiple occasions, and all the teachers who 
let us skip class (except for the ones who gave us detention....) Most 
importantly, thank you to Mrs. Silva and Mrs. Audet, our awesome and 
amazing faculty advisors, who were always there when we needed them 
most. So enjoy our attempt to cram 700 days of school and four years of 
memories into one book - we tried our hardest! 

Above, no one really knows what actually goes on in the yearbook office. Looks 
interesting, though. Left, Rebecca and Tina proudly display their door. Below, 
the staff smiles for the camera after a satisfying jump into the Atlantic Ocean. 


SplasliI The sting of cold water sets in 
as we gasp for air and try not to sintc. 

Left, the impending deadline doesn't seem to dampen spirits 
as Pam and Julie smile. Above, Tina = Camera. 

Kathleen on the field, ves! 

Only one more senior quote to add. ...and the dreaded blue 
"error" screen appears. We've got to love it, right Rebecca? 

alow, while Rob takes a break from making money (and YBS) to smile for the camera, Emily 
id Mrs. Audet check over a list to find out if anyone is actually buying one of these yearbooks. 






mT . J 

mj.'t)> ^ 


1 \ ^r^B 

Wmd^. - 



L r 


m. ^ 






Maria Aiello 
Cafeteria Personnel 

Joseph Andrews 
Tech. Manager 

Mary Andrews 

Sheila Atwater 
Teacher Assistant 


■ ^ 












Lisa Audet 

Lawrence Babcock 
Head Custodian 

Candida Barbuto 
Cafeteria Personnel 

William Barges 
Athletic Director 

Peter Bailey 
Social Studies 

Stephen Baisden 


Barbara Berlucchi 

Gerald Bliss 











Mary Boddie 
Industrial Tech. 

Roger Boddie 
Assistant Principal 

Marcia Boyer 

Janis Brandt 

Christopher Burke 

John Callahan 

Don Campbell 

Emily Campbell 

Kathleen Campbell 

Paul Canniff 

Paul Cappers 

Donna Casagrande 
Cafeteria Manager 

Allison Case 
Media Specialist 

Elizabeth Charif 

Rebecca Chodes 

Bill Clark 

Dennis Clinton 
Physical Education 

Daniel Clune 

Gary Colbeck 

Lisa Collins 


Donna Conroy 

Brad Cooley 
Teacher Assistant 

Nancy Cosgrove 
Nurse Substitute 

Jack Curran 
Social Studies 

Charles Dirk 

Michael Doherty 

Michael Donnell 
Assistant Principal 

Paul Donovan 
Special Needs 

Janet Duffy 

Andrea Dunlap 
Teacher Assistant 

Kathy Eckland 
Cafeteria Personnel 

Cathy Eddlem 

Jane Ellis 
Guidance Counselor 

Sharon Eno 
Teacher Assistant 

Brian Faherty 
Industrial Technology 

Joan Fee 
Teacher Assistant 

Annmarie Fennelly 

Doreen Field 
Teacher Assistant 

Barbara Finnegan 
English Dept. Chair 

Corinna Ford 

Russell Garland 

David Gauthier 

Charles Geary 

Sue Gentile 
Assistant Cafeteria Manager 

Iris Gillard 
Social Studies 

Paula Girouard -McCann 

Eleanor Goldsmith 
Cafeteria Personnel 

Meredith Gordon 
Physical Education 

Erin Green 
Teacher Assistant 

Theodore Haines 

Linda Hanley 

Peter Healey 

Brian Heffeman 
Special Education 

Jennifer Henriksen 

John Higgins 

Douglas HoUey 
Math Department Chair 

Eileen Hunt 

Caterina lannino 
Hall Supervisor 

Fred Jewett 

Barbara Johnson 
Teacher Assistant 

Patricia Johnson 

Jeffery Joy 

Elizabeth Kates 









Jack Kennedy 
Physical Education 

Pamela King 
Teacher Assistant 

James Kirkcaldy 
Social Studies Dept. Chair 


David Lacatell 
Social Studies 

Kevin Lalli 



^•^ ^-^ 




William Larson 

Claudia Leone 

Heather Lewallen 
Guidance Counselor 

Peter Lincoln 
Science Department Chair 

Suzanne Lincoln 
Family & Cons. Sci. 

Joan Linnehan 
Special Education 

Susan Luce 

Lee Magnarelli 

Paul Manganello 

Anne Marcks 

Jackie Marvel 

Linda Mazzella 

Thomas Melanson 

Judy Mitchell 

Deanne Moore 

Maynard Morin 

Patricia Muldoon 
Computer Specialist 

Michael Mulry 

Gregory Nevader 
Guidance Counselor 





*^ ^" 


^ * 


, ,^ 




' / 

- , 

/' i 

Gale Nutter 
Family & Cons. Sci Dept. Chair 

Kathleen O'Brien 
Cafeteria Personnel 

Carole O'Connell 
Teacher Assistant 

Matthew O'Hare 

Ernest Olson 

Steven Olson 

Lisa Paul 
Teacher Assistant 

Paul Pawlowski 
Industrial Tech. 

Jean Pedone 
Teacher Assistant 

Tamara Perelman 
Social Studies 

Mariah Pfeiffer 
Special Education 

Kristopher Philips 
Police Resource Officer 

Debra Read 
Cafeteria Personnel 

Robert Regan 

Judith Reilly 
Foreign Language Dept. Chair 

fatf if^. 

John Robinson 

Martha Robinson 




vi" i^ 




Virginia Roche 
Teacher Assistant 

Cynthia Rogers 
Teacher Assistant 

Kara Roth 

Camilla Roundtree 
Metco Coordinator 

Marion Rubbo 
Teacher Assistant 

Elizabeth Ruggiero 
Special Education 

Douglas Ryan 

Joseph Ryan 
Industrial Tech 

Phaedra Sassano 

Donna Scampoli 
Teacher Assistant 

Edward Schreider 
Social Studies 





^ - 







Diana Sides 


Jayne Skinner 

Helaine Silva 

Roy Smith 
Guidance Counselor 

Rose Stratford 

Stephen Swett 
Social Studies 

Schuyler Thaxter 
Library Media 

Patricia Tomecek 

Cathleen Walsh 
Family & Cons. Sci. 

Eileen Walsh 

Douglas Wauchope 

Joan Williams 
In School Suspension 

JKh^ "^1 




Ron WooUey 
Social Studies 

Colleen Worrell 
Social Studies 

L t 




, *^^ 


^^ — 









Juniors class of 2003 

Sarah Barnes 

Benjamin Bastianelli 

Robert Battista 

John Beale 

Peter Beauregard 

Nina Beckhardt 

Timothy Bittroltf 

Bryce Blair 

William Borger 

Mallory Brady 

Matthew Brooks 

Matthew Brouillard 

Brianna Brown 

Thomas Buckley 

Marcus Burden 

Ryan Cadigan 

Shawn Carberry 

David Cartier 

Evan Cartwright 

Stephen Cavanaugh 

Christopher Chan 

Megan Chapin 

Jonathan Chapman 

Samuel Cho 

Paul Clark 

Elsbeth Clifford 

Caroline Corbett 

Benjamin Cox 

Alexandra Cragin 

Nora Creahan 

Beth Crenier 

Margaret Crowley 

Paul Cunniff 

Laura D'Amico 

Garret Daigler 

Elizabeth Danne 

Jonathan Demontigny 

Katharine Deninno 

Tracy Devine 

Nicholas Devito 

Joshua Diorio 

Kendall Doble 

Francis Driscoll 
John Driscoll 
Kimberly Dunlap 
Elizabeth Dunne 
David Dupras 
Laura Dykes 
Vera Dyment 

Kimiko Ebata 
David Ells 
Alison Eusden 
Douglas French 
Rachel Gabriel 
Timothy Galvin 
Kristen Garrity 




> i 



^ J 

, H /( 



Maureen Gassert 
Caitlin Gay 
Sonya Genel 
Gregory Genovese 
Melaina Genovese 
Jennifer Giacchetti 
Jonathan Habel 

Sean Hagan 
Maia Hajj 
Ashley Haley 
Emily Hamrock 
Patrick Handrahan 
Susanna Hardy 
Heather Harnnon 

Julia Hawkins 
Richard Hawkins 
Stephanie Hope 
Heather Hurley 
Tamara loanilli 
Jason Itzkowitz 
Frederick Ives 

Caitlin Jeffries 
Benjamin Johnston 
Stephanie Jones 
Gregory Kahn 
Claire Karoff 
Joseph Kelly 
Matthew Kiernan 

Michael Killion 
Deirdre King 
Sarah King 
Krista Kozlowski 
Amy Kulp 
Dinesh Kurian 
Alicia Leahy 

Monica Lee 
Colleen Lenhart 
Alexis Lindquist 
Kenneth Lipsett 
Emily Losordo 
Kendra Ludwig 
Sophie Luke-Hall 

Hilary Lynch 
Robert MacCallum 
Molly MacDonald 
Jeff Mancini 
Ashley Manning 
Elizabeth Marcks 
Leah Marcus 

Brian Marsden 
Benjamin Marshall 
Christopher McDermott 
Joseph McDonald 
Corey McDonough 
Danielle McDowell 
Meghan McGonagle 

Conor McGrath 
Andrew Mclver 
Michael McNulty 
Lindsay Meek 
Jane Mellors 
Scott Miller 
Neal Mitchell 

Paul Mitchell 

Kraig Moore 

Anthony Morash 

Nicholas Mucci 

Katelyn Murphy 

Lauren Murphy 

Jessica Nickerson 

Boris Nikitin 

Blaire O'Neil 

Kiernan O'Neil 

Lyndsie Olsson 

Matthew Paget 

Emily Panetsos 

Alexander Pence 

Christine Pizzelli 

Benjannin Prime 

James Quadros 

Alison Rand 

Emily Randall 

Lincoln Rathnam 

Adam Read-Brown 

Logan Riley 
Jillian Rocco 
Kelley Roche 
Hannah Rogers 
Silas Rogers 
Kristina Ross 
Colin Ryan 

Andrew Sanderson 
Michael Schmitt 
Peter Shaw 
Samuel Sinclair 
Marta Singer 
Jennifer Snyder 
Katelyn Souther 

Andrew Sowyrda 

Andrew Spirito 

Christina Stanley 

Gretchen Stelzer 

Douglas Stewart 

Ian Stoker-Long 

Ethan Stone 

Erin Sylvester 

Michael Thibault 

Anna Tomasulo 

Neil Traft 

Kenneth Trenholm 

Ellen Tuite 

Krista Tully 

Celestia Vaickus 

Kristina Vulgaris 

Candice Weatherby 

Molly Williams 

Gregory Zofchak 

Loryjane Zurita 

Justin Nestor 


q"^ ^ H ^^Bl^ 




Sophmores class of 2004 

Emily Amrhein 

Louis Amos 

Constance Baltera 

Ashley Bargende 

Suzanne Barker 

Michael Barra 

Brian Bastianelli 

Christin Belmore 

Emily Belyea 

Paul Bottone 

Caitlin Bourbeau 

Katie Boutilier 

Jennifer Brady 

Jessica Burke 

Julie Cadigan 

Patrick Campbell 

Shane Campbell 

Katelyn Carbone 

Elizabeth Carey 

Julie Carey 

Jacqueline Cartier 

Mike Cedrone 

Caitlin Childs 

Joseph Christine 

Jennifer Christman 

Christie Clarke 

Nichole Coady 

Brian Collins 

Suzanne Connelly 

Vanessa Coveney 

Michaela Coyne 

Lucas Craig 

Thomas Curtis 

Matthew Dahan 

Sara Damon 

Wesley Daughenbaugh 

Paul Deane 

Kristin Demontigny 

Kevin Devine 

Amanda Dodge 

Courtney Donahue 

James Donovan 

Kaitlin Donovan 

James Drew III 

Timothy Ebbs 

Jacob Elliott 

Katherine Ells 

Stacy Epstein 

Wesley Fawcett 

Shaun Feeley 

Michael Finneran 

Stephen Fiske 

Justin Flanagan 

Cheryl Flynn 

Melissa Ford 

Jacqueline Fraher 




I^^HbT^ '• v^^ 



■mi.-- ' 



? - - 








Joseph Gabriel 
Ketan Gajria 
Kimberly Gallagher 
Kathleen Gassert 
Branden Gay 
Mitchell Gianoni 
Rachael Gilbert 

Courtney Glasheen 
Kimberly Grant 
LiesI Grebenstein 
Siobhan Green 
Matthew Griffin 
Julie Guerra 
Allison Haas 

Lauren Hamel 
James Hare 
Matthew Haslett 
Mary Healey 
Michael Hebert 
Jared Henley 
Riane Herlihy 

Matthew Higgins 
Alyssa Hopkins 
Stephen Jantzen 
Robert Johnson 
Samantha Karol 
Lauren Kaye 
Natalie Kimborowicz 

Jamie Landers 
Erin Leary 
Caitlin Leblanc 
Victoria Lee 
Jenna Lemonias 
Rachel Lincoln 
Craig Lucas 

Steven Lyons 
Lauren MacArthur 
Michael MacCune 
Craig MacDonald 
Sheena Marquis 
Caitlin Massey 
Bradford Matton 

Kyle McAlpine 
Elizabeth McCourt 
Kelly McGreevy 
Jeffrey McLean 
Claire Merritt 
Neil Mirochnick 
Timothy Morse 

Christopher Nilan 
Christine Nims 
Caroline Nutter 
Gregory Nyce 
Russell O'Connell 
Michael O'Connor 
Francesca O'Doherty-Popp 

Allison O'Leary 
Alexander Olson 
Francisco Ossa 
John Paget 
Nicholas Parker 
Yelena Pashchenko 
Danielle Pastuszak 

Daniel Perrault 

Caitlin Peterson 

Jasmin Plouffe 

Jeanette Pollara 

Hayley Prendergast 

Michael Pungitore 

Jessica Purcell 

Douglas Randall 

Sarah Rathnam 

Alisa Riley 

Elizabeth Ritchie 

Patrick Robbins 

Lucy Rogers 

Annie Rosen 

Erich Schutz 

Nathaniel Seelen 

Gregory Settino 

David Sheehan, Jr. 

Jason Skinner 

Alison Smith 

Erin Smith 

Jennifer Snow 

Emily Snyder 

Tiffany Spedden 

Alexandra Tartol 

Jeffrey Traina 

Diana Trebino 

Nicholas Trinchera 

Justin Tsoi 

Ryan Vickers 

Matthew Vreeland 

Brian Walsh 

Margaret Ward 

Justin Weinstein 

Jeremy Weisberg 

Scott Wessen 

Shannon Whitehead 

Katie Whitney 

Bryan Wilbur 

Jonathan Wilson 

David Wuori 


p "^ 





Freshmen class of 2005 

Lauren Alcarez 

Julia Amrhein 

Stefanie Andrews 

Steven Aniiot 

Jenna Babson 

Lianna Bainnas-George 

Andrew Barbieri 

Thomas Beauregard 

Rebecca Bellew 

Alexandra Black 

Marianne Black 

Jason Blair 

Lauren Blanchard 

Joanna Borr 

John Bowman 

Elizabeth Brennan 

Brian Buckley 

Kyle Burden 

Jeffrey Burgess 

Margaret Buttkus 

Douglas Bycoff 

Andrew Cabucio 
William Calhoun 
Caitlin Campbell 
Gregory Campbell 
Timothy Carr 
Nathan Cassiani 
Alexander Chan 

Amanda Cheney 

Christopher Cheu 

Paul Cho 

Meredith Clark 

Daniel Clarke 

Taylor Collins 

Rory Condron 

Kelley Costello 

Thomas Coughlin 

Thomas Gushing 

Alexis Dale 

Ryan Davis 

Antonio De Las Morenas 

Emily Doble 

Meghan Doyle 
Scott Dresser 
Ryan Driscoll 
Sarah Eaton 
Jennifer Eberle 
Megan Eberle 
Amanda Eddy 

Elesse Eddy 

David Esons 

Patrick Fagundus 

Kristin Fahy 

Susan Fallon 

Michelle Fiske 

MacKenzie Flynn 


'S u.\,„...i,%. 

■ — 






H^^^ -«« Y 




'^ ^ ■ '^ 






Christine French 
Hunter Freyer 
Jennifer Galvin 
Michael Gasper 
Cassandra Gendron 
Michael Genovese 
Michael Gervasi 

Jaclyn Giacchetti 
Sara Giberson 
Samuel Gillespie 
Andrew Glavin 
Michelle Glynn 
Jennifer Gomez 
Michael Goulet 

Deborah Grandy 
Jacob Hagstrom 
William Hanson 
Cailin Harris 
Marisa Harris 
Jessica Hatfield 
Alexandra Herman 

Christopher Hiltz 
Adam Hobbs 
Madeline Hobbs 
Hannah Hogan 
Sarah Hope 
Amanda Horrigan 
Alexandra Hosea 

Richard Hovsepian 
Alix Howie 
Catherine Hurley 
Angela Hwang 
Jennifer Ingersoll 
Lindsey Itzkowitz 
Carolyn Jeffries 

Jamie Kalman 
Nicholas Katz 
Brett Kaye 
Keith Kehrmeyer 
Molly Keif 
Theresa Kelliher 
Livia Kingan 

Travis Knudson 
Tyler Knudson 
Patrick Kracunas 
Andra Kubulins 
Christopher Leahy 
Jaclyn Lee 
Rachel Litvack 

Amy Long 
Leah Lundberg 
Tara Lundie 
Benjamin Luoma 
Andriy Luts 
Emma Lydon 
Brittany MacBean 

Siobhan MacElhiney 
Keith MacKenzie 
Daniel MacVarish 
Kevin Magner 
Heather Manning 
Monica Marchione 
Kristen Marino 

Emily Marshall 

Guy Matisis 

Allison Mayer 

Ashley McCann 

Caroline McCluskey 

Bernard McCormack 

Garrett McCready 

Patrick McDermott 

Shane McDonough 

Caitlin McGovern 

Patrick McGrath 

Patrick McGuirk 

Stephanie Mclntyre 

Elizabeth Mellors 

Jennifer Messina 

Alissa Mezzetti 

Kevin Miller 

Ashley Mills 

Mona Minkara 

Micaela Mirabassi 

Lindsey Mitchell 

Caroline Monahan 

Jamie Morris 

Alexandra Moshier 

Karl Mruz 

Katlyn Murray 

Jennifer Nielsen 

Daniel Noonan 

Stephen O'Connor 

Leslie Osborn 

Megan Perry 

Matthew Pierce 

Nichole Pinkus 

Jade Plouffe 

Joseph Prezioso 

Matthew Quadros 

Bryan Quinlan 

Michael Quinn 

Ryan Railton 

Gregory Rando 

Laura Reese 

Breanne Ricketts 

Gizelle Robinson 

Eleonore Roell 

Mario Romania 

Lia Roth 

Kena Roxas 

Mollie Ruben 

Danielle Russell 

Kayne Ryan 

Kyle Ryan 

Samuel Shaefer 

Patrick Shaughnessy 

Stephanie Sheedy 

Stefanie Sheehan 

Amanda Shore 

Jessica Scares 

Colleen Soltys 

Leigh Souther 

Christine Sowyrda 

Margot Spatola 

Robert Stearns 

Michael Stewart 

r~ ,\ 

M **' "i 

\ 1 ^■■t, I 







... J ^ i^ 

Mary Sullivan 

Hope Sullivant 

Ariel Thibault 

Kyle Toomey 

Nicole Tucker-Wigmore 


James Twombly 

Danielle Vanstrien 
Kathleen Verceglio 
Andrew Vickers 
Courtney Wasson 
Megan Watson 
Danielle Wheeler 
Elizabeth Whitney 

Lets Hear it For the Boys 

Thais right. and my microwave. 

That's right. 


my dance moves. 


» right. and my jeep. 



^^^'"' V 














•J- ,1 M 
Wii 1 






^^^^^^H \^m 


^ ^ 

^ S 







That's right. and my spandex? Thats right. .me and my colors of the 

(above) me and my shades (below), wind. 

That IS right.. .me and my guitar (above). 

bove, Sara is ready for the camera, 
ight, the girls make perfect cheerleaders. 

Above. Sarah and Laura put their faces up to a metal pole. Below, wow! 
Czech showers sure are roomy ! 

Above, There are desks, Nicole! Below, Julia. Megan, and .Icnny thoughtfull\ poiidci 
over world issues. Right, Nicole and Jeanne are the perfect ladies of liberty. 




Jen Accomando: Thanks Fam, Mom, Dad, Jacky, Nick, Nana, 
Mickey, and Poppy. Thanks to all my friends. I love you guys. I 
have to give a special thanks to Sister Mary and Gary for some 
great late nights. 

Julie Andrus: Friends and family, I don't know if there is a way 
to thank you all enough. Through it all you were all there for me 
and without everyone of you I don't know where I'd be, you've 
all had such an impact on me. Pam, my other half and partner in 
crime, thanks for always being there. Justin, I honestly don't 
know what I'm going to do with out you to talk to! Tony, thanks 
for always being there to talk to and to make me laugh. Oh, and 
no matter how many times you tell me to shut up, the fact remains, 
you're cute! Sarah, you're the best! I'm glad you went from 
some random girl in my physics class to one of my closest friends. 
Katie, thanks for always making me smile and for being honest 
even when it isn't what every one wants to hear. Adam, thanks 
for, well I don't know quite what, for letting me harrass you, for 
making me laugh at myself. Well anyway, your the best! Annie, 
thanks for always smiling and being supportive. Ricky, thanks 
for making me smile, teaching me to look on the bright side, 
taking my abuse, and just for being cute! Neil, thanks for being 
crazy! Maureen, thanks for always trying to be positive and for 
finding the good in everyone. Tina, thanks for listening to me 
complain and for being there when I need to talk. Josh, thanks 
for making me laugh and for being my cuddle buddy. Barbara, 
thanks for taking me under your wing when I first moved here. 
Rachel, thanks for making me laugh and bonding over the lack 
of guys. Thank you, I love you, and I'll miss you all! 

Lauren A. Bailey: Thank you to my mother and father for alwa 
supporting me and encouraging me to do my best. Thank y( 
Babs for always being there for me, through thick and thin. We'^ 
come a long way. Thank you Jane for all our adventures, I ho] 
we have many more to come (BI). Thank you Laura for alwa; 
being there to cheer me up when I needed it. To SO, MG, P: 
AS, LEB, RM and the entire Drama Club, thank you for all tl 
memories, I love you all. 

Rob Becker: Thanks to my Mom, Dad and Allison for all the 
love and support. Thanks to all my awesome techers througho 
the years. To all my friends, you know who you are, I real 
couldn't have done it without you guys. Especially Michell 
Matt, and Jen, thanks to my three closest friends for all the gre 
times. Jackie, thanks for everything. I'm so lucky to have four 
someone like you. Finally, thanks to the Class of 2002, for beir 
an awesome class to be part of. 

Nick Borbeau: Mom, Dad Thank you for putting up with n: 
"academic career" so far. But, you were the ones to keep n 
going. Thanks. 

Rebecca Buntrock: Thank you Mom and Dad for all the lo\ 

and support. I love you and hope to make you proud! Mar] 
thanks for being someone to look up to. Thanks to all my teach© 
at HHS, especially Mrs. Silva and Ms. Leone. My friends, it 
been amazing-thanks for such awesome memories. Jenny, Mega 
Meg, Caidin, Jeanne, Rach and the rest, I love you guys, thank 

Lome Bycoff: Thanks to my mom and dad for your 

everlasting love, support and guidance. 
Also, thanks to Greg, Ken, and Doug ' 
for being the best brothers in the world 

Alison Cardillo: To my family, thank yc 
for all of your love and support. To n^ 
friends, I don't know what I would o 
without each and every one of yo; 
Michelle, Michaela, Becky, Carolyn, Job 
and Brian - 1 love you more than you' 
ever know. Thanks. 

Marni Chan: Mom, you did m 
pediatrician proud, you never broke m 
spirit. Daddy- 1 will always be your litt 

irincess. Awix- my guy, my ally in our 
razy family, no one else will ever 
inderstand. "Dishcup!....GET 

T?!"...Maddie-Boo, you are so funny 
tunny! Annie- you're the big girl now, 
^ ake care of my little clone, make her an 

![ Vmazon too. Remember guys, "It's not 
i irave if you're not scared" -Bounce, you 
I ;an do anything! To everyone who loved 
ii ne even when I was uncool, old friends 
kwho know me... like in this way, because 
; hey've watched me change, because 
i hey've let me change" -MSCL, and new 
Ipriends that I hate to leave, you guys are 
liny heart! Thank you bunches 
f verybody! 


I Hannah Crowley: Thank you so much 

,j| D everyone who I have grown up with 

is or the past 18 years. Thank you to all 

f my friends, we had a blast.* Thank 
fl ou to my family, my Mom, my Dad, 

nd Meg, Andy, and Natalie. I love you all, thank you so much. 

Good luck next year wherever we all end up. 

Barbara Crowther: To my parents: Dad, thank you for always 
'j ushing me to do my best even when I didn't want to be pushed 
[j nymore. Mom, thanks for always listening and for being my 
ii est friend. You both molded me to be the person I am today, you 
;j ave me wings to fly. To my friends, new and old, thank you for 
il'Our support, honesty, for the laughs, shared joys, and shared 
J! Drrows. Thank you God for giving me this life that I lead, and 
tl ) the class of 2002-Always remember to hitch you wagon to a 
il i:ar(Emerson)- Peace be the Journey! 

if^chelle Devine: Appreciation, love and thanks to the following 
|l Dr inspiring me in more ways than I realize: My Mum, Jen, 
I Dhnny, Colleen, Karen, the Foster Four (Al, Dine, Micki and 
1 lecky) Josh, Ed, Sven, Justin, Sean, Kate, Skandy, Neil, Nathan, 
i Jancy, Mr. Bliss, Mr. Nevader, Mr. D, Mrs. Bodie, Mrs. Ford, 
f' 'he Randies, The Boakyes, The Cardillos, Pa, The Dney fuses, 

/Irs. Reeves, G, Ellen, Miss Jean, SSAC, MCC, St P, GSA, The 

.ocal Scene, Boston. RIP: Mimi and Fr. Joe. 

Jrian Doherty: Thank you Mom, Dad, Michelle, Zoey, all my 
riends, and the Creniers. Beth, I can't thank you enough, ILU. 
'hanks Hingham High, its been fun. 

I Catie Dirksmeier: First and foremost: I thank God for blessing 
i ne with everything I have and for all the experiences I've gone 


Mom, Dad, Abby and Chris: Thanks for being unconditionally 

supportive of everything I do, have done, and have yet to 



everyone else- you know who you are- thanks for all the fun and 

memorable moments. 

I wouldn't be the same without the CAMPS crew, the White's 

Dream Team, or HHS Drama. 

Garland, Hendrickson, & Lewallen: Your care and kindness are 


Eric: Thanks for loving, understanding, 
trusting, and tolerating me. 
To everyone: Thanks for your love and 
support. Good Luck to all. 

Bridget DriscoU: Thank you Mom, Dad, Pat, 
Mike and Grammie for all your help. To my 
friends, thanks for the adventures. Ryan, 
thanks for always being there for me. Carlos, 
you never let me down. 

Brian Fagoa: To all my friends, thanx for 
seven years of high school. I know I may not 
be a smart man, but I know what love is. I 
love you all. ThanX Nestor, especially, for 
keeping it (me) real. All those who made it 
(me) real, you are swell folks. Some people think that I was just 
a figment of Anthony Knasas' imagination that turned and evolved 
into the most absurdly huge inside joke that touched the hearts of 
thousands (soon millions), but that is just a sick joke. Thank you, 
especially to the College Johnnies. You all believed in me when 
no one else did. I am real to those who believe in me. Thank you 
my children- Love Brian Fagoa. 

Kimberly Feldman: Thanks to all you girls who were the sister 
I never had but always wanted. We will be friends forevei 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Bryan and Doug for all your support. An( 
of course thanks to B.D.O. Thanks 23 Foley Beach Rd. 

Liz Friend: Thanks Mom and Dad for always believing in me 
It has been your constant encouragement that has helped me t( 
follow my dreams and always remain true to my convictions 
Over the last eighteen years filled with both laughs and tears, yoi 
have taught me so much. I love you!!! Also, to my friends: 
doubt we could count all the good times that we have had togethe 
even if we tried. Just thinking about our escapades over the year 
makes me laugh. Thanks for the memories! 

Surekha Gajria: Firstly many thanks to my wonderful parent 
for their everlasting help, support and unconditional love for me 
Thanks to my two brothers Ketan + Shaan for putting up wit) 
me in spite of my faults and pushing me to keep up with them, 
don't know what else to say except that I love you with all m; 

Bridget Garrity: Mom, Dad, Brady, and Moochie - 1 couldn' 
have done it without you! Thanks for all your support and all o 
the laughs! Thanks to all the boys - esp. the Posse for all the fui 
times that I will never forget! Girls - you have made the last fou 
years amazing, thanks for always being there. Em, E, Fitz, an« 
Pop - V Club - 1 LOVE YOU! A big thanks to Dr. Smith, Mrs 
Andrews, Mr. Garland, Ms. Mazzella, and Mrs. Reilly. Goo( 
luck to all ! 

Sarah Giardina: Mom, Dad, Amy and the rest of the family - 
thanks for all you've done for me. I think I've learned everything 
I need to know to survive my future. All my friends - there wai 
never a time when you couldn't make me happy. You made higl 
school quite an experience for me. Just remember there's alway 

jiore to come! Keep in touch. Chandra - Where would I be 
j ithout my other half? (Pook) Lauren - Through the good and 
J le bad you were always there. Thank you for never giving up on 

le. Shannon - there was never anything I couldn't tell you. 
; ED - I haven't forgotten you. And Dan Miller thanks for 

eshman homecoming. 

! like Gill: Thanx to all my teachers that helped me get through 
lis. Pawloski, Heffernan, Mrs. Silva, Mr. Jewett, Mr. Curran 

' [id Brad. I wanna thank my mom and Frank for putting up with 
je and standing behind me. And to my boys, y'all know I'm 
lankful to have you M.F., J.P., S.S., J.H., G.T., S.M., P.S., and 
veryone else Thanx. 

aura Gomez: To Mom, Dad, Audra, Ronnie, Jenna, without 
Du I wouldn't be the person I am today. Gotta love our family 
lacations (Comden, 19hr car rides to Wisconsin) 
\ eah family van! To all my friends thanks again. 

|l'hristine Gordon: Mom and Dad thank you so much for all 
I Du've done for me. Sarah you're the best sister, I love you. 
I ynne, Britt, Sarah, Abbe, Hilary, we've had some good times 

igether. Thanks for being there for me these last four years. 

ood luck next year, I'll miss you. Love, Christine. 

I ina Grant: Thank you to my family for all of your love and 
j jpport. Thanks to Mr. Higgins and Mrs. Silva, drama and 
I ^arbook are life! Special thanks to my friendse for all the 
I reat memories: Sarah my pre-natal buddy; Annie's laughter 
1 queaking); adventures in JuHe's car; Pam's "other side"; 
I indsey, the reason I'm a photographer; Jenn and Kristen, my 
i )llege girls; Claire, late night chats, the playground, "go left"; 
\ asey, WWTD, random kidnappings; Maureen, always able to 
I take me smile; Justin, 3am visits, late night chats; Ricky's E 
I ring, "Night Ricky"; Josh's wonderful hugs; Adam, the 
i merson costume sale; Neil, walks from PRS 
2am; Tony, singing Broadway tunes. Thank 

3U for always being there for me, I love you 


I achel Ives: Thanks to the fam. Mom, Dad, Ted, 
i aura, Freddie, Chris, Leigh- Anne and Katelyn. 
I couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks 

) all my friends, you guys are the best! And a 

Decial thanks to Sister Mary for all the laughs! 

fick Kapetanakis: I need to start off by 
lanking Mrs. Kemgan who was always there 
Dr me, my mom because she is so awesome, 
nd the dedicated and selfless teachers of 
lingham High who have given me my drive for 

success. Guidance Staff? What can I say! 

Kathleen Keif: Thanks Mom, Dad, Molly, and Erin for making 
me laugh (even if it is that horrible handshaking laugh!) Thanks 
to my cousins for the wiffleball games and the depressing poolside 
chats which I so enjoyed! Thanks Rachael, Kate, and Jackie for 
keeping everything from getting too serious, I had so much fun ! 
Thanks Ms. Gillard, Mrs. Luce, Ms. Chodis, and Mrs. Becker for 
being so nice and letting us live at her house! Thanks 

Anthony G.X. Knasas: Johnny thanx to all those who made life 
not suck. Brian Fagoa, Robbie Vilgians, Kyle Labatree, ALL the 
GOOD Johnnies, the mates. Hurley (carpel tunnel), Grady (vats), 
Pauly (duj), Miah (Ichabod), Pete (fish eggs). Rich (crem), Feeley 
(ostridge info), Tyler (flaphaggen), Jantzen (Rusky ), Nate (Jerry), 
Chis (Gilfree), Kulp (A-hole), Lipsett (Raddishes). Then....Davey 
(wonum, grohl), Jimmy (Pageant, Poof), Chile (Beverly Palm 

robe), George Nestor (#1 ). To the few 
that were more than teachers, Jewett, 
Bliss, Doherty, Curran, Thaxter, 
Higgins, Cappers, Haviland, 
Spielberg, Lucas and GN'FN'R. 
Finals. ..Brendan the Jake, Dana 
(Knees) the Shayman, my brother 
(Chrysler), Pierre Jean-Luc, Meg and 
Janet. Caitlin (my girl 4 life). 
Especially the old man and old lady 
for conceiving me into the MOST 
EPIC LIFE EVER (Yeah. . . people I 
like the word epic). Don't stop 
belie vin'. 

Krista Kubulins: I want to thank my 
friends for always being there for me. 
Mils paldies maniem vecakiem, Es jus 
milu ! Andra- good luck in the future, 

Erin Leahy: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Kelli, Chris, T, Auntie, Uncie, and 
Shaye for always believing in me. 
How could I ever have gotten so lucky 
to have a family like you. Also thanks 
to all my friends you guys are the best 
and I love all of you. And a special 
thanks to Sister Mary and Gary for all 
the good times. 

Pamela Leonard: Mom, Dad, 
Michelle, P&G, Puffin, Bogie, & 

Gracie, I can't thank you enoug 

for all the love and support, I hop 

I've made you proud. To Rache 

Barbara, Katie, and Lauren, you ai 

all amazing people, thank you fc 

standing by me since seventh grad 

Thanks to Mr. Higgins and th 

drama club for always letting m 

be myself. And finally, to the kuU 

for keeping me sane throug 

insanity: To Sarah, for all the hug 

and always making me smile; t 

Annie, for always being the cherr 

on top of the sundae; to Tina, fc 

sharing that strange world with m 

that few others dare to ente 

(Zucker!); to Julie, my other ha 

and partner in ditziness; to Kati( 

for always making the boys watc 

chickflicks; to Maureen, for alwa> 

trusting me. And the Junior boy; 

to Joshua, for always folio win 

instructions, to Neil, for falling oi 

of a trashcan and into our lives; t 

Ricky, just for being so dam cute 

to Tony, the brother I never had; t' 

Jusdn, for teaching me to laugh i 

myself, and of course, Adam, fc 

everything from teaching me aboi 

crepes to always being there whe 

I needed you. You have all change 

my life, thank you for the beautift' 

memories, they will stay in m 

heart forever. 

Rachael Lewis:To all my girls and all my boys 
Riders on the Storm- Here Comes the Night, Com 
Together, Listen to the Music, Twist, Two Step 
Break on Through. Tuesday's Gone Freebird(s, 
Hold on Loosely, Don't Let Go, Say it ain't Sc 
Have I Told You Lately With or Without You I'li 
Back You Up. Praise(d) Chorus, Get Up, Stan; 
Up. Here We Go, Born to Run, Blinded by thf 
Light, Free Fallin'. 

-Sweet Thing 
Kim, Kate, Kathleen, Katy (I'm feelin' kinda lei 
out here), Reb, MB, J-Ro, Meg, All the guy 
(there are to many)-Thanks. Mr. Bliss & D. 
Thanks for givin me a place to escape to and th' 
advice. Thanks ski team (cuz and DB). Mor 
and Dad, I love you. Tyler- You're the coolest i 

;ar old I'll ever know, luv ya.General Mills- You're a lifesaver. 

;n Lincoln: Thank you Mom, Dad, Rachel, Hannah, Ben and 
randma. I hope I lived up to your expectations. 

aty Lind: Mom and Dad: It is hard to put into words how 
ateful I am to you. You have always been there to guide and 
ipport me. The wonderful education you have provided me with 
IS allowed me to become the student and person I am. Although 
nes are not and will not always be easy, I know you will always 
ve me as I love you. 

im and Jess, we will always be friends first and family second. 
) all my awesome friends: I love you guys and even though we 
s all going to different colleges I know we will always be friends. 

eather Low: I want to thank the Old Colony Montissori School 
d all my teachers there who gave me my love of learning, 
lanks to the Hingham School System for it's excellent education 
d to the taxpayers who support it, and to my parents who made 
2se academic opportunities available to me. 

aria Mavromatis: Thank you mommy. Kerf, Baba, and all 
y friends for always being there for me throughout the years. 
Iso, thanks to Steve, my cousins, aunts, uncles, yiayiathes, and 
ipou for always caring. Sas ayapo. 

auryn McCarthy: Many thanks to anyone who has invested 
ith in me throughout the years. To my family: Mom, Dad, Ali 
id Dev thanks for putting up with my crazy antics and allowing 
e the independence to experience such a fulfilling life. I love 
)u all. To those who have shared the good times, the parties, 
e laughter and tears: Meaghan, Kaitlin, Caitlin, Emily, Nicole, 
1 the girls, Pete, Rich, and the rest; thanks for everything. My 
How "froggers" who made the summer quite an experience. To 
ose teachers who motivated and inspired me (Mr.Jewett, 

Mrs. Andrews and Mrs.Worrell) Thank you! S.E.M.A.S.C. & 
M.A.S.C. kids, the times we spent together are times I will 
never forget. Thanks for everything. 

Kate McCIuskey: Thank you to my family. Caroline, best of 
luck the next three years, keep your head up. Kevin, enjoy high 
school and always try your best. Mom thanks for the long talks 
and, no matter how much I will regret putting this in writing, 
you are always right. Dad, thanks for being there, all the rides, 
all the laughs and, most especially, all the understanding. I love 
you all very much. I couldn't have done it without you. To my 
friends, you know who you are, thanks for the constant support 
and the FUN! You have given me the best memories of my life. 
Thanks Meaghan for believing procrastination is a VIRTUE. To 

Kim, Rachael, and Kathleen, no matter where we end up, when 
you need me I'll always be around the corner. Jackie thanks for 
being one of the most caring people I have ever met. Brendan, 
thanks for so many times I will never, ever forget. Thanks for 
everything. Thanks for just being you. 

Rachael Mezzetti: Thank you for everything you've done Mom 
and Dad. Good luck Alissa and Jessica- Keep working hard you're 
almost done!! "A friend is one who sees through you and still 
enjoys the view." Thank you to all my friends for everything. 
Jim, Laura, James, and Eileen- Thank you for always being there, 
especially when I needed you most. Good luck everyone, and 
thank you SH, GS, SA, LB, SM, DJ, KK, MB, and everyone 
else- I'm going to miss you. 

Brendan Murphy: I would like to thank Dave Hurley for all the 
intellectual wisdom these past four years. Anthony, thanks for all 
the ridiculous adventures. On-stage, the unforgettable after school 
parties at Grady's. One time at Grady's, Hurley threw a big wrench 

at me. Thanks for "Best of the West" Afy, the start of it all. Mor 
thanks for NY trip $, and everything else. Also thanks, Taci 
Bell, Tom Green, the Beastie Boys and Jimmy C, Mrs. Bodd 
(not Mr. Boddie) and the whole possee. Kate, thanks for all tl 
memories, you are the best. You made high school fun. . .OK. 

Kim Nyce: I want to say thank you to those around me wl 
made me who I am today. Thank you Jessica for giving me son 
one to look up to and for setting the b; 
high enough to make me work for my goals. Mom, Dad, thar 
you for always making me feel loved. Thank you Greg f( 
countless occasions, good luck. Special thank you to Stretch, Ji 
and the wolly gang, you will always be home to me. To all nr 
friends, you will always be in my heart and on my mind. Kar 
recently my sister, always a best friend, thank you for being yo 
Mami, thank you for completing my sentences and seeing thi 
me. Amy, thank you for always being there, always having 
good time. 

Sarah O'Leary: I would like to thank my family: Mom, Dai 
Beth, Allison, Max, and Willy, for supporting me throughout tl 
years. I would also like to thank all the teachers who have helpe 
me out and have been a positive influence on me. A big thanl 
you to all my friends: Babs, KDD, Lauren A, Lauren E, Rache 
Pam, Annie, Tina, Julie, Kim, Claire, Maureen, Katie, Adar 
Tony, Fagoa, Josh, Ricky, Neil, and Justin. How else could 
have survived these chaotic halls if it wasn't for the help of a pr( 
natal buddy, some cross dressing drama kids, the occasional "be 
idea", or a httle underground group best described as KuUt. Than! 
you all! -Sarah O- 

Meg Peterson: Mom and Gus - Thank you for everything you'\ 
done for me, I love you. Reb, Jenny, Megan - I love you 5 
much! We've had such great times, and there's more to com' 

We've been through so muc 
together, I'll never forget yoi 
Jeanne, Rachael, Kim, Katy 
Thank you for everything. KD 
what am I going to do without yoi 
Anthony - Thanks for all the fu 
years, I know you're going to t 
famous. Good Luck 2002. 

Ed Peterson: a 

Thanks to: I 

Michelle, best friends for lift 
Siobhan, Vicki, Al, Chris, Brandei 
Mom, Dad, Claire, Nick, Jen 

Charlotte Railton: Thanks to m 
family. Mom, Dad, and Ryan fc 

always being there. To my friends, I love you guys, you're 
the best! Thanks to Sister Mary and Gary for all those 
good times. And a special thanks to JA and EL for saving 
my life! 

iBrianne Ryan: Thank you to everyone who has made 
these past four years possible. Thanks to all my friends 
and their families, esp. the Boytons, Crowleys and the 
Donovans. Thanks for the candy Mr. Nevader, what would 
I have done G period without you. Mom, Dad, Courtney, 
Pat, and Jeff, I love you and thank you for 

Katie Smith: Mom, Dad, and Brenda, thank you for 
always being there and supporting me in my decisions, 
right or wrong, past, present, or future. I love you. Brian, 
you have stuck with me through good times and bad. You 
have always been there when I needed you and you can 
make me smile when nothing else in the world can. I love 
you and I always will. To my close friends: BB, AC, EL, 
LEB, MW, KW, JA, MD, I love you. Team Whites: SG, 
JD, JY, CG, and formerly: EL and LV. "How do you stay 
so thin?" and, "Fll have one of everything in a box." I won't 
forget the good times we had. Good luck next year. Thanks you 
Mr. Nevader and Mrs. Ford for helping me get through high 
school and into college. Without both of you, I wouldn't be where 
I am today. 

Laura Smith: Thanks so much to all the girls especially: Caitlin, 
Emily, Elizabeth, and Bridget for all the laughs and adventures! 
Thanks to my family: Mom, Dad, Hilleary, and Maddie for putting 
up with my crazy ways, I love you! Thanks to all the teachers 
who have continuously enlightened me: Mr.Jewett, Ms.Audet, 
Mme Flaherty, and Mr.Schrieder. And last but not least. Thanks 
to the class of 2002, -GOOD LUCK- 

Meaghan Slater: Mom and Dad ~ 

Thanks for everything; You pushed me 
to succeed, you never gave up on me, 
you were always there for me and you 
loved me through it all. Kara and 
Caroline ~ I wish you the best of luck 
in everything you do! To my gals ~ 
We've been through it all and I never 
could have made it without you. We've 
laughed and we've cried, but above all 
we've created memories that Fll 
cherish forever. I love you all and 

Anne Schlesinger: Thank you to my 

girls for always being there for me, for taking the time to really 
know me; for laughing at my jokes and understanding my worries. 
I will miss you all so much next year! What will I do without you 
guys?! Who else can stargaze, play on playgrounds, giggle 
incessantly, sing at the top of our lungs, and have serious 
conversations all in one night? Thank you to my junior boys who 
have made my high school years absolutely hilarious. You have 
given me so many funny memories, and have put me at ease with 
myself. I don't think I will ever find another bunch of friends 
with so many wonderful people, who think that a night of fun is 
hanging out in someone's basement, watching movies, laughing, 
and singing musicals! I can't even say how much I will miss you 
all. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Peter, for being so encouraging, 
supportive, and loving; for helping through teary nights, and for 

giving me so many wonderful memories and vacations. I will 
always love you. 

Stefanie Tatalias: I would like to say thank you to my mother & 
father. I love you both so much & would never have been able to 
do it without you. Thanks for all of your help. You have always 
been there for me & you have shown me unconditional love. I 
want you to know how much I love you & appreciate everything 
you have done for me. I also want to say thanks to N.M., E.B., 
B.L., S.L. It's been a blast guys, luv ya. 

I'd like to thank 

My good friend Dank, 

And Merlin, Gully, Nook, Gansta, and Chi, 

Roxanne, Jubei, Iris and the Phish B. 

And the Pfwoot and Freebird, with bubbles sound. 

And to all those unnamed. 

We hope you stick around. 

-The Trail Crew 2002 

Kim Waugh: Thanks everyone! To all my friends: EL, MF, LV, 
CR, DB, KK, RB, JA, DJ, RI, SK, KS AND Sister Mary and 
Bary ! We've had great times ! I love you guys. To all my teachers 
esp. Audet, Nutter, Worrell, Nevader- thanks for everything! I 
couldn't have survived without all the help! To the fam! Thanks 
for all the support and love all these years. 

Jennifer Wasson: Thank you to all of my friends, who have 
made high school fun and exciting. Many thanks to all of the 
great teachers at Hingham High School. A special thanks to Mrs. 
Silva, Mrs. Worrell, Mr. Garland, Mr. Kirkaldy, Mr. Baisden, 
Mr. Nevader, and Coach Enoch. And above all. Thank you to 
my family- your constant love and support has enabled me to 
become who I want to be and make dreams come true. Courtney 
and Charlie- you have been my best friends through it all and 
always will be. To my Mom and Dad, thank you so much for 
your patience, confidence, and friendship. You have created 

opportunities that have opened so many doors for me. I love 

Anne Wetzel: Thank you Mom, Dad, Beck -i- Craig 143. Megan, 
Nicole, Jane, Drew, Kiki AP Crew- I wouldn't have made it 
without you guys ! Aunt Cathy- my angel, I love you with all my 
heart. Bounce- you are the wind beneath my wings . . . K- 1 2 BFF 

Andy Vilaine: 

All of the following hereby deserve thanks for augmenting the 

quality of my life: (or for putting up with my inane antics) 

My family - 1 love you guys. 

Katie - Love Always! 

HAG - R.I.P 

All thought provoking music, literature, poetry and discussions 

Communistic Comrades 

Anti-Capitalist Friends 

Liberal Lackeys 

[ Code Red - my late-night savior beverage of choice!] 

My friends, both active + defunct , 

The Green -i- White mountains ' 

And of course: Edaville Railroad! 

Laura Vincent: I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, and Robert, 
for their support throughout High School. Also my friends for 
all the good times, you guys are the best! 
Good luck in the future. A special thanks to Sister Mary and 
Gary for all the laughs. 

Jackie Youssef : Thanks again to my family, I love you guys so 
much. Dad, you've given me more than I could have ever asked 
for- thank you. Thanks to all my friends for all the great times, 
especially Kathleen and Kaitlin for all the laughs and good times. 
Rob thanks for everything. Katie D thanks for the White's support. 
And the Beckers, thanks for always having your house open to 

Senior Latecomer 

Jen Harris 



Our love and 

best wishes go 

with you. 

Daddy, Mommy, 

Ian, Leah 


You're my best friend. Thanks for all 

the good times. 

-Brian Fagoa 

Still as cute as can be. 

You go Laura! 


Mom, Dad, Audra, Ron + Jenna 

Simpson's Club 

The Simpson's Club had a very productive year this year. Led by Co-Presidents Katie Fallon and Rob Becker, we haven't missed an episode 
of the Simpsons or Malcolm in the Middle yet this year. Veteran members Jackie Youssef, Bridget Driscoll, Matt Murphy, Kathleen Keif, Phil 

Studley, Ashley Baxter, Sara Ritchie and Nick Post along 
with new members Kaitlin Stengel, Nat Kingdon and Kate 
McCluskey have all watched well. The favorite moments 
over the years have been the food, the laughs, the trivia 
and of course, the annual season finale barbecue. 

Above, the Simpson Family sings in the car, while some of our 
"Simpson's family" poses before leaving (left). 

It's snack time for Kathleen 
during the commercial break 

Nick and Sara seem to get the joke as it sails over Above, Jackie and Katie wait Kathleen quizzes the group on Simpson's trivia while Murph scopes 

Katie's head. impatiently for the start of the the DVD. 


La Contessa - 
Congratulations! You always put your best foot forward. 

Mom, TBG, Kinzo, Mooch & Cody 

Tina we couldn't 
be more proud of 


Mom and Dad 

looi^ k 



not i)ac£, . . 
. . . Bm^ it on 



fe^ we ^e ^o 

pMad 0^ Ma. 







Patrick Charles, 


Today is your day. 

You're off to Great Places! 

You're off and away! 

There is fun to be done! 

There are points to be scored. 

There are games to be won. 

And the magical things 

you can do with that ball 

Will make you the winning-est 

winner of all. 

Fame! You'll be famous 

as famous can be. 

With the whole wide world 

watching you win on TV. 

Oh the Places 
You'll Go! 

Dr. Suess 


Mom, Dad, Kerrie & Colleen 

Heather Low! 

We are very proud of 

Sarah, Mom and Dad 

Pam...Hold on to your dreams 

We Love You, 

Mom, Dad and Michelle 

HHS 2002 

Congratulations Jen! 

Love, Dad, Mom, Rachel, 

Hannah, and Ben 

sursum ad summun 



Everything Bright... 

60 South Street 
Hingham Square 

Best of Luck to the Class of 2002! 

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ MJi..m,».„m.j 

Congratulations and Good Luck, Pat. 

Mom, Dad, Kevin, Brian, and Lauren 

We wish you all the 

joy in life that 

you Ve given to us. 

Love ya bunches. 

Dad, Mom & 


Congratulations to 
Rachael and Kathleen 

We love 



. iHHHI 

\ ■■■ 

\ «■> 

\_ ^™»^., 

"^m !^ 

y — 

:v^' W 

-b — ~^jl 

^ V jMI 


.^.'---^-^^ ^ 


^ M^^^^^l 


The Lewises 


The Keifs 

Three Locations To Serve You 


PHONE 749-1277 


PHONE 925-1270 


PHONE 545-1020 
Greeting Cards - Cosmetics 

Hingham Centre Pharmacy 

wishes the Class of 2002 
Good Luck! 

"You and I have memories 

longer than the road that stretches out ahead..." 

Congratulations Rob! 

I am so proud of you! 

I couldn't have asked for a better brother 

I look up to you more than you know. 

"There's nothing you can do that can't be done. 
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung. 
Nothing you can say but you can learn. 
How to play the game. 
It's easy. 

Nothing you can make that can't be made. 
No one you can save that can't be saved. 
Nothing you can do but you can learn 
How to be you in time. 
It's easy" 

-the Beatles 



And the Class of 2002 

We're proud to be a part 

of your life. 

Here's to a wonderful 

new stage! 

With all our love. 

Dad, Mom, Margo, Mike 

and Reny 

Meaghan, you have given us so much joy I Xeej) working and pCaying 
hard, CongratuCations on your many successes, 

yVe Cove you Dad, Monty Xara and CaroCine 

Laura Morgan, Congratulations 
Love, Mom and Dad 


'ou are our sunshine. 

iongratularions! We are so 

troud of you!!! 


/lorn, Dad, and Elizabeth 

Rich - There are no 

words to express how 

proud I am of you. 

You're the best. 

Love you 


Congratulations Lauren E! 



^^■HhhHI^^k ^^^^I 



,, Mom & Dad %^^ 


We are so 
proud of you 
and hope all 
your dreams 
come true. 

Congratulations on all your hard work! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Sean and Matt 


Best of success & CONGRATULATIONS! 

We are so proud of you! 

Love, Dad, Judy & Jill! 



notable Ocra^ion^ 

purveyors ol fine stationery 4? gifts 


telephone 781 .740.8667 
facsimile 781.740.8605 

Hennessy News and 


118 North St. 

Hingham MA 02043 

Phone (781) 749-7528 

Fax (781)740-7231 


5.30am - 10.00pm Everyday 

The hard viorVc paid 
off! Nice job, 6\ass 
of ZOOZ 

Edward Gullicksen 


Smcc l'^76 iff rliM^uit likae 


292 Lincoln SI ■ HI 3A 630 GaWvan Blvd RT 203 

{781)749-1511 (617)282-3999 

www boslontireplacecom 

Congratulations, Apinya!! 

Good luck next year at college. 

Your American family - Sophie, Linda, Barye, and 






We've known since you were very young how creative and 
imaginative you are - (2nd Grade- your ability to cause 
widespread panic throughout the entire South School - "There's 
a man in the woods with a gun"! ! !) - Work hard, always do your 
best, and with a little luck, someday your name will be in lights! - 
We are so proud of you, and we will miss you when you are in 
California. Remember, "TRAIL OF TEARS" starring Gus 

Peterson was only the beginning 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, and Matthew 

P.S. Matthew and Meg said I should submit this photo 


We were all so proud of you at your 1'^ graduation from Wilder 
Nursery School on May 26, 1989! 

3n June 1, 2002 you'll graduate from HHS ~ and we are still so 

proud I 

You are a wonderful person and WE LOVE YOU ! 

Mom, Dad <& Stoccy 

'Best IVisfieSy 


May you fiave a 

happy, successfuC, 

ana adventurous 



Mom, VacC, & 



"Remember if you have faith, 

nothing will be impossible" 

■■ 4|^ s^-p^ f^^m '^91 

May this be in your thoughts - 
We are so proud of you 


All Our Love, 
Mom, Dad, and 1 ini 


<^ Ho SALES 
^ ^ ^ PARTS 

Five star Award 
for Excellence 


781 749 4550 1 -800-649-3237 

315 Lincoln Street. Hingham, MA 02043 on Route 3A. by the Shipyard. 


«>"-:"^^?^:i;';r">^ ' 'T'^^'ISf' ■^t'-"'' 



"In Downtown Hingham Since 1950" 

39 Main St. 
Hingham, IVIA 02043 


f/MSOK &jm I mm 






bicycles/ kayaks 

Congratulations to 
the Class of 2002! 


Maureen Connolly 

Good Luck 



Fax 781-749-0177 

Aislins C^ALleRy & pRAinins 

Art of Ireland 

229 Lincoln St. (Rt. 3Aj Hingham, MA 02043 

MonSat. 10am-6pm Sunday Noon-5pm 




**Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, 

I wish I may, I wish I might. Have the wish I wish 

tonight. " 

Congratulations on all your accomplishments - we're all 
very proud of you. May all your wishes come true. 


Mom, Dad, Beth, Alii and Willy 



>9 StatIon St. 

HiNqhAM, MA 

Home DtlivtRy 

749-9819 749-5558 

Atlantic Bagel 
Deli Company 





HINGHAM, MA 02043 




"No bird soars too high if he soars with his 

own wings." 

William Blake 

Reach for the sky Oriana and know your family 
and friends are always with you. 

Mom, Dad, Joann, Gram, Nanny. Poppy. All your 
aunts, uncles, cousins, Willie. Oliver and 



We are very proud of you! 
We love you 

Mom. Dad, Nanny. Papa. Ashley, 
and of course Sheiia 



1 .o* 

Good Luck to All 




Congratulations! We are all very 
proud of you. Good Luck! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Katie & Ben 

" Uo iDoue ancf Jje /ooueci is /o Jeel Uie C)un^ro/n 
Soi/iSiJes. " 

We iDoue t/ou ana are so veru proud or uou. JKaa all 
uour dreams come (rue. 

^oue and yCisses, 
JItom, 'Dad, Nielli and Gnris 


LOOM IS ♦ SAYLES & company, l.p. 
is proud to support the 

Hingham High School 
Class of 2002 


[enneth Buntrock, CFA 

Vice President 

One Financial Center 

Boston MA 02111 

800 633-3330 




Ocean Builders, Inc. 

Commercial Construction 

440B East Squantum Street, Suite 8 
North Quincy, MA 02171 

The big wheels keep on turning, 

Down Main Street now they're burning, 

You've finished your high school learning. 

For college life now you're yearning! 

Congrats on a job well done to four lovely young ladies. 

The Best is yet to come! 

Love You! 



Mom, Dad, Meg, Andy 

and Natalie 


Aj-wavs RiDe uFe'S storms witfi 

YOUR Heap «ej-D won. 

LOVe, MOM + oaD 




'^' '^^^^QPH^^BI^^WI 




V J 

W^ ^ 



t. •-/ ", 

*t: ,'■;#'.'!»■ 


Dear Lome, 

May the joy and 
brightness that your smiles 
have brought to your family 
and friends also serve to 
light a healthy, wonderful 
and prosperous future for 

Congratulations and 
Best Wishes 


Mom, Dad, Greg, 
Kenny & Doug Bycoff 


We love the little girl you were, and 
the wonderful young woman you 
have become. 

Congratulations! May all your dreams come true. 

Dad, Mom, Doug, and Bryan 










My, how time flies... 




the class of 2002! 

Love, Dad, Mom, 
Courtney &. Charlie 


from all of us 


(Buttomvood^Boo^ dCToys 


(Button-wood 'For "Kjds 

Shiwf Pba RiM • 02025 • ■'8I-583-2665 

28 South Street ■ Ui04J • 7S1 749J()<5 — — — i^—— n^— 

Way to go Oppee 

We're proud of you 


Dad, Mom & Laura 


Congratulations! We 
are very proud of you! 

Mom, Dad and Jason 

Congratulations, Dan! 

We're really proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Kerri and Tim 

Joe, you're our 
Hall of Famer! 



So glad you're my son. 
Love. Mom 

^n exiraordinartj person 

yjonaraiulaiions^ <uuzie^ 

\yourfu/ure is unli/ni/eo 

iDoue^ jKom^ Dao^ 07/j ana ^ra/n 

Congratulations Chris ! 

We are proud of 
you and love you!! 

Dad, Mom, 
Peter and Kelsey 


You are a wonderful daughter 


a caring sister 






-x* f E^ 








May all your dreams come true. 

Good luck, Bonne Chance, viel Gluck! 


Mom, Dad and Mark 


We are so proud of you! 

Congratulations on all 

you have accomplished. 

May all your dreams 

come true! 

We Love You! 

Mom <& Dad 

So confidently in the direction of your 


Live the life you've imagined. 

Henry David Thoreau 

Congratulations Sarah 

I wish you success and happiness as 

you follow your dreams. 

Love, Mom 


congratulations, |<v^atic! 


^^^H^^^L^ ^K/Lm» ■*'^^^^BL I^^BB 

"rom Merry Ipeb to 

^^B ' ■ .^^^^^1^'*" J^^^^m 3^K ' 

iingKam M'gK ijourhard 

vorlc nas enaDled qou to 

^HmP^ Jv^^^^^K^ ^^^^^^^^^^b t I^^hI 

iccomplisn great tnings. 

palcc pleasure in uour 

^^^■tj^^^^BB J 


^^^^Pb^^^Hk \ 

Relieve in tjoursclf. 

H^^ET^'^^^^^K ; 

Relieve in uour dreams. 


Relieve in QioA. 


j\e love qou vcru mucK 


and arc so proud or qou! 


Y our biggest fans, 

^M 1 ^1^1 

Mom, Dad, Abby, 

^Hp f ^I^H 

v_nris, & \ 





f^Ohh, DAD, RYAN, and OWL 

aV*'> '»( 



'1 EiJ^HIMi^V^V^ 


N^SMi^SI ' 

Keep the sparkle in your eye. 

— 1 -HI 


^^^^^^Hjl^x ^^^^a^^^ ^ ^^^^^H 


^».^L^:-' B-^ 

iProua! ! 

'Dee Dee 

Gonaratulaiions ana ^oo^s Jjlessinas // 

iDoue uou^ 

Daoou^ JKommu^ 

Dua ancf yCicK 

We/ love/youy ctvxd/ are/ 
very proud/ ofyow. 


Mowv £r Vad/ 

2)ewc £iz, We ewe da pwud a/ ^4uvc duccedd and 
iaoH famuwcd ta dficmng^ the nuuuf adaentwteA i^ ta 
came. JUaae, Mam Ji S)ad 

X^ye, JVL&'VK, T)-<^(|, mXXX^-cMi -fi/r^i. J\/['<JiiM 


A special thanks to all our friends at Nobles. Without your support, this 

yearbook would not be possible. 

Tina, we're 
so proud of 
you! Best 
of luck 
next year! 


Karen and 

Congratulations Abi! 

We Love You 

Mom, Dad, Michael + Jake 






Cabinetry for Every 
Room in the House 

Visit Our Showroom and 


FAX 781-740-8490 

Good Luck 
Class of 2002! 

Dear Jeanie, 

Your bags are packed and 

You're wearing a college sweatshirt. 

You've been ready to fly forever. 

We love you. We'll miss you. 

Good luck, study hard. 

Have fun and be safe. 

We know you'll make us proud. 


Peace and Love, 
Mom and Dad 

Dear Christine, 

It has been a pleasure to have 
you spend a year with our family. 
You've been a wonderful 
second daughter. 
We will miss you. You are 
welcome to visit anytime. 
We wish you great success 
in the coming years. 
See you in Switzerland! 

Peace and Love, 
Debbie and Brian 

3 Door Car (The Pimp), 
Pepper. HERO, E Period 
Graphics, HFD, It's A Woman 

Lex, We Coo? HFN, Spoons, 
Who's Your Ctaddy? 
Let's Mingle, Shake It Out, 
No Sfecping Bag, Buzz Buzz! 


Diane. My Little Lo La, Hcnpy, 
We Bounce, LA U, Christina A. 
Spoons, SIB (Duclly Style). 
The Mix, Ha Ha Ha Soo Funny 

^ "Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn 
^ in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't 
yl learned anything." 
^ -Muhammad A/i 



■ r-"^ ■"" '^ 

„ "■'*- . w-s: 









HPI^Ht V. 







K->gtie 1 


1'" ._ ^ 


■■&':■ '"-rC^"* 





LD '■JLi.ll^^y 

'What Could Possibly 
Go Wrong?'' 



i "A friend is someone who knows 
' all about you and still loves you. " 

'/ aCways tHongHt tHat foo^ng Bac^on us crying would ma^ me Caugfi. I never 
tdougfit that foo^ng daemon us Caugding woufcfma^ me cry, " 2002 

nd Sarah 
re the best! 
love you 
uys so 
luch! I am 
lire that 
/ill miss 
ou more 
lan I could 
ver imagine 
ow. Our 
re unforget- 
ible (good 
ad bad) and 
othing will 
VGT take 
lem away 
om me. No 
latter how 
IT apart we 
il end up I 
ill always 
5 there for 
ich other, 
he thought 
^ you two 
ill always 

iss you so 
uch, but I 
low we'll 
jep in 
uch and 
her a lot. I 
id so much 
in with 
Du. I love 


Weymo - 
Getting lost 
Country mu- 
sic TEXAS 
"is he 
leaning on 
your car?" 
"it hit my 
belly button 
14 times'' 
"don't worr> 
we have 
"go to 

work " 

"once you 
cross the 
boarder the> 
all come 

July 12 
"Throw up 
the bat sign' 
"cubicle of 
8 equals 1 
with the 
packet " 
"Fat guy in 
httle coat" 
"why don't 
you trip 
your way oi 
over here" 

Britt and Sarah you two are the best We've shared so many memories and so many more laughs, 1 don't even know where I would begin. With tins senior 
Dage I hope It will help you remember just a few of the many moments we've shared together. Bitty Libby -You always make me laugh no matter what You are a true Texan 
ujd have gotten me hooked. I'm going to miss you so much next year but I'm coming to visit! ! Sarah ~ Who would have ever known meeting at camp then ending up at the 
same school years later to restart an awesome friendship. It was meant to be. I love you both and will miss you next year. Lynne- You are my life, my sister and my other 
aalf. Its been an unforgettable 9 years and I will never forget it I love you and will miss you next year. Best Friends Forever. -Christine- 



^ Bridget IcoUjAln ^^' Laura/j£EU^a^>eth/ lEvyuly 







-o- « 









why are you still here" dead baby 42 

"Did I ever told you that I love you" 



fl 1 i^ 








dude, are muffins supposed to be pointy? 

awkward contests 

West Side Story brush-ups 

Elaborate Lives 



flHk^v']^^:rMi«> '^^■■■h^^ . 





ws s 








IWM% ,1^: 




( ^ . 








"there are fireworks coming out of my yoyos' 

breaking Sarah 

stuff it 




™ !> -'^1|^^^^^^ 


J vj;-^^!S 

r ^ ^ -^^^^^B 


k ' ■ '' ^I^^H 


V Vl 

' ^1 




^ ^ ' -■nRT'flifl 



— f 

|J|mH|Rv;^-' J 

l^^^nk/f^ ^ 


r ^ ' 




the playground 


costume sale 




"7^ i 

,ij i3. 










John Walker, the American 
Taliban, Is being held for war 
crimes against the United States. 

Princess Margaret, sister of 
Britain's Queen Elizabeth, dies 
at age 71. 

Even though the total number of shark attacks decreased In 2001, a rash 
of highly publicized cases make this "the Summer of the Shark." 

Enron Is the largest company In U.S. history to file for bankruptcy. Allegations 
arose concerning the shredding of documents believed to be connected to the 
company's use of funds from Its employees' 401k program. 

On Jan. 1, 2001, 12 European nations adopt a single currency called the Euro 
w/hlch becomes legal tender in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, 
Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain. 

Daniel Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter, is kidnapped and 
murdered by the National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani 
Sovereignty. President Bush declares, "The United States of America 
will rid the world of these agents of terror." 


Millions of acres of southeastern 
Australia are scorched by 

Ford and Firestone go their separate ways after a year of 
finger pointing in the deaths of more than 170 people in 
Ford Explorers equipped with Firestone Tires. 

American Airlines Flight 587 leaving New York for 
Santo Domingo crashes three minutes after take off, 
killing 251 passengers and nine crew members. 


Congressman Gary Condit is a central figure in the 
search for Chandra Levy, a Department of Justice 
Intern, who has been missing since April 2001. 


The sun sets on the Taliban as U.S. soldiers raise an American flag from the World Trade Center at 
a U.S. Air Force base near the Afghan city of Kandahar. The United States organized its allies and 
began an all-out "War on Terrorism." 

Slobodan Milosevic appears before the U.N. War 
Crimes Tribunal on charges for crimes against 
humanity during Yugoslavia's breakup in the 1990's. 

Elizabeth Dole, former president of the American Red Cross 
and spouse of former presidential candidate Bob Dole, 
announces her candidacy for the Senate. 


#^ -- ^^^^^H 

^^' ■ 

Br ^^^ m^ ^^^m 

^^. i»- ^ 




^^^^^^^^^Hn ' 


^^^I^^^A i^lJ^^H 


^^^HP j^bB 

^B ^* '*' VH 


V '/^ jhR 



^^^ ^ - *♦ ^^Ci 

iJRjjflBp^ W^'^dJ y/c/il'T ;(j^ 

Kh^b ftfc*^ * inr 

^^> ■ 

BH-PiT*''- ' 'f'.'f'^iil'jyjB 


n;'> ^ ''^'liM 




After being detained for more than three months by the 
Taliban, American aid workers Heather Mercer and Dayna 
Curry are rescued from Afghanistan. 

Letters containing anthrax are delivered to U.S. senators Patrick Leahy and Tom 
Daschle, and NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw. The Senate office building was closed 
for three months. Five people died from inhalation anthrax. 

On June 11, Timothy McVeigh, convicted of the April 19, 
1995, bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, is 
executed by lethal injection. 

A missile defense shield to protect the 
United States is a priority of the Bush 

Hundreds of bodies are discovered at a 
Noble, Georgia crematory, some dating 
back more than. 10 years. 

t h 

After 12 years of construction, the 
efforts to stabilize the Leaning 
Tower of Pisa are complete. 

Amnesty for illegal Mexican 
immigrants is promoted by 
President Bush. 

The decision to allow federal funding for embryonic stem cell 
research only on stem cells from embryos already collected raises 
ethical questions. 

Ariel Sharon announced 
a plan to set buffer 
zones after an increase 
in violence against the 
Palestinian Authority. 

Jim Jeffords switched 
from the Republican 
GOP to the Democratic 
party's side of the aisle, 
causing an important 
shift in power and 
reorganization of the 

Crown Prince Dipendrs 
of Nepal gunned down 
10 members of the 
Nepalese Royal family 
before turning the gun 
on himself. 

A North Carolina state 
trooper killed one 
Green Beret and 
injured another when 
they tried to disarm 
him, believing that 
he was part of a 
training exercise. J 

Experimental drug BL22, 
which targets only a 
rare form of leukemia 
cell, showed signs of 
great success in 
fighting hairy cell 
leukemia. | 

Andrea Yates drowned 
her five children in 
the bathtub of her 
Texas home. She pled 
not guilty by reason of 

Charles Bishop, 15, 
stole a Cessna aircraft 
and crashed it into the 
Bank of America Plaza 
in Tampa, Florida. 

GM launches a program to cut its 
workforce by 10 percent through 
an early retirement program. 

Ford looks to cut 12,000 union 
jobs and 8,000 salaried positions. 

Britain's Prince Harry may face 
charges stemming from smoking 
marijuana and drinking underage. 

Kmart, the giant discount retailer, files for Chapter 1 1 bankruptcy 
protection while it reorganizes its holdings. 

Wendy's founder and spokesman 
Dave Thomas dies at age 69. 

World leaders, such as Prime Minister of 
England Tony Blair, profess their sympathy 
and support for the United States. 



Tuesday, September 11, 2001, will be remembered as a tragic day that 
changed the world. That morning, a plot, masterminded by terrorist Osama 
bin Laden and the al-Qaeda network, was put into action. Two hijacked 
commercial airliners were flown into New York City's World Trade Center 
Towers, ultimately causing their collapse. Immediately following the 
incident, another hijacked airliner crashed into one side of the Pentagon in 
Washington, D.C, and a fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Thousands of 
lives were lost, citizens were terrified and the world was in shock. 

Following that mournful day the United States experienced anthrax scares, 
continued security threats and the reality of war. Despite the horror, fear and 
heartache, U.S. citizens united and their patriotic spirit soared. President 
Bush promised: "We will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail." 
Through that statement and the remarkable sense of national pride exuded 
by U.S. citizens, it became evident that no threat, great or small, could 
deter the United States resolve for enduring freedom. 

Through his courageous leadership, NYC Mayor 
Rudy Giuliani becomes known as "Mayor of the 
World" and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. 

In response to the shocking tragedy, President 
George W. Bush addresses the nation offering 
strength, comfort and- patriotism. 


Ailing airlines urge citizens to 
defy terrorists' attempts to disrupt 
lives by reboarding airplanes. 

Thousands of people world-wide 
donate blood and volunteer their 
services to aid U.S. recovery. 

^ .-5^ 

John Cerqueira, 
employees on the 81st 
floor of the World 
Trade Center, selflessly 
carried wheelchair- 
bound Tina Hanson 
down 68 flights of 
stairs to safety. 

New York City Fire 
Department Chaplain 
Father Mychal Judge, 
lost his life at Ground 
Zero while offering 
last rights to another 
victim. I 

While attempting to 
rescue others, 343 
firemen and 60 policf 
officers died during tl. 
attack on the World 
Trade Center Towers. 

Army Chief Warrant ~ 
Officer Craig Sincock, 
despite losing his wife 
at the Pentagon, offered 
assistance to those he 
could aid at the scene. 
On Sept. 12, Sincock 
began acting as a grief 
counselor for others 
who had lost family 
members at the site. 

Passengers Todd ' 
Beamer, Tom Burnett, 
Mark Bingham and 
Jeremy Glick joined 
to overcome hijackers 
aboard Flight 93 that 
crashed in Pennsylvania. 
Beamer's final statement 
"Let's roll," has become 
a symbolic phrase 
since then. J 

Canine rescue teams help 
firefighters search for survivors 
among the wreckage. 

U.S. troops dedicate their lives to 
preserving freedom and keeping 
America safe. ,r ^ — 

An overwhelming spirit of unity and national pride arises out of the 
smoldering ashes and human devastation from the September 11 
attacks on the United States. 

Citizens and communities across 
the country proudly display 
patriotic decor. 

t V & 


Actress Julia Roberts wins her 
eighth People's Choice Award for 
favorite motion picture actress. 

Hit movie "Harry Potter and the 
Sorcerer's Stone" breaks box office 

ABC's "My Wife and Kids" and Damon 
Wayans win People's Choice Awards. 

NBC's "The Weakest Link" puts a 
new edge on quiz show standards. 

Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe claims a Golden Globe 
Award and an Academy Award nomination for his performance in "A 
Beautiful Mind." The movie is nominated for five Academy Awards. 

"Shrek" wins an Oscar nomination 
and the People's Choice Award for 
Favorite Motion Picture. 

Jack Lemmon, an Academy and 
Emmy Award-winning actor, dies 
at age 75. 

Professional soccer player Ethan 
Zohn is the $lmillion dollar 
winner of Survivor: Africa. 

In honor of those involved in the events surrounding September 11, Hollywood actors and musicians combine 
efforts to produce "America: A Tribute to Heroes." The benefit, which was aired simultaneously and commercial- 
free by dozens of broadcast and cable networks, raised more than $100 million in donations. 

stars of the No. 1 rated show "Friends" agree to return for a ninth 
season in 2002-2003. Each cast member received a 33 percent 
salary increase bringing their wages to $1 million dollars per episode. 

Soap star Kelly Ripa 
replaced Kathy Lee 
Gifford on "Live with 

Box office hit "Lord of 
the Rings: The Fellows' 
of the Rings" earned 1, 
Academy Award j 

nominations. , 

Actress Winona Ryder 
was arrested for ! 

allegedly shoplifting 
$5,000 worth of clothiii 
and accessories from 
Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Actors Kelsey Grammer 
and Ray Romano tied { 
for favorite male 
television star at the 
annual People's Chocie 

The world bids farewe 
to Academy Award- 
winning actor Anthony: 
Quinn. i 

The 2001 Emmy Award 
were postponed twice 
because of security 
concerns. The eventual 
winners were "The Wes 
City," "The Sopranos," 
"Everybody Loves 
Raymond" and "Will and 
Grace." Other popular 
shows were "ER,""CSI,1 
"That 70's Show," 

Other popular movies 
were "Rush Hour 2," 
"Monsters, Inc.," 
"The Mummy Returns," 
"Jurassic Park III," 
"John Q" and 
" We Were Soldiers." 

"Pearl Harbor" heart-throb Josh 
Hartnett furthers his career with 
his role in "Black Hawk Down." 

Popular television star Carroll 
O'Connor dies at age 76. 

fc H I 

The United Nations names actress 
Angelina Jolie its goodwill 

Actress Nicole Kidman wins a Golden Globe award for her musical 
performance in "Moulin Rouge." Kidman and "Moulin Rouge" were 
both nominated for Academy Awards. 

Hit television show "Buffy the 
Vampire Slayer" takes a bold step 
by producing a musical episode. 


Favorite Album, Pop/Rock 'n Roll, is awarded to Destiny's 
Child for "Survivor" at the American Music Awards. They also 
won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo/Group. 

Jennifer Lopez says "I do" to dancer and choreographer 
Chris Judd just eight months after the announcement of her 
split from boyfriend of two years, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. 

Pop superstar Britney Spears makes her debut on the big screen in the movie 
"Crossroads." She also released her self-titled album, went on tour, performed in her 
"Live from Las Vegas" HBO special and dated 'N SYNC pop singer Justin Timberlake. 

George Harrison, known as "The Quiet Beetle," dies at 58 of 
cancer. The death of John Lennon in 1980 leaves Paul 
McCartney and Ringo Starr as the only remaining Beatles. 

Nelly wins Favorite Artist, Rap/Hip- 
Hop, at the American Music Awards. 

Michael Jackson is named Artist of the 
Century at the 2002 American Music 

Alicia Keys wins Favorite New Artist, Soul/Rhythm and Blues, and 
Favorite New Artist, Pop/Rock 'n Roll, at the American Music Awards. 
Keys also won five Grammys, including Song of the Year for "Fallin'." 

Madonna tours the United States 
for the first time in eight years. 
Tickets sold for $250 each. 

Lmkin Park's "Hybrid Theory" is 
the best selling album and the 
song "Crawling" wins a Grammy. 

Pop group 'N SYNC 
took the title Favorite 
Group/Band/Duo for 
Pop/Rock 'n Roll at the 
American Music 
Awards. In addition, 
they won a People's 
Choice Award for 
Favorite Musical Group. 

Bush's lead singer 
Gavin Rossdale and 
No Doubt's Gwen 
Stefani announced 
their engagement. 

Christina Aguilera, 
Mya, Lir Kim, and Pink 
won a Grammy for Best 
Pop Collaboration 
"Lady Marmalade." 

U2 earned $109.7 
million from their U.S. 
concert tour this year. 
They won Internet 
Artist of the Year at the 
American Music 
Awards and performed 
at the Superbowl 
XXXVI halftime show. 
They also won four 

Garth Brooks received 
the Award of Merit at 
the American Music 

Movie soundtrack "0 
Brother, Where Art Thou" 
won five Grammys at the 
2002 awards ceremony 
and was awarded 
Album of the Year. 

Other musicians who 
made headlines this yeai 
included Nelly Furtado, 
Outkast, Train, Staind, 
lndia.Arie, Lenny Kravitz, 
Lucinda Williams and 
Craig David. 



Janet Jackson wins Favorite Female, 
Pop/Rock, at the American Music 
Awards. She also won two Grammys. 

> v^ 


Rising music and movie star 
Aaliyah dies in an airplane crash. 
She was 22. 


Tm McGraw and wife Faith Hill win Favorite Male and Female 
Country Music Artist at the American Music Awards. 

Mariah Carey's first movie "Glitter" 
and its soundtrack are panned by 
critics and ignored by fans. 

Cell phones in schools are considered 
a distraction and banned by some 

The Intel Pentium 4 processor is the 
next evolution in desktop processing 

Microsoft's future generation video 
game system X-Box delivers the most 
powerful game experiences ever. 

A new top-of-the-line iMac is introduced by Apple Computer. The redesigned computer has a floating 
15-mch LCD flat screen, allowing users one-touch adjustment, a 700 MHz or 800 MHz PowerPC G4 
processor, and the SuperDrive for playing and burning CDs and DVDs. 

Handspring, Inc. introduces a 
handheld computer with a built-in cell 

Dusters, as worn here by actress 
Evan Rachel Wood, are a new 
trend in stores everywhere. 

Reggae/pop superstar Shaggy 
wears his colored sunglasses, a 
hot trend for the year. 

There is a different attitude in American culture this year for 
Halloween. A shift to the "hero concept" make firemen and policemen 
costumes the most popular choices among children. 

After September 11, Americans unite and show their patriotism by 
wearing red, white and blue. 

Hewlett Packard and 
University of Californi 
scientists patented a 
process that will 
eventually develop a 
computer chip small 
enough to fit on the 
head of a pin. 

SONICblue unveiled H 
first hard drive-based 
portable music player, 
The Rio Riot, which 
holds up to 5,000 
songs or 400 CDs 
worth of digital music. 

Glitter, sparkle and 
shimmer were found in 
makeup, nail polish, 
body lotion, hair gel 
and on clothing. 
Corduroy pants, studde 
belts, hoodies, vintage 
and unique cut jeans 
were also popular. 

A travel-size camera 
from Intel was 
designed to shoot 
Internet-ready photos 
and videos for easy 

An electric toothbrusi 
was a necessity when 
it came to serious 
dental hygiene. 

DVD players gained 
popularity and 
threatened to replace 
VCRs. 1^ 

From the court to the 
classroom, Adidas All 
Day All Night sneakers 
were the "cool kicks" 
for the year. . 

Cell phone cases were 
a hot item to coordinati 
with an outfit. 


Claudia Schiffer shows off some 
hot trends: low-rise jeans, fat 
belts and tops with some sparkle. 

Body and skin jewelry continue to 
be a "cool thing to do." 

Flip-flops make a comeback. They 
were available in an assortment of 
funky colors and styles. 

Boots that rise to the knee are in 
stores everywhere. 


"His Airness" returns to the court after three years in retirement. 
Michael Jordan, 39, faced perhaps his toughest challenge in leading 
the Washington Wizards to the 2002 playoffs. 

The New England Patriots claim their first Super Bowl title with a win over 
the St. Louis Rams. A dramatic fourth-quarter field goal gave the Patriots a 
20-17 victory. 

During a game following the Sept. 1 1 tragedy, the football team at John R. Rogers High School in Spokane, 
Wash., proudly carries the American flag onto the field. This photo appeared in several major newspapers and 
was featured in Sports Illustrated. 

Tiger Woods wins a fourth 
consecutive major, The Masters. 


^^^l- -. 





ix^ uisitn 

Venus Williams repeats as Wimbledon and 
U.S. Open Champion. In the U.S. Open fmals, 
Venus defeated her sister Serena. 

American cyclist Lance Armstrong claims his 
third consecutive Tour De France title in July. 

Lennox Lewis regains his World Boxing Council and 
International Boxing Federation heavyweight titles 
from Hasim Rahman in Las Vegas, in November. 

L.A. Laker Kobe Bryant earns MVP honors at 
the NBA All-Star Game, leading the West All- 
Stars over the East, 135-120. 

With six victories and nearly $7 million in 
earnings, Jeff Gordon claims another Winston Cup 
Championship for the 2001 NASCAR season. 


- t >S 

The Arizona Diamondbacks win their first World 
Series crown, defeating the New York Yankees, 
champions in 1998, 1999 and 2000. 

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. returns to Daytona in July to win an emotional Pepsi 400. Just five months 
earlier, a crash durmg the Daytona 500 took the life of his legendary father, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. 

The Colorado Avalanche win the 2001 Stanley 
Cup, defeating the New Jersey Devils. 

American snowboarding sensation Kelly Clark takes the United States' 
first gold medal in the Women's Half-Pipe Snowboarding competition 
at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. 

Americans Ross Powers (gold), Danny Krass (silver), and Jarret 
Thomas (bronze) sweep the medals m Men's Half-Pipe Snowboarding 
at the 2002 Winter Olympics. 

Anton Sikharulidze and Elena Berezhnaya of Ru.sia and David 
Pelletier and Jamie Sale of Canada receive gold , edals in Pairs Figure 
Skating. Initially given the silver medal, the Canadians were awarded 
gold after misconduct by a French judge was discovered. 

American Chris Witty 
took the gold in w ~ 
record time in the ' 
Women's 1000-meter 
Speed Skating 
competition at the 
Winter Olympics. 

The United States 
earned 34 medals in 
the Winter Olympic 
Games in Salt Lake 
City, the most ever by 
the United States 
in the winter games. 

Third generation 
American Olympian 
Jim Shea captured the 
gold in the Men's 
Skeleton competition. 

The Miami Hurricanes 
won the Rose Bowl 
and their fifth NCAA 
Division I Football 
Championship with a 
decisive 37-14 victory 
over the Nebraska 
Cornhuskers. The 
Hurricanes' baseball 
team also won the 
College World Series 
12-1 over Stanford in 
the final game. 

Pitcher Danny Almonte 
dominated Little 
League Baseball with 
an untouchable slider 
and grueling fastball. 
It was discovered 
at season's end that 
Almonte was 14 years 
old, two years over the 
league age limit. 

PGA star David Duval 
took home his first 
career major title, the 
2001 British Open, in 

All pnotoi, with thi eicsptioM ' 
thi Rogvrs Hl|h School I00111.1' 
Imago wer« tupplied by Getty 
Images. The Rogers High School 

The U.S. two-woman bobsled 
team of Vonetta Flowers and Jill 
Bakken win the gold medal. 


Sixteen-year-old American Sarah 
Hughes shocks the world, winning 
the gold in Women's Figure Skating. 

Casey Fitzrandolph takes the gold 
in the Men's 500-meter Speed 
Skating event.